How To See Current Firmware Of Your Airpod

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If you have AirPods or AirPods Pro, you’ve probably noticed that Apple regularly pushes out software updates for them. These updates are important as they contain bug fixes and improvements for your AirPods, so it’s a good idea to keep them up-to-date. But how do you check the firmware version of your AirPods or AirPods Pro? In this blog post, we’ll explain how to see the current firmware version of your AirPods.

First, make sure your AirPods are connected to your iOS device. To do this, open Settings and tap on the Bluetooth option; here, you should see all of the devices that are currently connected to your phone. Select “AirPods” and make sure they’re connected. If they aren’t connected, try connecting them using their case as described in our earlier blog post about connecting AirPods to an iOS device.

Once your AirPods are connected, open the Settings app again and tap on General > About > Apple Earphones (or “AirPods” if you have an older model). Here you should see the firmware version listed next to “Firmware Version”—this is the current version installed on your AirPods. As of July 21st, 2022, the latest version is 4E71 for both Gen 1/2/3 of Airpods and also for AirPod Pros.

It’s also a good idea to update your firmware whenever new versions become available—simply put the headphones in their case, connect them to a power source (either via Lightning cable or Qi wireless charging), then pair them with an iPhone or iPad which will force an update if one is available. It’s best to charge their case while updating as well.

We hope this guide has helped you learn how to check and update the firmware on your AirPods or AirPod Pros! If you have any other questions about using these headphones, don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments below!

Forcing an Update to AirPods Firmware

To force update your AirPods firmware, begin by connecting them to an iOS device and placing them in the charging case. Plug the charging case into a power source, then pair the AirPods with your iPhone or iPad. This will trigger the download of any new firmware updates that are available for your AirPods. Once the update is complete, you will be able to use your AirPods with their latest features and improvements.

how to see airpod firmware

Do AirPods Receive Firmware Updates?

Yes, AirPods and AirPods Pro have firmware updates. Firmware updates usually occur automatically when you connect your AirPods to your device or when you place them in their charging case. To ensure the update is successful, it’s a good idea to charge the AirPods or AirPods Pro case while updating, either with a Lightning-to-USB cable or with Qi wireless charging (if supported).

Latest Version of Firmware for AirPods

The latest version of firmware for AirPods (Gen 1, 2, 3) and AirPods Pro is 4E71 as of 21 July 2022. To check the firmware version of your AirPods, simply connect them to an iOS device and open the Settings app. Then tap on Bluetooth to view the firmware version.

Updating AirPods Firmware Without Apple

Unfortunately, it is not possible to update your AirPods firmware without an Apple device such as an iPhone, iPod, iPad, Mac, or MacBook. The AirPods need to be connected to a compatible device in order to download and install the latest software updates. To update your AirPods firmware, simply place them in the charging case and keep this close to your compatible Apple device. Your AirPods will then automatically download the latest software updates.

Troubleshooting AirPods Firmware Update Issues

There can be a few different reasons why your AirPods firmware is not updating. It could be due to a poor connection between the AirPods and your iPhone, or it could be that there is an issue with the charging cable or battery. It’s also possible that you don’t have the latest version of iOS installed on your device. To make sure your firmware updates, try putting your AirPods into their case and leaving it open so that it can connect to the iPhone. Then plug in the charging cable to the case while keeping it open, and the firmware update should start shortly after that.

Firmware Version of AirPods 2

The AirPods 2 are currently running on the 5B58 firmware, which was released by Apple in July 2020. This update brings several new features and improvements over its predecessor, the 4E71 firmware, including improved Bluetooth connectivity and audio performance. Additionally, it enhances overall battery life and adds support for streaming audio over Wi-Fi networks.


In conclusion, AirPods have become the most popular wireless earbuds on the market, due to their convenience, comfort, and sound quality. With a simple update process and the latest firmware version 4E71, users can enjoy their AirPods for years to come. Whether you’re looking for convenience or superior sound quality, AirPods are an excellent choice.

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