All You Need to Know About iPhone’s Hidden Secrets

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The iPhone is a powerful and versatile device that can do so much more than just make calls and send texts. With its advanced features and capabilities, there are plenty of tricks and tips that can help you make the most out of your iPhone experience. In this article, we will explore some of the coolest iPhone tricks that you may not be aware of. Let’s dive in!

1. Tap the back for a screenshot: Did you know that you can take a screenshot on your iPhone by simply tapping on the back of the device? This feature, called Back Tap, allows you to customize the actions triggered by a double or triple tap on the back of your iPhone. To set it up, go to Settings > Accessibility > Touch > Back Tap and choose the action you want to assign to it.

2. Change your default browser and email apps: If you prefer using a different browser or email app than the default ones on your iPhone, you can easily change them. Go to Settings > [Browser or Email App] > Default Browser/Email App and select your preferred option.

3. Stop new apps appearing on your home screen: By default, when you download a new app, it automatically appears on your home screen. If you want to keep your home screen clean and organized, you can disable this feature. Go to Settings > Home Screen > App Library Only to hide newly downloaded apps from your home screen.

4. See all your apps in a list: If you have a lot of apps installed on your iPhone and find it hard to locate a specific one, you can view all your apps in a list format. Swipe down on your home screen or go to the App Library to access the alphabetical list of all your apps.

5. Add widgets to your home screen: Widgets are a great way to customize your home screen and get quick access to information from your favorite apps. To add a widget, long-press on the home screen, tap the “+” icon in the top-left corner, and choose the widget you want to add.

6. Create custom widget smart stacks: Smart stacks are a collection of widgets that dynamically change based on your usage patterns. To create a custom smart stack, long-press on the home screen, tap the “+” icon, and select the widgets you want to include. Your iPhone will automatically rotate through the widgets based on relevance and time of day.

7. Use the magnifier feature: If you ever need to magnify small text or objects, your iPhone has a built-in magnifier feature. Go to Settings > Accessibility > Magnifier and enable it. You can then access the magnifier by triple-clicking the side or home button, depending on your iPhone model.

8. Customize your control center: The control center is a convenient way to access essential settings and features on your iPhone. To customize it, go to Settings > Control Center and tap on the “+” icon next to the options you want to add. You can also rearrange the order by dragging the icons.

9. Scan documents with your iPhone: You don’t need a separate scanner to digitize your documents. The iPhone’s Notes app has a built-in scanning feature that allows you to capture and save documents as PDFs. Open the Notes app, create a new note, tap the “+” icon, and choose “Scan Documents” to start scanning.

10. Use the hidden trackpad feature: Typing accurately on a small screen can be challenging. However, your iPhone has a hidden trackpad feature that makes it easier to navigate through text. Simply long-press on the space bar on the keyboard, and it will turn into a trackpad, allowing you to move the cursor more precisely.

11. Enable dark mode: Dark mode not only gives your iPhone a sleek and modern look but also reduces eye strain and saves battery life on OLED displays. To enable dark mode, go to Settings > Display & Brightness and choose the “Dark” appearance.

12. Use Siri shortcuts: Siri shortcuts allow you to automate tasks and create custom voice commands. To set up a Siri shortcut, go to Settings > Siri & Search > All Shortcuts and tap on the “+” icon to create a new shortcut. You can then assign a phrase to trigger the shortcut and choose the actions you want it to perform.

13. Customize your camera settings: Make the most out of your iPhone’s camera by customizing its settings. Go to Settings > Camera to adjust options such as video resolution, frame rate, and photo format. You can also enable grid lines for better composition and use the volume buttons to take photos.

14. Take advantage of the Health app: The Health app on your iPhone allows you to track various aspects of your health and fitness. From monitoring your steps and heart rate to keeping track of your sleep patterns and menstrual cycle, the Health app provides valuable insights into your well-being. Explore its features and take advantage of the wealth of health data at your fingertips.

