Apple Watch’s Weekly Summary Notifications

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The Apple Watch is an incredibly versatile and powerful tool that can help you stay connected, monitor your health, and keep up with your daily tasks. One of its most usful features is the weekly summary notification, which provides users with a convenient way to review their activity tracking data. With this notification, users can quickly glance at their progress over the last week and quickly make adjustments if needed.

When enabled, the weekly summary notification will apear on both your iPhone and Apple Watch. On your iPhone, you’ll see a banner notification at the top of your screen each week when the summary is available. On your Apple Watch, you’ll see an alert in the Activity app when you open it up.

The weekly summary includes a variety of useful data points such as total steps taken, distance traveled, number of active minutes logged, workouts completed, and more. It also includes helpful graphs that show how active you were throughout the day or week so that you can easily identify any areas where you need to improve or maintain.

In addition to providing users with important activity tracking data in an easy-to-review format, the weekly summary notification also allows users to set goals for themselves for each upcoming week. For example, if a user wants to take 10 more steps each day than they did the previous week or complete two additional workouts dring the upcoming week they can easily set these goals right from within the notification.

If you’re an Apple Watch user lookig for a convenient way to review your activity tracking data on a regular basis then be sure to enable the weekly summary notification today! It’s a great way to stay informed about your progress and help motivate yourself to reach new levels of fitness success!

Receiving Weekly Activity Summary on Apple Watch

To get a weekly Activity summary on your Apple Watch, open the Activity app and swipe up to see details for each ring. Swipe up again to view your total steps, distance, and workouts. To view your weekly summary, swipe up one more time and then tap “Weekly Summary”. You will now be able to see an overview of all of your activity from the past week as well as a comparison of your current activity results with those from previous weeks.

apple watch weekly summary notification

Lack of Weekly Summary on Apple Watch

The weekly summary in the Apple Watch is designed to provide you with a quick overview of your activity and health data from the past week. However, if you are not receiving this summary, it could be because Wrist Detection is turned off in your Passcode settings. To check this, go to the Watch app on your iPhone and navigate to My Watch > Passcode. Make sure that Wrist Detection is turned on. Additionally, go to My Watch > Health and ensure that all of your desired health inforation is being tracked. If everything looks correct but you are still not receiving the weekly summary, try restarting your watch or contact Apple Support for further assistance.

Receiving Weekly Activity Summary on iPhone

To get a weekly Activity summary on your iPhone, go to Settings > Screen Time. Tap See All Activity, then tap Week to view a summary of your weekly use. The summary will show you the amount of time you’ve spent on each app and website over the past 7 days, as well as any phone or app usage limits that you have set up.

Receiving a Weekly Summary from Apple Fitness

Yes, you can get a weekly summary on Apple Fitness. To do this, open the Activity app on your Apple Watch and scroll down to the bottom of the screen. Tap on “Weekly Summary” and you will be able to view your weekly activity summary including the number of calories burned, minutes of exercise, standing hours, and more. Your progress will be displayed in an easy-to-read chart so you can see how far you have come in achieving your fitness goals.

apple watch weekly summary notification

Monthly Summary on Apple Watch

Yes, you can get a monthly summary on Apple Watch. To access it, open the Fitness app on your watch and select Activity. On the Summary page, you will see an overview of your activity for the month. You can also use the Digital Crown to scroll back through previous months and view your progress over time.

Unable to View Workout Summary on Apple Watch

The workout summary can’t be viewed on Apple Watch afer the workout has been saved because the accompanying Activity app on iPhone is where all of your data is stored and synced. This means that once your workout is completed and saved, the information is transferred to your iPhone where you can view a comprehensive summary of your activity. This ensures that you have access to all of your data in one place and that it is kept secure.

Calculating Weekly Average Steps on Apple Watch

To get the weekly average steps on your Apple Watch, open the Activity app and use Force Touch. Then click on Weekly Summary. Scroll down a bit and you will see Steps. Here, you can view your total steps taken throughout the week as well as your average daily steps. You can also see your weekly goals and how close you are to achieving them.

apple watch weekly summary notification

Viewing Workout Summaries on Apple Watch

To view your workout summaries on your Apple Watch, open the Fitness app on your watch. Tap the Summary tab to view your activity summary for the day, including any workouts you have completed. You can also tap Show More next to Workouts to view a more detailed breakdown of each individual workout you have completed. Additionally, if you want to see your overall activity history, awards earned, and oter summaries, you can also open the Fitness app on your iPhone and tap Your Activity progress. From here you can select the calendar icon in the upper-right to see a full overview of all of your workouts and awards.

Setting Weekly Goals on Apple Watch

To set weekly goals on your Apple Watch, open the Activity app and swipe up. Tap “Change Goals” and then select the “Weekly” tab at the top of the screen. From here, you can set goals for Move, Exercise, and Stand minutes each week. You can also adjust your active calories and calorie burn goals. When you’re finished setting your goals, tap “Done” at the bottom of the screen to save them.


The Apple Watch is a powerful and versatile device that can help you stay active, connected, and healthy. From tracking your daily activity to monitoring your heart rate, the Apple Watch offers a wide range of features to help you meet your fitness goals. It can also help you stay connected with friends and family by sending notifications, making calls, and more. With its intuitive interface and customizable watch faces, the Apple Watch is an ideal companion for ayone looking to stay up-to-date on their fitness journey.

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