How to Protect Your Web Applications with HP WebInspect

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Are you looking for a comprehensive security solution to protect your web applications? HP WebInspect is an automated dynamic application security testing (DAST) solution that provides comprehensive vulnerability detection and helps security professionals and QA testers identify security vulnerabilities and configuration issues. WebInspect is a product of Fortify Software, a division of Micro Focus, which specializes in security and verification systems.

With WebInspect, users can detect and analyze web application vulnerabilities quickly and effectively. It delivers dynamic analysis capabilities from the inside out to detect hidden security flaws that are often missed by static code analysis. This makes it an ideal solution for organizations that require thorough testing of their web applications for potential vulnerabilities.

WebInspect offers several features designed to help organizations protect their web applications from malicious attacks. It can be used to scan and detect common web application flaws such as SQL injection, cross-site scripting, buffer overflow, path traversal, insecure input validation errors, authentication problems, session handling issues, authorization flaws, and more. The application also provides detailed reporting on the results of its scans so that developers can assess their risk levels and take appropriate action to mitigate any discovered vulnerabilities.

WebInspect also offers integration with other solutions such as HP Security Center and HP Application Defender to provide customers with a complete end-to-end view of their application’s security posture. Additionally, WebInsect includes a powerful scripting language that allows users to customize tests according to their specific needs. This makes it easy for organizations to tailor the tests they run based on the type of data they are scanning or the specific threats they are trying to mitigate.

Overall, HP WebInspect provides an effective solution for organizations looking for comprehensive vulnerability detection across their entire web application environment. With its robust features and capabilities, customers can ensure that their applications are secure from malicious attacks while continuing to ensure compliance with industry regulations such as GDPR or HIPAA.

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Uses of WebInspect

WebInspect is used to detect security vulnerabilities and configuration issues in web applications. It provides a comprehensive vulnerability assessment that can help security professionals and QA testers identify security flaws in the code, configuration, content, and infrastructure of web applications. WebInspect helps organizations assess current security posture, identify potential risks and prioritize remediation activities to reduce the attack surface of their applications. Additionally, WebInspect provides detailed information about each identified vulnerability, including recommendations for resolving them.

The Uses of HP WebInspect

HP WebInspect is used to detect, identify and prioritize security risks in web applications and web services. It uses dynamic application security testing (DAST) to proactively detect potential vulnerabilities. HP WebInspect performs a comprehensive analysis of an application’s source code, architecture, configuration, user input validation, and other areas that could be potentially vulnerable to malicious attacks. It can also detect SQL injection, cross-site scripting (XSS), buffer overflow exploits, and other types of attacks that are commonly used to exploit web applications. HP WebInspect provides detailed reports on the security risks discovered as well as recommendations for resolving them. The solution also supports manual testing which allows a user to manually inspect the application’s source code or architecture for security issues. HP WebInspect is a useful tool for organizations looking to ensure their web applications are secure from external threats.

What is the Cost of WebInspect?

HP WebInspect is an advanced security and virus protection software offered by HP, Inc. The cost of the software is $29,494.00 for a 1 named user license. The license is electronic and compatible with Windows operating systems. WebInspect provides an extensive range of security tools to keep systems and data safe from malicious attacks, safeguarding businesses from potential cyber threats. It also offers advanced analytics capabilities to detect and report on system vulnerabilities in real time. With WebInspect you can identify weaknesses in applications before they are exploited, ensuring your organization’s networks remain safe and secure.

Using WebInspect in Different Phases

WebInspect is a web application security testing tool that is used to scan web applications and detect any potential security vulnerabilities. It can be used at different phases of the software development lifecycle (SDLC), such as during development, testing, QA, and production.

During the development phase, WebInspect can be used to scan the code for any known security flaws and vulnerabilities. This helps developers identify any potential issues before they are released into production. Additionally, WebInspect can be used to test APIs and web services for potential flaws or weaknesses.

WebInspect can also be used during the testing phase to ensure that all components of a web application function as expected and that there are no security risks associated with them. This includes making sure that authentication mechanisms are secure, authorization rules are enforced properly, and data is protected from unauthorized access.

During QA, WebInspect can be used to scan the entire application for any issues related to functionality or security. This helps QA teams identify any problems before they reach production.

Finally, it can be used in production environments to periodically scan the application for any new vulnerabilities or threats that may have arisen since the last scan was conducted. This helps ensure that applications remain secure even after they have been deployed in production environments.

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The Benefits of Using WebInspect Agent

WebInspect Agent is a software component that sits on the target application and gives full insights about the application to the WebInspect Scanner. The agent helps in performing a validated scan, which allows for more accurate results and better performance. It uses advanced scanning algorithms to detect security vulnerabilities in web applications, providing detailed information on potential threats and their remediation. This helps organizations ensure that their applications are secure against malicious attacks.

The Benefits of Using WebInspect Enterprise

WebInspect Enterprise is an advanced web application management platform designed to help organizations monitor and secure their websites and web applications. It provides comprehensive security scanning capabilities that can be used to identify, assess, and remediate potential vulnerabilities in web applications. The platform offers an array of features such as vulnerability detection, compliance analysis, threat intelligence, malware protection, network and system monitoring, application control, and more. With WebInspect Enterprise, organizations can have peace of mind knowing their web applications are secure from malicious actors.

Is WebInspect Free?

No, WebInspect is not free. WebInspect is a powerful and comprehensive application security testing tool designed to help organizations identify and address existing vulnerabilities in their applications. It can mimic the approach of an attacker to uncover weaknesses and determine the amount of damage that can be inflicted if successfully exploited. This kind of sophisticated security testing comes at a price – the cost of a WebInspect license may be prohibitive for some organizations. However, its ability to detect potential issues before they become problems makes it well worth considering for those who need to ensure their applications are as secure as possible.

The Benefits of Using WebInspect for Application Security

WebInspect helps improve application security by providing a comprehensive view of your application’s security posture. It helps to identify potential vulnerabilities and assess the risk level associated with each one. Through its dynamic testing and runtime analysis capabilities, WebInspect can detect more threats than a traditional dynamic testing approach alone. By crawling more of the app, WebInspect can expand attack surface coverage, helping to expose exploits that would otherwise go undetected. In addition, WebInspect provides actionable remediation recommendations that help organizations address vulnerabilities quickly and efficiently.


In conclusion, HP WebInspect is a dynamic application security testing software designed to help security professionals and QA testers identify potential security vulnerabilities and issues. It offers comprehensive vulnerability detection, helping organizations stay secure by uncovering real and relevant security threats. The product specializes in DAST, SAST, and IAST services, making it an ideal choice for those looking to protect their web applications and services. With its license costing $29,494.00, HP WebInspect is an affordable solution for organizations looking to increase their security.

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