Does GolfLogix Work with Apple Watch

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Golfers, are you ready to take your game to the next level? Introducing GolfLogix for Apple Watch – the revolutionary golf app that combines convenience and accuracy on the green. With GolfLogix, you can get an accurate yardage assessment and keep track of your score right on your wrist.

GolfLogix has been designed specifically for the Apple Watch, providing a convenient and simple way to play golf with ease. Thanks to its built-in GPS rangefinder, GolfLogix is able to accurately measure your yardage from any point on the course. This allows you to plan each shot with confidence and accuracy, without having to carry a rangefinder or measuring tape around with you.

In addition, GolfLogix also provides score tracking functionality right on your watch. This means that you can keep track of your score throughout your round without having to write it down or use a scorecard – saving time and energy for more important things like improving your skills!

GolfLogix also keeps all of its data synced up with the GolfLogix app on your iPhone. This feature ensures that everyting that happens on the watch is communicated back to the app in real time – making it easier than ever before to play golf with an Apple Watch.

So what are you waiting for? Download GolfLogix today from the Apple Store and get a free trial of GolfLogix Plus! Then open up the Apple Watch app on your iPhone, scroll down until you see GolfPad under “Available apps” and install it onto your watch. Finally start a golf round on your phone – then sit back, relax and enjoy tracking yardage and keeping score right on your wrist!

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Compatibility of GolfLogix with Apple Watch

Yes, GolfLogix does work with the Apple Watch. The app can be downloaded from the App Store and linked to your GolfLogix account. Once this is done, you can access all of your golf score tracking data on the Apple Watch. This includes GPS distances, score tracking, and more. The information on the Apple Watch is also synced with the GolfLogix app on your iPhone, making it easier than ever to use an Apple Watch while playing golf.

Does GolfLogix Work on Apple Watch 6?

Yes, GolfLogix works on Apple Watch 6! The app is available for download in the Apple Store, and once you install it, you can start using all of the amazing features it has to offer. GolfLogix for Apple Watch 6 provides real-time data and insight into your golf game with shot tracking, course analysis and more. Plus, you can get a free trial of GolfLogix Plus when you download the app! With GolfLogix on your Apple Watch 6, you can focus on improving your game without any extra hassle.

Can Apple Watch Be Used to Get a Golf Rangefinder?

Yes, you can get a golf rangefinder on Apple Watch! With the Golf Pad app, you can access GPS rangefinder distances right on your watch. To get started, be sure you have the latest version of Golf Pad installed on your iPhone. Then open the Apple Watch app on the iPhone and scroll down until you find Golf Pad uner “Available apps”. Install it on your watch, and then start a golf round on the phone. You’ll see all the GPS rangefinder distances (and more) directly from your watch.

Using an Apple Watch for Golf GPS Without a Phone

Yes, you can use your Apple Watch for golf GPS without a phone! The GolfLogix app is the only stand-alone golf GPS app availabe today for the Apple Watch. This means that you don’t need to bring your phone with you when you head out to the course. You can ditch your Garmin watch and just bring your Apple Watch with you instead. With this app, you’ll be able to get precise yardages for each hole and use it as a digital scorecard. So go ahead and hit the links with just your Apple Watch – no phone needed!

The Best Golf GPS for Apple Watch

The best golf GPS for Apple Watch is the Arccos Caddie App. This app is free to download and use, and it provides users with an accurate and detailed view of their golf course. The app also offers in-app purchases for more features or premium services. It allows you to keep track of your score, track distances, and analyze your game with data-driven insights. Additionally, it has a convenient one-touch stat tracking feature that allows you to quickly access the stats and performance of each hole on the course. For those looking for even more data-driven insights into their game, Arccos Caddie App provides access to its AI powered virtual caddy which can proide personalized advice based on your performance.

Does the Apple Watch Series 7 Track Golf Swing?

Yes, the Apple Watch 7 does track golf swing. The Track My Golf GPS app can collect data on your golf swing and prvide detailed analysis. It can link to your Apple Watch so that you don’t need your phone on the course. With this app, you can measure club speed, tempo, and ball spin rate as well as get real-time feedback to help you improve. The app also records stats for each round of golf such as average club distance and number of putts.

The Benefits of Using an Apple Watch for Golfers

Yes, the Apple Watch is a great device for golfers. Not only does it provide on course performance, but it also serves as a smart device off course. On the course, the Apple Watch can be used to track your shots, measure your distance in yards/meters and even track your score. It also has GPS capabilities that allow you to find courses and holes durng play. Off the course, the Apple Watch can be used for notifications such as emails and texts, as well as apps like weather updates that could be useful during play. Additionally, some models of the watch come with built-in heart rate monitors and step-counters which are great tools for monitoring physical activity levels both on and off the course. With all these features combined, it’s easy to see why golfers would benefit from having an Apple Watch.


GolfLogix for Apple Watch is a game-changing app that is revolutionizing the way golfers approach the game. With its comprehensive range of features, including GPS rangefinder distances, score tracking, and swing analyzer, GolfLogix makes it easier than ever to stay on top of your golf game. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced golfer, GolfLogix can provide the tools and insights you need to take your game to the next level. With its seamless integration with iPhones and Apple Watches, GolfLogix is the perfect companion for any golfer looking to improve thir performance on the green.

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