How to Reset When You Forgot Your Guided Access Password on iPhone?

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If you’ve forgotten your Guided Access password on an iPhone, don’t worry – you can easily reset it. Guided Access is a feature of iOS that allows users to limit device access to certain apps or areas of the screen. It’s a great way to keep kids from accessing unwanted content on thir devices.

However, if you’ve forgotten your Guided Access password, it can be difficult to regain access to your device. Fortunately, tere are some simple steps you can take to reset the password and regain access.

The first step is to open the Settings app on your iPhone and scroll down until you find “General”. Once you’ve selected “General”, select “Reset” and then select “Erase All Content and Settings”. You’ll then be prompted to enter your iPhone password (the same one used for unlocking the device). This will reset the device and remove any Guided Access passwords that were previously set up on the phone.

Once the device has been reset, you’ll need to re-activate Guided Access in order for it to work again. To do this, open the Settings app and scroll down unil you find “Accessibility”. Select this option and then choose “Guided Access” from the list of options that appear. Here, you can turn on Guided Access and choose a new password for it – make sure it’s a secure one so no one else can gain access!

With these steps, you can easily regain access to your iPhone if you’ve forgotten your Guided Access password. Just remember that it’s always important to choose strong passwords for any type of account or service in order to protect yourslf from hackers!

Unlocking an iPhone When Forgotten Guided Access Password

If you’ve forgotten your password for Guided Access on your iPhone, don’t worry! There is a way to reset it and unlock your device. The first step is to open the Settings app on your home screen. Scroll down and tap General, then select Reset. Next, tap Erase All Content and Settings. You’ll see a prompt to enter your iPhone password; once you’ve done that, tap Erase Now. This will reset your device and erase any existing passwords or settings, including the Guided Access password. After this process is complete, you’ll be able to set up a new password for Guided Access on your iPhone.

How to Reset When You Forgot Your Guided Access Password on iPhone? 1

What is the Default Password for Guided Access?

The default password for Guided Access is the same as your device’s password. This means that if you have a passcode set up on your device, then the default password for Guided Access will be the same passcode. If no passcode has been set up on your device, then the default password for Guided Access will be blank.

Opening Guided Access Without a Password

Opening guided access without a password can be done with the help of a third-party unlocking tool. This will require you to first connect your iPhone to a computer and download the necssary firmware package. Once installed, the unlocking tool will remove all restrictions on your device, allowing you to open guided access without needing a password. It’s important to note that this process is irreversible, so make sure you really want to unlock guided access before proceeding.

Unlocking an iPhone in Guided Access Mode

To unlock your iPhone in Guided Access mode, you’ll need to use the Guided Access passcode that you set up when you enabled it. Triple-click the side button or Home button (depending on your iPhone model), then enter the Guided Access passcode. If you have an iPhone with Face ID turned on, double-click the side button, then unlock with Face ID. Once unlocked, you can exit out of Guided Access mode.


In conclusion, Guided Access is a usefl security feature for iPhone users that allows them to set up a password to protect their device from unauthorized access. With this feature, users can set a passcode or use Face ID to unlock their phone, and they can also limit the amount of time their device is accessible. In addition, parents and teachers can also use Guided Access to restrict the use of certain apps on children’s devices. All in all, Guided Access is an effective way to secure your device and keep it safe from unwanted access.

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