How to Use Apple Watch for Outdoor Running

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Are you an avid runner looking for a way to measure your performance and track your progress? If so, then the Apple Watch is the perfect device for you! With its sleek design and powerful technology, the Apple Watch can help you take your running to the next level.

The Apple Watch has a feature called Laps Running which allows you to easily track how far, fast, and long you’ve been running. This feature makes it easy to set goals and push yoursef to reach new heights with each run.

To use Laps Running on your Apple Watch, open the Workout app, scroll to Outdoor Run or Indoor Run, and tap the More button. Here you can set calorie, distance or time goals that will help you stay focused on achieving your running goals. When you’re ready to start your run, simply tap Start and wait for the three-second countdown befoe beginning. You can also skip this countdown by tapping the screen at any time.

When running with Laps Running on the Apple Watch, different alerts will be available depending on what type of workout you choose. For outdoor running specifically, options like pace, heart rate zone, cadence, power and time are available so that you can monitor your performance in real-time as you run. Additionally, if you’re using a GPS device that is capable of recording laps while running outdoors (like Strava) then thee laps will be uploaded as well when synced with your Apple Watch.

Overall, with its convenient features such as Laps Running and ability to sync with external devices like Strava for tracking workouts outdoors, the Apple Watch makes it easy to keep up with all of your runs no matter whee or when they occur!

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How to Track Running Laps on Apple Watch

To do running laps on your Apple Watch, start by opening the Workout app and selecting either Outdoor Run or Indoor Run. If you want to set a calorie, distance, or time goal, tap the More button. Then tap Start to begin the activity. You can wait for the three-second countdown or skip it by tapping the screen. After beginning your run, you can track each lap using the Digital Crown on your Apple Watch. To do this, press and hold the Digital Crown whle running your lap and then release when you finish it. The Workout app will then track each lap and display your total distance run on the screen.

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Can Apple Watch Track Lap Times?

Yes, you can do lap times on Apple Watch. To do so, open the Stopwatch app on your Apple Watch and choose a format. Then, tap the Start button (the green button on the analog stopwatch) to begin recording your lap time. As you complete each lap, tap the Lap button (the white button on the analog stopwatch) to record it. When you finish all of your laps, tap the Stop button (the red button on the analog stopwatch) to end your timing session.

Does the Apple Watch Track Running Splits?

Yes, the Apple Watch does track running splits. With the Outdoor Run workout type, you can use the built-in GPS to track your pace, heart rate zone, cadence, power, time and splits. Splits are a great way to measure your performance over short distances and can help you stay motivated as you track your progress.

Tracking Laps with Strava on Apple Watch

No, unfortunately, you currently cannot do laps on Strava with an Apple Watch. However, if you have a GPS device that can record laps, like a Garmin or Suunto watch, you can upload your activities to Strava and view your laps there. To make the most of your data when uploading to Strava from another device, be sure to set up the correct settings on the device and make sure it’s compatible with Strava.

Accuracy of the Apple Watch for Running

Yes, the Apple Watch is very accurate for running. The watch combines estimates of average walking and running strides with your actual GPS data when you work out outdoors to track your exercise and movement activity. It also uses a built-in accelerometer, which measures the force of your movements, to calculate the intensity of any activity. Additionally, it features an optical heart rate sensor that monitors your heart rate during workouts, ensuring accuracy in calorie counts and other metrics. All of tese features help make the Apple Watch one of the most accurate fitness devices currently available.

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Understanding Lap Time on a Watch

A lap time on a watch is the amount of time that has elapsed during a single lap or segment. The watch will keep track of the lap time internally, and display the elapsed time of the current lap on its display. Lap times are usually measured in seconds or minutes, depending on the type of watch you are using. A chronograph watch typically allows you to store multiple lap times and compare them against each other. This can be useful for athletes who wish to compare their performance over multiple laps or segments.

Understanding the Meaning of Splits on Apple Watch

Splits on Apple Watch refer to the ability to break your workout into segments (or splits). This allows you to track your performance more accurately dring a workout by tracking your progress in smaller chunks. For example, if you’re running a 10K race, you can use the splits feature to track your pace for each kilometer. You can also use splits for any type of workout, including indoor cycling and strength training. Splits can help you monitor your progress over time and set goals for each segment of your workout.


The Apple Watch is an incredibly versatile and helpful tool for runners of all levels. With its ability to track laps, pace, heart rate zone, cadence, power, time and splits, it is a great tool for those who are looking to monitor ther performance and progress. Furthermore, activities recorded with a GPS device can be uploaded to Strava for further analysis and tracking. All in all, the Apple Watch is an invaluable asset for any runner.

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