How To Unblock Contact On Macbook

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Are you looking for a new laptop that can handle all of your computing needs? The Macbook is an ideal option, with its sleek design, powerful hardware, and intuitive software. But did you know that you can also use it to unblock contacts from your blocked contacts list? Here’s how you can do it.

First, open the Settings icon on your Macbook. Scroll down to Phone and tap it. Scroll down to Blocked Contacts and tap that field. You’ll see a list of all the contacts you have blocked on your Macbook. To unblock a contact, simply swipe left on the contact’s name and then tap “Unblock.”

Once you unblock a contact, they will be able to message or call you without being blocked again. If you want to block them again in the future, just repeat this process and they will be added back to your blocked contacts list.

Another way to manage your blocked numbers is through the Messages app on your Macbook. To do this, open the Messages app and go to Settings > iMessage > Blocked. Here, you’ll see a list of all the numbers that are currently blocked from messaging or calling you. To unblock someone from this list, simply select their name and click “Unblock.”

It’s important to note that when blocking someone from either Messages or Phone settings, they will be unable to call or message you until they are unblocked again. So if you want them to be able to reach out to you in any way shape or form in future conversations, make sure that they’re not on your blocked contacts list!

This is how easy it is to manage and unblock contacts using Macbook! Whether it’s for safety reasons or just because you don’t want certain people contacting you anymore – having control over who gets access is key!

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Finding Blocked Contacts on Mac

To find blocked contacts on your Mac, open the Messages app, then choose Messages > Settings. Click iMessage, then click Blocked. You’ll see a list of contacts that have been blocked. If you don’t see any contacts listed here, then you have not blocked any contacts on your Mac.

Does Blocking on iPhone Affect Mac Devices?

Yes, blocking someone on an iPhone will block them on all other Apple devices that are signed in with the same Apple ID. This means that if you block someone on your iPhone, they will also be blocked from contacting you on any other Apple device such as a Mac. The person who has been blocked will not receive a notification that they have been blocked and you can still call, message, or email the blocked contact without unblocking them.

Unable to Unblock Someone on iMessage

Unblocking someone on iMessage can sometimes fail due to temporary glitches or errors. This could be caused by a minor issue with the iMessage system, your device, or the contact’s device. It is possible that if you try unblocking the person again later, it may work. If not, try removing the contact and adding them again, or restart your iPhone to see if that helps resolve any unexpected behaviors.


In conclusion, the Macbook is a powerful and versatile laptop computer that provides users with an array of features to help them get more done. It has a long-lasting battery, a large display, and powerful processing capabilities that can handle intensive tasks with ease. It has advanced security features to keep your data safe and secure. Additionally, the Macbook comes with a wide range of software applications designed to make life easier for its users. The Macbook is an ideal choice for anyone looking for a reliable computer that won’t let them down.

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