How to Securely Transfer Files with MOVEit Transfer

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Are you looking for a secure and reliable way to transfer files between internal systems, external networks, and remote users? Look no further than MOVEit Transfer! This powerful file transfer solution provides businesses of all sizes with the security, encryption, access controls, and activity tracking they need.

MOVEit Transfer is a secure file transfer solution that helps you securely move files between systems and applications within and between organizations. It comes with a shared folder and simple browser access, allowing users to easily exchange data. With powerful features like FTP servers, FTP over SSL (FTPS) servers, FTP over SSH (SFTP) servers, the local filesystem, network folders, email servers, and MOVEit DMZ servers, MOVEit Transfer consolidates all your file transfer activities into one system.

The security provided by MOVEit is top-notch. All files are encrypted during transmission and can only be accessed by authorized personnel. Furthermore, activity tracking ensures that any malicious activities are detected immediately. And with centralized access controls in place, you can be sure that only authorized users can access sensitive data.

For those looking to automate their workflow processes, MOVEit Automation is an ideal choice. This advanced workflow automation solution works seamlessly with both MOVEit Transfer and FTP systems. With this software in place, you can streamline your workflows while ensuring maximum efficiency.

Finally, for businesses that require an even more robust solution, there’s MOVEit Cloud – a cloud-based version of the software tailored specifically to larger businesses needing more advanced features such as government support tools and real-time reporting capabilities. However please note that this version requires a minimum 25-user commitment which equates to $3 600 per year or $12 per user per month in subscription costs.

If you’re looking for an efficient way to securely transfer files between applications then look no further than MOVEit Transfer – it offers all the security features you need along with powerful automation capabilities!

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The Benefits of Using MOVEit Transfer

MOVEit Transfer is an advanced secure file transfer solution that helps organizations securely exchange files and data between servers, systems, and applications. With just a web browser, users can securely upload, download, and manage all types of files in a secure, shared environment. MOVEit Transfer helps ensure the integrity of data with security features such as encryption, two-factor authentication, digital signatures, and more. It also provides auditing capabilities to help you monitor user activity and ensure compliance with industry standards and regulations. The solution is easy to use and deploy while providing powerful enterprise-level features that make it a great choice for organizations looking to improve their security posture.

Is MOVEit a Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) Server?

No, MOVEit is not a SFTP server. It is a secure and automated file transfer system that can connect to SFTP servers, allowing you to securely and automatically transfer files to and from SFTP servers. MOVEit also connects to other file transfer systems, such as FTP and FTPS servers, the local filesystem, network folders, email servers, and MOVEit DMZ servers.

Differences Between MOVEit Transfer and MOVEit Automation

MOVEit Transfer and MOVEit Automation are two different solutions that help businesses securely manage their file transfers. MOVEit Transfer is designed to provide a central system for managing file transfers, with features such as security, file encryption, activity tracking, and centralized access controls. MOVEit Automation is an advanced workflow automation solution that works with either MOVEit Transfer or other FTP systems. It provides automated processes for transferring files, such as scheduling transfers and setting up notifications based on custom criteria. In addition, it can be used to automate complex workflows by connecting multiple applications together. With MOVEit Automation’s comprehensive API library, businesses can build their own custom applications to fit their specific needs.

What is the Cost of MOVEit?

MOVEit is an enterprise cloud file transfer solution with pricing plans tailored to fit the needs of businesses. The cost of MOVEit starts at $12 per user per month, with a minimum 25-user investment of $3,600 annually. This pricing plan includes all the features and services that come with MOVEit, such as secure storage, automated file transfers, and support for multiple protocols. For businesses that require more users or need additional features, there are also more advanced plans available at higher price points.

The Benefits of Using MOVEit

MOVEit provides a range of advantages for businesses seeking to streamline their file-based tasks and improve the efficiency of their processes.

Firstly, MOVEit can help to automate the transfer of files by eliminating manual processes and reducing the chances of errors or data loss. It offers easy, intuitive task creation and management, enabling users to quickly create and update tasks without needing to do complex programming. Furthermore, MOVEit allows you to track any file transfer, giving you visibility into all activities across all your systems. This helps ensure compliance with data regulations such as GDPR and HIPAA.

Additionally, MOVEit features secure encryption of files during transit along with the ability to monitor activities in real-time via audit logs. This ensures that your files are always secure during transfer while keeping your system protected from malicious threats such as malware or ransomware attacks. Finally, its intuitive user interface makes it easy for even novice users to get up and running quickly with minimal training.

Is MOVEit an FTP Protocol?

Yes, MOVEit is an FTP (File Transfer Protocol) client. It is a secure and reliable way to exchange files between computers over the Internet. MOVEit supports 128-bit key SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encrypted transfers, providing the highest level of protection currently available for Internet communications. MOVEit Freely is a free command line FTP/secure FTP SSL (FTPS) client that is compatible with Windows 7, 8, and 10 systems.

Can MOVEit Unzip Files?

Yes, MOVEit Automation can unzip files to extract the contents of an archive. It can unzip a collected archive from a source host and store the extracted file in a destination directory. Additionally, MOVEit Automation can create zip files of files being delivered to a destination host.

What are the Benefits of Using MOVEit Software?

MOVEit is a secure managed file transfer software that enables businesses to securely and reliably transfer, receive and manage files between users, applications, processes, and trading partners. MOVEit provides powerful encryption capabilities to keep data safe in transit, audit trails and analytics to monitor file transfers, automation features to streamline operations, and failover options to ensure continuous availability. MOVEit supports multiple protocols including FTPS (FTP over SSL), SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol), HTTPS (HTTP over SSL), and AS2 (Applicability Statement 2). This allows organizations to take advantage of the most secure protocols available while maintaining compatibility with existing trading partners.


In conclusion, MOVEit Transfer is an advanced file transfer solution that provides users with secure, encrypted file exchange between servers, systems, and applications within and between organizations. It offers a centralized access control system with activity tracking capabilities and ensures the security of the transferred data. MOVEit Central securely and automatically transfers files to and from FTP servers, FTP over SSL (FTPS) servers, FTP over SSH (SFTP) servers, the local filesystem, network folders, email servers, MOVEit DMZ servers. MOVEit Automation also allows for advanced workflow automation capabilities. MOVEit Transfer is ideal for larger businesses as it requires a minimum 25-user investment of $3,600 a year or just $12 per user per month.

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