These are just a few of the many tricks and tips that can help you unleash the full potential of your iPhone. Whether it’s customizing your settings, accessing hidden features, or improving your productivity, there’s always something new to discover. So, go ahead and explore your iPhone to find even more cool tricks that suit your needs and preferences. Happy iPhone-ing!

What Are The Tricks On iPhone?

Here are 14 cool tricks you can try on your iPhone 12:

1. Tap the back for a screenshot: Enable the Back Tap feature in Accessibility settings to take a screenshot by double-tapping or triple-tapping the back of your iPhone.

2. Change your default browser and email apps: In iOS 14, you can set a different browser (like Chrome) and email app (like Gmail) as your default options instead of Safari and Mail.

3. Stop new apps appearing on your home screen: Go to Settings > Home Screen and select “App Library Only” to prevent new app downloads from automatically appearing on your home screen.

4. See all your apps in a list: Swipe right from your home screen to access the App Library, which displays all your installed apps in a categorized list for easier access.

5. Add widgets to your home screen: Long-press on the home screen, tap the “+” icon on the top left, and choose from a variety of widgets to add useful information and shortcuts to your home screen.

6. Create custom widget smart stacks: Place multiple widgets on top of each other to create a smart stack that automatically shows relevant information based on your usage patterns throughout the day.

7. Use Picture-in-Picture mode: While watching a video or on a FaceTime call, swipe up or press the home button to activate Picture-in-Picture mode, allowing you to continue watching while using other apps.

8. Enable Dark Mode: Go to Settings > Display & Brightness and choose Dark to switch to a darker interface, reducing eye strain and saving battery life on OLED devices.

9. Scan documents with the Notes app: Open the Notes app, create a new note, tap the camera icon, and select “Scan Documents” to capture and save scans of physical documents.

10. Use Quick Take to capture videos: While in Photo mode, simply hold down the shutter button to start recording a video without switching to the dedicated video mode.

11. Customize app icons: Use the Shortcuts app to create custom app icons and add them to your home screen for a personalized look.

12. Hide photos in the Photos app: Select the photos you want to hide, tap the Share button, and choose “Hide” to keep them hidden in a separate “Hidden” album.

13. Use the Magnifier tool: Enable the Magnifier feature in Accessibility settings to turn your iPhone’s camera into a magnifying glass for reading small text or zooming in on objects.

14. Enable optimized battery charging: Go to Settings > Battery > Battery Health and enable optimized battery charging to reduce battery aging by slowing down the rate of battery aging.

These are just a few tricks you can try on your iPhone 12 to enhance your user experience and make the most out of its features.

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Do iPhones Have Easter Eggs?

IPhones do have Easter eggs, which are hidden features or surprises that are intentionally included by Apple in the iOS software. While these Easter eggs may not be as elaborate as full-fledged games, they are clever and often carry a touch of sentimentality. Here are some of the best Easter eggs found in iOS 16:

1. Hidden Weather Effects: When you open the weather app on your iPhone, you can swipe left or right to reveal hidden weather effects. For example, swiping left might reveal a rainy or snowy background, while swiping right could display a sunny or cloudy scene.

2. Safari Dinosaur Game: If you don’t have an internet connection and try to load a webpage in Safari, you’ll be greeted with a pixelated dinosaur game, similar to the one found in Google Chrome. Tap the screen to make the dinosaur jump over cacti and score points.

3. Emoji Keyboard Secrets: The emoji keyboard on iPhones hides some fun surprises. For example, if you tap and hold certain emojis, like the heart or thumbs up, you’ll see variations of that emoji. Additionally, you can even change the skin tone of certain emojis by tapping and holding them.

4. Hidden Trackpad: On iPhones with 3D Touch or Haptic Touch, you can turn the keyboard into a trackpad by firmly pressing and holding on the keyboard. This allows for precise cursor control when editing text.

5. Custom Memoji Stickers: If you have created a Memoji (a personalized emoji) on your iPhone, you can access a range of custom Memoji stickers in the Messages app. Simply tap on the App Store icon in the iMessage input bar and look for the Memoji stickers.

