How To Turn Off Dark Mode Safari On Your iPhone?

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The iPhone and its Dark Mode feature have become a popular choice for many users. Dark Mode is a feature that changes the overall appearance of your iPhone’s user interface from light to dark, allowing you to save energy and reduce eye strain when using your device at night. It also makes certain apps look even better. While Dark Mode is an excellent addition to the iPhone, some users may want to turn it off for various reasons.

If you’re one of them and want to learn how to turn off dark mode on Safari on your iPhone, then this blog post is here to help! We’ll walk you through the steps so that you can easily switch back and forth between Light and Dark Mode whenever you like.

To begin, open up the Settings app on your iPhone and tap on “Display & Brightness.” Here is where you can make changes to the way your phone looks, including changing between Light and Dark Mode. Simply select Light under Appearance and your device will switch back to its original state with a bright white background.

You can also customize when Dark Mode turns on automatically by tapping “Options” in the same menu. From here, you can set a schedule for when Dark Mode turns on or choose “Custom” if you’d like it to remain disabled at all times. You can also choose whether or not it should be enabled during sunrise or sunset or set specific times during the day for it to change modes automatically.

Once you’re finished setting up your preferences, simply close out of Settings and enjoy using Safari in its original light mode! Now that wasn’t so hard now was it? With just a few taps, you were able to quickly switch between Light and Dark Modes whenever you’d like.

We hope this blog post has been helpful in teaching you how to turn off dark mode on Safari on your iPhone! If there are any other tips or tricks that we haven’t covered here, feel free to reach out via our contact form or leave us a comment below!

How To Turn Off Dark Mode Safari On Your iPhone? 1

Turning Off Dark Mode on Safari

To turn off Dark Mode on Safari, open System Preferences and select General. In the Appearance section, choose Light instead of Dark. This will immediately change your macOS system windows, menus, and other elements to their original colors. For Safari specifically, open the app and go to Safari in the menu bar at the top of your screen. Select Preferences from the drop-down menu, then select Appearance. Uncheck “Enable Dark Mode” and click “Done”. Your Safari window will now be in light mode.

The Effects of Dark Mode on Safari on iPhone

Dark Mode turns on automatically on Safari for your iPhone when you have set it to do so in Settings. To turn on Dark Mode automatically at sunset or at a specific time, go to Settings > Display & Brightness and select Automatic. Then tap Options to set a schedule for Dark Mode. This allows you to easily switch between light and dark modes based on the time of day, providing you with a more comfortable viewing experience in low-light environments.

Changing Safari to Light Mode

To change the appearance of Safari to light mode, open System Preferences on your Mac. In the sidebar, click Appearance. On the right side of the window, select Light from the options. This will give you a light appearance that will stay consistent as you browse.

Turning Off Dark Mode Permanently

To permanently turn off Dark Mode, navigate to the Settings screen in the Google Search app. In the Settings screen, tap Themes and then select Light. This will turn off Dark Mode permanently and it will remain off until you manually change it back to Dark Mode.


In conclusion, the iPhone is a powerful and convenient device that offers a great range of features such as Dark Mode. Dark Mode is a useful feature that helps reduce eye strain by making the display easier to view in low-light conditions. It can be enabled automatically at sunset or at a specific time, making it easy to use and adjust as needed. With its wide range of features, the iPhone provides users with an intuitive and enjoyable experience.

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