How to Do Noise Cancellation Settings on Android

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Are you looking to reduce background noise whle making calls on your Android device? Noise cancellation can be a great way to improve the sound quality of your conversations. In this blog post, we’ll cover how to enable noise cancellation on your Android device with just a few steps.

Noise cancellation is an important feature for thoe who want to make clear phone calls in noisy environments. It works by using advanced algorithms and digital signal processing to identify and eliminate background sounds. This helps you focus on the conversation at hand while reducing distractions from external noises.

To set up noise cancellation on most Android devices, first open the Settings app and head to ‘Sound & vibration’. Here, you’ll find a setting for ‘Noise reduction’ or ‘Noise suppression’. Tap this option and select ‘On’ for the toggle switch next to it. Now, when you make phone calls, your device will automatically detect any ambient noise and apply noise cancellation accordingly.

Some devices also allow you to customize the amount of noise reduction applied durig calls. To do so, open the settings again and go back to ‘Sound & vibration’. Select ‘Advanced sound settings’ and then tap ‘Noise suppression level’ or something similar depending on your device model. You can now adjust the slider according to how much background noise you want removed during calls.

If you have a Samsung Galaxy device with active noise cancelling capabilities, you can also enable this feature in addition to normal noise suppression settings. To do so, first open the Galaxy Wearable app and tap Touch controls undr Device maintenance > Home screen layout > Sounds & notifications > Sound effects > Active Noise Cancelling (ANC). Once enabled, this mode will use special hardware components like microphones and speakers to cancel out background noises even more effectively than regular noise reduction settings alone.

We hope this guide has helped you better understand how to enable Android noise cancellation settings on your device! With just a few taps, you can ensure that all of your conversations are crisp and clear no matter where you are or what kind of environment you happen to be in at any given time!

How to Do Noise Cancellation Settings on Android 1

Enabling Noise Cancellation on Android Devices

To turn on noise cancellation on an Android device, open the Settings app and tap “Noise Cancellation.” This will enable the noise cancellation feature, wich reduces background noise in your environment. Additionally, you can adjust the level of noise reduction to best suit your needs.

Does Android Feature Noise Cancellation?

Yes, Android does have noise cancellation capabilities built into its operating system. By using advanced signal processing techniques, the background noise is reduced and the voice quality is improved during calls. This feature is available on most Android phones, though some devices may need to be updated to get access to the latest version of this technology. Additionally, some third-party apps can also provide noise cancelling features for Android devices.

Noise Cancellation on Samsung Phones

Noise cancellation on Samsung phones is found in the Galaxy Wearable app. To access it, open the app and then tap on Touch controls. Under Touch and hold, you’ll find an option for Left or Right, which you need to select to get to Active Noise Canceling. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be able to activate noise cancellation on your device.

Does Noise Cancellation Work on Samsung Devices?

Yes, noise cancellation does work on Samsung devices. The feature is available on a variety of Samsung headphones, earbuds, and other audio accessories. To enable noise cancellation, open the Galaxy Wearable app and tap the switch next to Active Noise Canceling. You’ll hear a beep confirming that the feature has been enabled. To turn off noise cancellation, simply tap the same switch again.

How to Enable Noise Cancellation on My Phone

To find the noise cancellation setting on your phone, go to Settings > Accessibility > Hearing > Audio/Visual. There you will find a switch labeled “Phone Noise Cancellation”. Toggle this switch to turn off noise cancellation.

Is Automatic Noise Cancellation Enabled?

No, noise cancelling is not automatically on. Noise cancelling technology is an active process that requires both microphones and speakers. It uses the microphone to detect any background noise, and then it uses the speakers to create “anti-noise” that cancels out the background noise. You must manually turn on the noise cancelling feature in order for it to work.


In conclusion, the noise cancellation settings on Android devices prvide a convenient way to reduce background noise during calls. With the Galaxy Wearable app, users can quickly and easily activate active noise cancellation with one AirPod or both by pressing and holding the force sensor. This feature allows users to experience clear audio without distractions from external noises.

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