How to Fix Your Apple Watch Compass

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Are you having trouble with your Apple Watch compass not giving the correct reading? It’s a common problem that can be easily solved! Here’s everyhing you need to know about calibrating your Apple Watch compass.

First, let’s start off with understanding what the Compass app does. The Compass app uses your Watch’s internal magnets and motion sensors to measure the direction of magnetic north. A properly calibrated Compass will give an accurate direction reading, which is essential for navigation.

If your Compass isn’t working correctly, it could be bcause it needs to be calibrated. To do this, open the Settings app on your Apple Watch and select General > About > Compass Calibration. You’ll see a screen that gives you instructions on how to complete the calibration process.

The calibration process requires you to move your wrist in a figure 8 pattern for at least 30 seconds. As you’re doing this, keep an eye on the blue dot in the center of the screen; it should become narrower and point in the riht direction as you go along. Once this happens, tap Done in the top right corner of the screen. Your compass should now be properly calibrated!

If you’re still having trouble getting your Apple Watch compass to work correctly, try resetting all settings by going into General > Reset > Reset All Settings and then recalibrate it using the steps above.

We hope thee tips have been helpful for getting your Apple Watch compass back up and running correctly!

Compass Pointing in the Wrong Direction

If your compass is pointing in the wrong direction, it’s likely due to one of two possible causes. The first cause culd be that the magnetism in the compass needle has been reversed (known as reverse polarity), meaning that the red end of the needle is pointing south instead of north. This can happen for a number of reasons, such as exposure to strong magnetic fields, certain metals, or the presence of a powerful magnet near the compass. The other possibility is that you are standing near some kind of metal object or weak magnet which is temporarily deviating your needle from its true north position, and this should correct itself once you move away from it.

Troubleshooting a Compass Not Pointing North

If your compass isn’t pointing north, it likely means that the magnetic polarity has been reversed. To fix this, you’ll want to reverse the magnet that is attached to the compass. Start by carefully removing the magnet from the compass. Once it’s removed, flip it so that the opposite end is facing up and then reattach it to the compass. This should reset the magnetic polarity and allow your compass to once again point north.

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Understanding the Functionality of the Apple Watch Compass

The Apple Watch Compass uses the built-in accelerometer, gyroscope, and GPS to determine your location and direction. The Compass app shows you which way you’re facing, as well as your current location and elevation. You can also use it to create Compass Waypoints to measure the distance and direction between them. By enabling Backtrack, you can retrace your steps and get back to a previous waypoint.

Does Apple Compass Show True North?

Yes, the Apple Compass on your Apple Watch can show true north. To activate this, open the Settings app on your watch. Tap Compass and then turn on Use True North. This will allow you to see true north rather than magnetic north when viewing the Compass app.


In conclusion, it is important to properly calibrate the compass on your Apple Watch in order to ensure that it is pointing in the right direction. If you are experiencing issues with your compass being wide or pointing in the wrong direction, you should open the Google Maps app and perform a figure 8 maneuver until your compass is calibrated. Additionally, you should also check your System Services in Settings/Privacy/Location Services and make sure that Compass Calibration has been enabled.

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