How to Get Free Gems on Episode

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Gems are a very important part of playing Episode– they provide the currency needed to buy premium items and progress trough stories. Because of this, it can be frustrating when you don’t have enough gems to do the things you want in your stories. Luckily, there are several ways to get free gems on Episode!

One way is through daily bonuses. Every day you log into Episode, you will receive a small number of gems just for logging in. This is a great way to boost your gem count if you check in evey day.

Another way to get free gems is by completing tasks or quests in stories. As you progress through each story, there may be some tasks that reward you with free gems. Some stories may also include mini-games or puzzles that can give you more gems if you complete them successfully.

Completing offers is another way to get free gems on Episode. Offers typically require users to sign up for somethig or watch an advertisement for a certain amount of time, and then rewards them with a certain number of gems upon completion. It’s important to note that not all offers are created equal; some may be more difficult than others and the reward amount may vary depending on the offer itself.

Finally, some stories may offer special “gem packs” which contain extra amounts of gems when purchased with real money. These packs can be a great way to quickly increase your gem count if you’re willing to spend a little bit of money on the game.

All in all, there are lots of ways to get free or cheap gems on Episode! Be sure to check out each story for any tasks or offers that can help increase your gem count, as well as taking advantage of daily bonuses and special gem packs when available!

Finding Your Username on Episode

Finding your username on the Episode app is simple! To begin, tap the three lines in the top left corner of your app. This will bring up a menu on the left side of your app. Next, tap the “Settings” tab at the bottom of this menu. From here, you should be able to see your username in the top right corner, next to your profile picture. If you are still having trouble finding it, you can go to the “Account Info” tab and scroll down to find it listed there.

how to get free gems on episode

Getting More Gems on My Singing Monsters

Gems are an important currency used to purchase items in My Singing Monsters. You can obtain more gems by completing vaious tasks and missions.

One way to get more gems is by sending your monsters on the Wondermine. You have a 96% chance of getting 1 gem per monster sent, so sending multiple monsters increases your chances of getting more gems. Additionally, you can use the Diamond Extractor to exchange 100 coins for 1 gem, up to 20 gems per day.

You can also get gems by completing Skyship orders on time and earning up to 6 from the Daily Login Game. Other ways include special mail rewards, and participating in events or promotions such as tournaments or giveaways. Finally, you can purchase gems directly in the game shop with real money.

Skipping Waiting Times on Episode

To skip a waiting time on Episode, you need to use the Skip-The-Wait feature. This feature is available for Episode 4 and onwards in your stories. When you click “Publish Episodes” you will see the Skip-The-Wait option. You can then select the desired frequency from the list. Each frequency sets a different wait time and number of gems required to skip the wait. Once you have selected your frequency, click “Save” and your waiting time for that particular episode will be skipped!

How Many Diamonds Can I Buy With 1000 Robux?

You can purchase 1000 diamonds with 1000 Robux, according to the current diamond purchase rates. This is because the ratio of diamonds to Robux is 10:1, meaning that for every 1 Robux you spend, you receive 10 diamonds. Therefore, if you spend 1000 Robux, you will receive 10,000 diamonds in return.


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