How to Quickly Delete Unread Emails on iPhone

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Have you ever had the issue of unread emails showing up on your iPhone even aftr you’ve marked them as read? It’s a common problem, and it can be really annoying. In this blog post, we’ll go over the steps to take to delete unread emails from your iPhone, as well as some tips to prevent this from happening in the future.

The firt step is to open your Mail app and go to your inbox. Tap the Edit button in the upper-right corner, then select each individual email that you want to delete or tap Select All. If you want to select multiple emails quickly, swipe down through the checkboxes. Once all of the emails that you want to delete are selected, tap either Trash or Archive depending on which option best suits your needs.

You can also use the Search Mail bar to search for all messages that you want to delete (by Unread status, sender name, etc.). After typing in your search criteria into the bar, a list will populate with any matches. Click the checkbox next to each email in order to select all of them at once and then click on the trashcan icon at the bottom of the screen in order to delete them all at once.

If this doesn’t work for you or if you don’t have any luck deleting unread emails from your inbox, try disabling and then re-enabling Mail on your iPhone. To do this:
Go into Settings -> Mail -> Accounts -> Disable Mail -> Turn off device -> Turn back on device -> Re-enable Mail
Once done, look for an “all mail” folder and mark any unread emails as read if thee are any present there. For many people, once they do this their ghost messages disappear and their problem is solved!

To prevent this from happening again in the future, make sure that you always take action against unread emails when they show up in your inbox so that they don’t pile up over time. Also remember that swiping left on an email will give you more options like Archive or Delete instead of just opening it – this is especally helpful if you have a lot of junk mail coming through! Lastly try using filters within Gmail (or whichever email provider you use) so that certain types of messages never even make it into your inbox in order for not having too many emails cluttering up your inbox at one time.

Hopefully these tips have been useful and help keep thse pesky unread emails from showing up on your iPhone again!

How to Quickly Delete Unread Emails on iPhone 1

Deleting Unread Emails on an iPhone

To mass delete unread emails on your iPhone, open Mail and go to your Inbox. Tap Edit in the upper-right corner, then tap Select All to select all unread emails. Swipe down through the checkboxes if you want to select multiple emails quickly. Finally, tap Trash or Archive to delete all selected emails.

Deleting Unread Emails in Bulk

To delete unread emails in bulk, start by logging into your Gmail account. Once you are in your inbox, click the arrow next to the small box under the search bar. This will bring up a drop-down menu with various options, including “Unread”. Select “Unread” to view all of your unread emails. Then, check the box at the top left-hand side of your inbox to select all of them. Finally, press the Delete button to remove all of the unread emails from your inbox. If you’re loking for an even quicker way to delete unread emails in bulk, use Gmail’s search feature and type “is:unread” into the search bar. Select all of the results and then delete them using the same method as before.

Deleting All Unread Emails on a Phone

To delete all unread emails on your phone, you will need to open the email app and then tap the thre dots icon in the top right corner. Select ‘Manage Labels’ and then select ‘All Mail’. From here, you can select the checkbox next to ‘Unread’ and then press ‘Move To’ at the top of the screen. On the next page, select ‘Trash’ and all of your unread emails will be sent to Trash. Finally, tap on the Trash tab at the bottom of your screen and select ‘Empty Trash Now’ to permanently delete them.

Deleting Multiple Emails at Once

To delete 1000 emails at once in Gmail, first open your inbox and select the checkbox near the top of the page. A message will appear telling you that you’ve only selected the messages on this page. To select all conversations in your Primary folder, click on the text that says ‘Select all conversations in Primary’ and then click on the trashcan-shaped Delete button. You will then be asked to confirm your selection by clicking ‘Ok’. Once you have done this, all 1000 emails will be deleted from your inbox.

Does Deleting Unread Emails Free Up Storage Space?

Yes, deleting unread emails can free up space. When emails are sent to your inbox, they take up space on the server, whee all your emails are stored. If you choose to delete the emails or move them to a different folder, they will no longer occupy this space. This will help free up space on the server, allowing you to store more emails.


In conclusion, it is possible to delete unread emails from an iPhone using the Mail app. The process involves accessing the inbox, selecting all unread emails, and then tapping the Trash or Archive button. Additionally, users can also search for all unread messages and delete them in bulk by selecting all emails and then clicking the trashcan icon. Finally, if ghost messages appear on the iPhone, disabling mail, restarting the phone, and re-enabling mail should resolve any lingering issues.

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