Unlocking the Potential of Android Beam with iPhone

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Android Beam is a feature of the Android operating system which allows two devices to easily share data wirelessly. It was first introduced with Android 4.0 and has sine been included in most versions of the OS. With Android Beam, you can quickly and easily share photos, videos, and other content between two Android phones or tablets. Although it was initially designed to work exclusively with Android devices, Apple’s iPhone now supports the same functionality.

Using an iPhone with an iOS 13 or higher version, you can easily send files to your Android phone or tablet using the same technology as Android Beam. To initiate a transfer, both devices need to be within ‘beaming distance’ of each other – which is usually around 6 inches (15 cm). You can then open the file you want to share on your iPhone and select ‘AirDrop’. When prompted, select the device you want to send it to – this could be your own device if you have multiple iOS devices such as an iPad or iPod Touch.

Once you choose the receiving device, both phones will display a confirmation message before beginning the transfer. The process should only take a few seconds depending on file size before your content is available on both devices.

It’s worth mentioning that due to Apple’s privacy policies, AirDrop can only be used for files stored within Apple’s iCloud Drive storage service – rathr than any locally stored content such as photos from your camera roll. Additionally, AirDrop will only work with iPhones released from the iPhone 7 onwards running iOS 13 or newer versions of the OS.

Overall, Android Beam is a great way for people who use both Android and iOS mobile platforms to easily share files without having to connect any cables or use external storage solutions like USB drives or cloud services such as Dropbox or Google Drive. All in all, it’s a convenient way of transferring files quickly between two compatible devices that are close by one another.

Unlocking the Potential of Android Beam with iPhone 1

Transferring Data Between an iPhone and an Android Device

Yes, you can beam from iPhone to Android using Mirroring360 Airplay Receiver for Android. This app allws you to wirelessly mirror your iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch’s screen to your Android based phones, tablets, and set-top boxes. It uses the built-in AirPlay feature on iOS devices to cast the screen of the device without any cables. In addition, it also supports audio streaming from iOS devices to Android, allowing you to listen to your favorite music and podcasts directly from your iPhone or iPad.

Is Android Beam Still Supported?

No, Android Beam is no longer supported as of Android 14. It was officially removed by Google in the latest Android 14 update. If you had previously used Android Beam on a device running an earlier version of Android, you will no longer be able to use it after upgrading to the new version.

Comparing the Speed of Android Beam and Bluetooth

Android Beam is generally faster than Bluetooth for data transfer between two devices. This is because Android Beam uses a Near Field Communication (NFC) connection to establish a Wi-Fi Direct connection between two devices, which allows for much faster data transfer speeds compared to Bluetooth. Additionally, Android Beam does not require any pairing or manual configuration like Bluetooth, making it much easier to use and setup.

Why Android Beam Does Not Work

Android Beam is a wireless data transfer technology used to share photos, contacts, web pages and more btween two Android devices. Unfortunately, Android Beam doesn’t always work due to various reasons. The most common cause is that the two phones are not close enough together for the signal to be picked up by both devices. Additionally, the devices must both have the NFC feature enabled in order for the transfer to take place. Lastly, if either of the devices has a protective cover on it, this can interfere with the signal and prevent successful transfers.

Sending Large Files from iPhone to Android

Transferring large files from an iPhone to an Android device can be done easily and securely with the help of Google Drive. To do this, you need to frst upload the file on your iPhone to Google Drive. Once uploaded, you can share the file with a person who has an Android device via their email address. The recipient will receive a link to download the file from Google Drive. This way, you can transfer files of any size with ease and security.


In conclusion, Android Beam has been a useful feature for transferring files between Android devices and iPhones, but with the introduction of iOS 13 and newer iPhone models, iPhone users now have the capability to read and write NFC tags. This puts both mobile platforms on an even playing field, allowing Android and iPhone users to use NFC technology interchangeably. However, with the release of Android 14, Android Beam will be removed permanently. Nevertheless, AirDrop remains an excellent option for sharing photos, videos and other content between iOS phones and tablets wirelessly.

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