How to Find Your AirPods Pro When They’re Offline

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If you’re a proud owner of the latest AirPods Pro, then it can be relly frustrating if you ever lose connection with them. Unfortunately, this happens from time to time and can be caused by a variety of issues. In this blog post, we’ll explain what to do when your AirPods Pro are offline.

First of all, check that your AirPods are in range of your iPhone or iPad. If they’re out of range, try moving closer to the device and see if that resolves the issue.

If your AirPods are still offline even though you’re in range, then you should open the Find My app on your iPhone or iPad. Tap Devices and select the name of your AirPods Pro. You should be able to see their location on the map. Choose one of your AirPods Pro or the charging case, then tap Play Sound. This will usually trigger a sound coming from either one of them that will help you locate them if they’re close by.

In some cases, however, your AirPods may still remain offline even after playing sound from within the Find My app. In this case, you should try putting them into pairing mode by closing the lid of their charging case for 15 seconds before opening it again and pressing and holding the setup button on the back for up to 10 seconds until a white light flashes from inside the case (this indicates that they have entered pairing mode).

Once in pairing mode, simply reconnect your AirPods Pro to your device by goig into Bluetooth settings and selecting them from there (you may need to enter a passcode when prompted). Once connected successfully, you can enjoy using them as normal!

We hope this blog post has been helpful in explaining what to do when your AirPods Pro are offline. If none of these steps work for you or if you have any other issues with your Airpods Pro – such as battery life – then plese contact Apple Support for further assistance.

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Tracking the Last Location of My AirPods

Yes, you can see the last location of your AirPods. With the Find My app on your iPhone or iPad, you can view the last known location of your AirPods Pro and charging case on a map. Select either one of your AirPods Pro or the charging case, then tap Play Sound to pinpoint their exact location.

Finding AirPods Pro When Offline

Finding your AirPods Pro if they are offline can be done by using the Find My app on your device. First, open the Find My app and select “Find My Phone”. Then, click on the Airpods Pro icon and the system will scan to locate its location. Once it has been located, you can trace its location and pick up your earbuds. It’s important to note that the Find My feature is only available on devices with iOS 13 or laer installed.


In conclusion, when AirPods Pro are offline, it can be difficult to locate them. Although Apple Warranty and AppleCare+ do not cover lost or stolen AirPods, the Find My app can help you track your AirPods’ last recorded location. Once you find the AirPods, you can re-establish connection by closing the lid, waiting 15 seconds, opening the lid and pressing and holding the setup button on the back of the charging case for up to 10 seconds. With this information in hand, hopefully your AirPods Pro will always stay connected with you!

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