Insurgency Sandstorm: Now Featuring Crossplay for Xbox and Microsoft Store

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Insurgency: Sandstorm is a popular tactical first-person shooter that has recently made its way onto the Microsoft Store, allowing for crossplay between the Xbox and MS Store versions. This exciting feature opens up new possibilities for gamers to team up and battle it out together, regardless of their preferred platform.

To enable crossplay, simply head to the region selection screen in the game and toggle on the option. This will allow you to connect and play with friends who are using either the Xbox or MS Store version of Insurgency: Sandstorm. It’s a fantastic way to expand your gaming community and enjoy the game with a wider range of players.

The introduction of crossplay means that you and your friends can easily form a squad, even if you’re on different platforms. By partying up and coordinating your strategies, you can enhance your teamwork and achieve better results in your online matches. It’s always great to have a reliable group of players to rely on, and now you can have that experience across platforms.

Whether you’re a seasoned player or new to the game, crossplay opens up a whole new level of engagement and competition. Playing with random teammates can be a hit or miss experience, but when you stick together as a squad, you can communicate effectively and work towards your objectives more efficiently. This can lead to better teamwork, higher kill counts, and ultimately more victories.

It’s worth noting that Insurgency: Sandstorm is also available on PC Game Pass, further expanding the player base and providing even more opportunities for crossplay. This means that you can team up with friends who are playing on PC as well, creating a diverse and exciting multiplayer experience.

Additionally, it’s important to mention that crossplay in Insurgency: Sandstorm is not limited to just the Xbox and MS Store versions. The game also supports crossplay between Xbox and PlayStation, as well as between PC, Stadia, and Luna. This means that you can connect and play with friends on various platforms, as long as they are compatible.

The introduction of crossplay in Insurgency: Sandstorm has brought new possibilities for players to connect and enjoy the game together across different platforms. Whether you’re teaming up with friends or playing with random teammates, the ability to stick together and communicate effectively can enhance your gaming experience and lead to better results. So, gather your squad, enable crossplay, and dive into the intense action of Insurgency: Sandstorm.

Is Insurgency Crossplay Xbox?

Insurgency: Sandstorm now supports crossplay between the Xbox and Microsoft Store versions. This means that players from both platforms can now play together, enhancing the multiplayer experience and expanding the player base.

To enable crossplay, you will need to go to the region selection screen in the game and enable the option. This will allow you to connect and play with friends or other players on the opposite platform, creating a more diverse and dynamic gaming environment.

This addition of crossplay further enhances the accessibility and inclusivity of the game, allowing players on different platforms to enjoy the intense and immersive gameplay of Insurgency: Sandstorm together.

Insurgency: Sandstorm now offers crossplay between the Xbox and Microsoft Store versions, providing players with the opportunity to connect and play together across platforms. This feature can be enabled through the region selection screen in the game.

is insurgency sandstorm cross play

How Do You Play With Friends on Insurgency Sandstorm Xbox?

To play with friends on Insurgency: Sandstorm on Xbox, you can follow these steps:

1. Start by launching the game and reaching the main menu.
2. Press the “Y” button on your controller to bring up the party menu.
3. From the party menu, you can invite your friends to join your party by selecting their names and sending them an invitation.
4. Once your friends have accepted the invitation and joined your party, you can proceed to play together.
5. To join an online game, select the “Find a Game” option from the main menu.
6. From there, you can choose the game mode and server region you prefer.
7. Once you’ve selected your preferences, the game will search for available matches.
8. When a match is found, all members of your party will be placed in the same team automatically.
9. During the match, try to communicate and coordinate with your friends to stick together and perform well as a squad.
10. Remember to adapt your playstyle and support each other to achieve victory.

It’s worth noting that playing with random players alongside your friends can also be a great way to enhance your teamwork skills and enjoy a more dynamic gaming experience.

Here are some additional tips to improve your gameplay:

– Use voice chat to communicate effectively with your friends and random teammates.
– Assign roles within your squad, such as a designated leader, medic, or support player, to maximize coordination.
– Share information about enemy positions, objectives, and potential threats to help your squad make informed decisions.
– Prioritize teamwork and cooperation over individual performance to increase your chances of success.
– Consider creating a game plan before each match, discussing strategies, and adapting them based on the situation.
– Encourage your squadmates to use their unique abilities and equipment to complement each other’s playstyles.
– Maintain situational awareness and provide cover fire or suppressive fire when needed.
– Revive fallen teammates and resupply them with ammo or equipment whenever possible.
– Don’t forget to have fun and enjoy the game together!

By following these steps and applying effective teamwork, you and your friends can have a great time playing Insurgency: Sandstorm on Xbox.

Does Siege Have Crossplay Between Xbox And PC?

Rainbow Six Siege does have crossplay capabilities between Xbox and PC. This means that players on Xbox can play with and against players on PC, and vice versa. Crossplay allows for a larger player base and the ability to play with friends who may be on a different platform.

To enable crossplay between Xbox and PC in Rainbow Six Siege, you will need to follow these steps:

1. Launch the game on your Xbox or PC.
2. Go to the settings menu.
3. Look for the “Account” or “Crossplay” section.
4. Enable the crossplay option.
5. Save your changes and exit the settings menu.
6. You should now be able to play with friends on the other platform.

It’s worth noting that crossplay in Rainbow Six Siege is optional, so if you prefer not to play with players on the other platform, you can disable crossplay in the settings menu.

Crossplay between Xbox and PC in Rainbow Six Siege provides more flexibility and options for players, allowing them to connect and play with friends regardless of their chosen platform.


Insurgency: Sandstorm has made a significant move by introducing crossplay between the Xbox and Microsoft Store versions. This means that players on both platforms can now join forces and enjoy the game together. With the ability to party up and stick together, even with random players, squads can perform exceptionally well and coordinate their strategies effectively. The addition of crossplay not only expands the player base but also enhances the overall gaming experience by fostering collaboration and teamwork across platforms. This move by Insurgency: Sandstorm demonstrates a commitment to inclusivity and providing players with the opportunity to play with their friends, regardless of the platform they are on. With the game now available on PC Game Pass and the Microsoft Store, players have even more options to access and enjoy this exciting and immersive gaming experience. So, gather your friends, enable crossplay, and get ready to dive into the intense world of Insurgency: Sandstorm.

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