How To Test Safari On Windows 10

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Most people think that Safari is limited to macOS and iOS, but what if you want to test a website or application on the Safari browser while using Windows 10? Well, although Apple no longer develops Safari for Windows, there are still ways to test your website or app on the Safari browser. In this blog post, we’ll look at how to test your website or app on the Safari browser using Windows 10.

First of all, for those who may be unfamiliar with it, Safari is an internet web browser developed by Apple Inc. It was first released in 2003 as part of Mac OS X Panther, and then later became available for Windows in 2007. However, Apple discontinued the development of its popular browser for Windows in 2012.

Despite being discontinued by Apple, there are still ways to use and test websites or applications on the Safari browser on Windows 10. One way is by using a virtual machine with your computer as the server. This means that you can create a virtual environment that will emulate the Safari browser on Windows 10. This allows you to test web applications or websites as if they were running on an actual Mac device running macOS and iOS.

Another way to use the Safari Browser on Windows 10 is by using BrowserStack’s real device cloud with 3000+ real browsers and devices available for testing. By signing up for free with BrowserStack you can navigate to the device and browser dashboard which displays all available options for testing including devices and browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and more. Once you select the device you want to use you can also select the Safari browser in order to test your website or app online directly from your laptop or desktop computer without having to install any additional software.

although Apple no longer develops its popular Safari web browser for Windows operating systems such as Windows 10 there are still ways to test websites or applications on the popular browser even when using a computer running a version of windows such as through third-party services like BrowserStack real device cloud with 3000+ real browsers and devices available for testing or through virtual machines that emulate the environment of an actual Mac running macOS and iOS respectively.

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Testing Safari Browser on Windows

Testing the Safari browser on Windows is possible with the help of a cloud-based cross-browser testing platform such as LambdaTest. It helps you test your web application on real Safari browsers running on Windows OS. To start testing the Safari browser on Windows, you need to sign up for a free account on LambdaTest and then follow the below-mentioned steps:

1. Log in to your LambdaTest account and navigate to the Automation tab. Here, you can find the various automation-related options available for you.
2. Select the ‘Desktop’ option from the left navigation bar and select the ‘Windows’ operating system.
3. Now, choose the version of Safari browser that you want to run your test on and hit the ‘Start Test’ button located at the bottom right corner of the page.
4. Once all these steps are completed, LambdaTest will launch a virtual machine with your desired configuration and open up a tunnel connection between your local system and the virtual machine running in their cloud selenium grid infrastructure.
5. You can now start writing your automation scripts using Selenium or any other automation frameworks like WebdriverIO, Protractor, etc., upload them onto the LambdaTest platform and run them against Safari browser running on Windows OS in their cloud environment with just a few clicks!

Simulating Safari on Windows

Yes, you can simulate Safari on Windows. To do this, you need to use a virtual machine with your computer as the server. Virtual machines are software programs that allow you to run an operating system (such as macOS or iOS) inside another operating system (such as Windows). With a virtual machine, you can install and use the Safari browser just like you would on an actual Mac or iOS device. This allows you to test and develop websites for Safari without having to buy a Mac or iOS device. However, it is important to note that the performance of the Safari browser inside a virtual machine may not be as good as running it on an actual device.

Can Safari Be Run on Windows 10?

Yes, it is possible to run Safari on Windows 10, although the version available for Windows is an outdated one. Although Apple no longer develops Safari for Windows, the last version of Safari that was released for Windows can still be downloaded from the internet.
This version of Safari is compatible with Windows 10, as well as Windows 8.1 and 7. Note that this version may not have all the features and security updates found in the latest versions of Safari available for macOS and iOS. Additionally, since this version of Safari is no longer supported by Apple, you won’t get any bug fixes or other technical support from them.

Simulating iOS Browser on Windows

Simulating an iOS browser on a Windows device is easy and can be done with the help of LambdaTest. To get started, create an account on LambdaTest. Once you’re logged in, select ‘Real Time Testing’ from the left sidebar. Enter the URL that you want to test, select iOS as the Mobile OS, and choose DEVICE TYPE, DEVICE, OS, and BROWSER from the drop-down menus. After that click on “START” to begin the process. You will be able to view a real-time simulator of your website or web application on different versions of iPhone browsers running on Windows devices. This way you can easily test your websites and applications for any bugs or compatibility issues on iOS browsers without having to own any Apple devices.

The Benefits of Using Safari on a PC

Safari on PC is a good choice for many users. It offers reliable protection against malicious online content, while also blocking pop-ups and suspicious files. Furthermore, Safari is able to synchronize files between different devices, making it easier to keep your data up to date. Additionally, there are a variety of plugins available that can extend the functionality of the software, allowing you to customize your experience as desired. All in all, Safari is a great option for those looking for a secure and reliable browser on their PC.


In conclusion, Safari is a popular web browser that is popular among Apple users. It has been limited to macOS and iOS, but you can still emulate it on Windows or other operating systems using a virtual machine. However, the latest version of Safari is not available for Windows as Apple no longer develops it for this OS. If you need to test websites or apps on Safari, then you can use BrowserStack’s real device cloud with 3000+ real browsers and devices to do so. Sign up for free and start testing your websites in minutes!

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