How to Scan a QR Code in Safari on iPhone?

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Safari Scan is a feature available on iOS devices that allows users to quickly and easily scan QR codes. With it, you can access websites, special offers, coupons, and more with just a few clicks. It's so convenient that it's easy to forget about the power of QR codes – until you need them.

So what is Safari Scan? It's a feature inside the Safari web browser on iOS devices (iPhone and iPad) that lets you scan QR codes that are either displayed on the screen or printed out. When you open the Safari browser, simply select the “Reader” icon in the URL bar at the top of your screen (it looks like two lines) and then point your device's camera at the QR code. Safari will automatically detect it and take you to whatever website or content is indicated by the code.

What makes Safari Scan so great for users is its convenience and ease of use. In just a few seconds, you can be taken directly to whatever website or content you need without having to type in any URLs or search for specific links. This makes it an extremely helpful tool when used in conjunction with marketing campaigns or other activities where customers may have access to certain information through a QR code.

But Safari Scan isn't just useful for customers – businesses can benefit from using it as well. By providing customers with quick access to information through QR codes, businesses can reduce customer service costs associated with helping people find what they need online. It also reduces printing costs associated with providing printed materials containing links and URLs that customers may have trouble locating online without assistance.

Overall, Safari Scan is an incredibly useful tool for both businesses and customers alike that makes accessing websites and content easy and fast!

How to Scan a QR Code in Safari on iPhone? 1

Scanning with Safari

In order to scan a QR code using Safari, you'll need to first make sure that your iPhone or iPad has the latest version of iOS installed. Once your device is updated, open Safari and navigate to the web page with the QR code you want to scan. Tap and hold on to the QR code until a small notification appears at the bottom of the page prompting you to “Open in Camera App”. Tap this notification and then tap “Scan QR Code” when prompted. Your device will then scan the QR code and take you to the associated link.

Scanning in Safari on an iPhone

Scanning in Safari on an iPhone is easy and convenient. All you need to do is open the Safari app and tap the share button in the bottom bar. From there, scroll down until you see “Scan Document”, which will launch your device's camera so you can preview and scan your document. Once you're satisfied with your scan, simply tap “Save” to save it to your iPhone or iCloud Drive. You can also edit or delete the scanned document at any time.

Does Safari Offer QR Scanning?

Yes, Safari has a built-in QR scanner. To use it, open the Safari app on your iPhone and point your camera at the QR code. When your phone recognizes the QR code, a notification will appear at the top of the screen asking if you want to open it. Tap on this notification and you'll be taken to whatever content or website is encoded in that QR code.

Using a Scan Tool on an iPhone

The scan tool on iPhone can be found in the Control Center. To access it, go to Settings > Control Center and tap the icon next to ‘Code Scanner'. Then open Control Center and tap the Code Scanner icon. Position your iPhone so that the code appears on the screen, and if you need more light, tap the flashlight icon to turn it on.


The Safari Scan feature is an incredibly useful and convenient tool that allows you to quickly and easily scan QR codes with your iPhone. With just a few simple steps, you can quickly read the content of a QR code and even save it for later use. Whether you're looking for product information, directions, or something else entirely, Safari Scan makes it easy to access the information you need in no time at all. With its ability to quickly scan and access content from QR codes, Safari Scan is an invaluable tool for any iPhone user.

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