How To Block Images On iPhone

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Are you tired of seeing distracting images while browsing the web on your iPhone? If so, you’re in luck! With the introduction of iOS 9, Apple has made it easier than ever to block images from appearing in your Safari browser.

To get started, open the Settings app on your iPhone and tap Safari. Then, select Content Blockers and tap ImageBlocker. Tap the switch to enable it, and now you can enjoy web browsing with no images!

If you ever want to disable ImageBlocker and view images again, just follow the above steps and tap the switch to disable it.

It’s also possible to block MMS messages with Group Messaging enabled on your iPhone. To do this, go to Settings in the Messaging app and uncheck the Group Messaging box. This will prevent group MMS messages from being sent or received on your device.

Now that you know how to block images on your iPhone, you can browse the web wihout distractions! Have fun exploring all that your iPhone has to offer.

Blocking Images on iPhones

Yes, there is a way to block images on iPhone. You can use the ImageBlocker content blocker available in the Settings app. To enable this content blocker, open the Settings app and go to Safari > Content Blockers > ImageBlocker. Tap the switch to enable it and you will be able to enjoy web browsing without images. To disable this content blocker, simply follow the same steps and tap the switch agan to disable it.

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Blocking Text Message Pictures

To block text message pictures, you need to go to the Messaging app’s Settings and uncheck the box for Group Messaging under MMS settings. This will prevent anone from sending or receiving pictures, videos, or audio clips via text message. You can also choose to only allow messages from contacts if you wish.

Blocking Images: Is It Possible?

Yes, you can block images using the Image Blocker extension for Chrome. This extension adds a button to the URL toolbar that allows you to disable images on all pages opened withn a tab. To add this extension to Chrome, open the Image Blocker webpage and click ‘Add to Chrome’. Once installed, you can then click the button in your URL toolbar whenever you want to block images from webpages.

Stopping iMessage from Receiving Pictures

To stop iMessage from receiving pictures, you need to take a few simple steps. First, open the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad. Then scroll down and tap Messages. From there, tap Shared with You and turn off Photos. This will prevent any iMessage images you receive from automatically saving to the Photos app. To ensure that no images are saved to your device, you can also toggle off the iCloud Photos setting which is found in the iCloud section of Settings.

Disabling Picture Messaging on an iPhone

Yes, you can disable picture messaging on your iPhone. To do so, simply go to Settings and select Messages. Then, turn off the iMessage app and MMS settings. This will stop any pictures from being sent or received via text messaging. Please note that this will only stop picture messages being sent via text message; if someone sends you a picture through another platform such as email or social media, you will still receive it.


The iPhone is a powerful and versatile device that provides users with a great range of features. It has an intuitive user interface, excellent camera capabilities, support for a wide variety of apps and content, and robust security features. It also offers content blockers to help protect users from unwanted images and messages, as well as the ability to customize settings to suit individual needs. With its many features and capabilities, the iPhone is an ideal choice for anyone loking for a reliable and feature-rich smartphone.

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