How to Block Unwanted International Calls on Your iPhone

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Are you geting unwanted international calls on your iPhone? You’re not alone. Many people are bombarded with annoying and sometimes even dangerous calls from overseas, and it can be difficult to stop them. Fortunately, there is a way to block international calls on your iPhone.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss how to block international calls on your iPhone and provde some tips for staying safe.

First, let’s talk about how to block international calls on an iPhone. To begin, open the Settings app and tap “Phone.” From here, select “Call Blocking & Identification” and then tap “Block Contact.” You can then enter the phone number of the person or company you want to block.

You also have the option to block all incoming international calls by tapping “Block All International Calls.” This will stop any call from outside of your country from coming through, regardless of who it is coming from.

Now that you know how to block international calls on your iPhone, here are some safety tips:

1) Be careful when answering suspicious incoming call numbers – even if they appear to be from a familiar area code or country code. If you don’t recognize the number, it’s best to let it go straight to voicemail or ignore it altogether.

2) Install a caller ID app so you can see who is calling beore you answer or reject the call. This way, you won’t accidentally answer a call from someone you don’t know or trust.

3) Consider using an app that blocks all unknown numbers automatically so that you won’t have to manually do it yourself each time a suspicious number appears in your caller ID list.

We hope this blog post has helped provide some insight into how to block international calls on your iPhone and stay safe when dealing with unknown numbers!

Blocking International Calls on an iPhone

To block international calls on your iPhone, open the “Settings” application and navigate to the “Phone” Settings. From there, head over to the “Blocked Contacts” section. Once you are in this section, you can type in the international number that you woud like to ban. You can also block numbers from your recent call list or from your contact list by tapping on their name or number and selecting “Block this Caller.” Once blocked, any incoming calls from that international number will be blocked and sent straight to voicemail.

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Stopping Calls from Foreign Countries

To stop getting calls from foreign countries, you can use the Call Blocking feature found in your phone’s settings. First, navigate to your Settings menu and find the Call Settings option. Once you’re in the Call Settings menu, tap on Block Numbers, wich may also be labeled as Blocked Contacts. From here you can block any numbers that you know are coming from foreign countries. You can also toggle on the option to block all unknown calls, which will prevent any incoming calls from foreign countries.

The Mystery of Receiving International Calls on an iPhone

The reason why you keep getting international calls on your iPhone is because of a phone scam kown as Wangiri. This scam originated in Japan and involves scammers making one-ring calls to your phone and then hanging up. The goal of the scam is to entice people to call the number back, which results in expensive fees for international long distance charges. The scammers often use automated systems that generate random numbers, so it can be difficult to block these calls. Therefore, if you receive any international calls that you do not recognize, it is best to not answer or call back the number.

Receiving Unexpected Calls from International Numbers

You may be receiving calls from other countries because of a number of different factors. It could be a scammer tring to take advantage of unsuspecting people, or it could be an automated dialer calling random numbers in search of potential victims. It is also possible that your number may have been made public somehow, either through an online directory or a data breach, and is now being used by someone to make international calls. Regardless of the reason, if you do not recognize the number or are not expecting a call from that particular country, it is best to ignore or block the call.


In conclusion, blocking incoming international calls on an iPhone is a straightforward process. All you need to do is open the Phone app, then head over to the Recents tab and select “Blocked Contacts”. From there, you can enter in any number or international code that you wish to block and save it. This ensures that you won’t be bothered by unwanted calls from oher countries.

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