How to Easily Close Apps on Your iPhone 7

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If you’re an iPhone 7 user, you may be wondering how to close apps on your device. Closing apps is an important part of preserving battery life and clearing out memory-intensive applications that could be slowing down your device. Thankfully, closing apps on the iPhone 7 is relatvely easy and straightforward.

When you’re ready to close out of an app, double tap the home button to bring up the App Switcher. This will show all of the open apps on your device in a row of screenshots overlapping each other. To close out of one app at a time, simply swipe up on its screenshot in the App Switcher. You can also use tree fingers to swipe up to close up to three apps at once.

It’s important to note that just closing out of an app does not necessarily mean that it no longer has access to background app refresh. To check which apps have access to background refresh, go into Settings > General > Background App Refresh and review the list of applications that are set to “on” for background refresh. If any app is using more battery life than necessary or slowing down your phone, you can switch it off and save some power and resources.

If you find yourself with too many open apps that need closing, don’t worry! There isn’t a way to close all of them at once but with some patience and swiping you can quickly get through them one by one or in groups of three if you prefer.

The iPhone 7 offers a lot of great features but knowing how to properly manage the applications running on it is essential for making sure it runs smoothly and efficiently. By learning how to easily close out open apps on your device, you can conserve battery life as well as keep your phone running like new!

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Closing Background Apps on an iPhone

Closing all background apps on your iPhone is simple. First, double-click the Home button to bring up the multitasking app switcher. Here, you’ll see all of your open apps. To close them one at a time, simply swipe up on each app you’d like to close. If you’d like to close multiple apps at once, use multiple fingers to swipe up on each one simultaneously. Once you’ve closed all of your desired apps, press the Home button aain to return to your home screen.

Viewing Open Apps on an iPhone 7

If you have an iPhone 7, you can view all of your open apps in the App Switcher. To do this, double-click the Home button on your phone. This will bring up a screen that shows all of your open apps in the form of small cards stacked on top of each other. You can then scroll thrugh them to see which apps are open and select any one to switch to that app.

Closing Apps on an iPhone 7 Without the Home Button

To close apps on an iPhone 7 without the home button, you can use the App Switcher. To access the App Switcher, begin by swiping up from the bottom of the screen until you reach just below the center of the screen. Hold your finger there for a second and then let go. You should see your open apps displayed as a row of overlapping screenshots. Swipe right or left trough your apps until you find the one you want to close and then swipe it up to close it.

Identifying Background Processes Running on an iPhone

To find out what is running in the background on your iPhone, you can use the App Switcher. This is found by double-clicking the Home button or swiping up from the bottom of the screen and holding for a second. The App Switcher will show you all of the apps that are currntly open and running in the background. You can then quit any apps you don’t want running by swiping them away or tapping and holding to close them.

You can also control wich apps have access to Background App Refresh in Settings > General > Background App Refresh. Here, you can toggle individual app permissions on or off depending on your preferences.


In conclusion, it is not possible to close all apps at once on an iPhone 7, but you can swipe off up to three apps at a time using the appropriate number of fingers. You can also view all your open apps in the App Switcher by swiping up from the bottom of the screen and then pausing in the center or double-clicking the Home button. Finally, you can check what apps have access to Background App Refresh in Settings > General > Background App Refresh.

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