6. Hidden Magnifier: iPhones have a built-in magnifier feature that can be activated by going to Settings > Accessibility > Magnifier. Once enabled, you can triple-press the side or home button (depending on your iPhone model) to access a magnifying glass, which can be useful for reading small text or examining details.

These are just a few examples of the Easter eggs that Apple has hidden within the iPhone’s iOS software. They add a touch of fun and discovery to the user experience, allowing iPhone users to stumble upon these surprises and enjoy them.

How Can You Make My iPhone Better?

To optimize the performance of your iPhone, here are some effective ways:

1. Update to the latest iOS version: Keeping your iPhone updated ensures it has the latest features and bug fixes, improving its overall performance.

2. Check your storage space: Insufficient storage can slow down your iPhone. Delete unnecessary files, apps, photos, and videos to free up space.

3. Turn off unnecessary features: Disable features like AirDrop, Background App Refresh, and push email notifications, as they consume battery and processing power.

4. Disable background app refresh: Go to Settings > General > Background App Refresh and disable it for apps that don’t require constant updates.

5. Adjust visual effects and animations: Reduce motion by enabling “Reduce Motion” in Settings > Accessibility > Motion, which can enhance performance and battery life.

6. Keep your apps updated: Regularly update your apps from the App Store as developers often release updates to improve performance and fix bugs.

7. Delete or offload unused apps: Remove any apps you no longer use, or use the offload feature (Settings > General > iPhone Storage > Offload Unused Apps) to reclaim storage without losing app data.

8. Clear browser cache and history: Over time, stored website data can slow down your browsing experience. Clear the cache and history in Safari under Settings > Safari.

9. Reset network settings: If you’re experiencing Wi-Fi or cellular connectivity issues, resetting network settings can often resolve them. Go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings.

10. Restart your iPhone regularly: Restarting your device can help clear temporary files and refresh system processes, improving performance.

11. Reduce transparency and motion effects: Go to Settings > Accessibility > Display & Text Size and reduce transparency and motion to enhance performance.

12. Perform a manual backup: Instead of relying on automatic iCloud backups, manually back up your iPhone through Settings > [Your Name] > iCloud > iCloud Backup, and tap “Back Up Now” to ensure a smooth backup process.

By following these tips, you can optimize your iPhone’s performance and enjoy a smoother user experience.


The Apple iPhone offers a range of cool and useful tricks that can enhance your user experience. From simple gestures like tapping the back of the phone for a screenshot, to more advanced features like changing default browser and email apps, the iPhone is packed with hidden gems.

One of the standout features is the ability to stop new apps from appearing on your home screen, keeping it clutter-free and organized. Additionally, the option to view all your apps in a list provides a convenient way to navigate through your apps.

The introduction of widgets on the home screen is another highlight, allowing you to customize and personalize your iPhone experience. You can add widgets for weather, news, calendar, and more, providing quick access to important information.

The creation of custom widget smart stacks is an innovative feature that allows you to stack widgets on top of each other, enabling you to easily swipe through and access multiple widgets in a single stack.

Furthermore, Apple has included some hidden Easter eggs in iOS 16, adding a touch of fun and charm to the iPhone experience. While not as extensive as full-blown games, these clever little surprises add an extra layer of enjoyment to using your iPhone.

To optimize your iPhone’s performance, it is recommended to regularly update to the latest iOS version, check your storage space, and turn off unnecessary features. Disabling background app refresh and adjusting visual effects and animations can also help improve performance.

Keeping your apps updated and deleting or offloading unused apps can free up storage space and improve overall device performance. Additionally, manually selecting the backup option in your iCloud settings menu ensures your important data is securely backed up.

The iPhone offers a range of tricks and optimizations that can enhance your user experience and ensure your device performs at its best. By exploring and utilizing these features, you can make the most out of your iPhone and enjoy a seamless and efficient mobile experience.

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