How to Secure Your Sensitive Data with Spirion

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Spirion is a data security software that helps protect users from identity theft and data leakage. It is used by organizations worldwide to scan for and locate sensitive information, such as Social Security numbers, credit card numbers, driver’s license numbers, and more. With Spirion’s powerful scanning capabilities, organizations can ensure their sensitive data is secure and safeguarded against malicious actors.

Developed by CEO Kevin Coppins and his team of experienced professionals in the security industry, Spirion’s technology provides organizations with an automated solution that can find and classify PII (personally identifiable information) and DCL3 (Class A Protected) data stored on computers or networks. This ensures that all sensitive data is identified, categorized, secured, and monitored at all times.

Spirion also offers a range of features for user convenience. For example, users can set custom rules to automatically encrypt high-risk files containing sensitive information or even delete them completely if necessary. The software also includes a powerful search function that allows users to quickly locate files containing PII or DCL3 data. Plus, Spirion’s intuitive dashboard makes it easy for users to monitor their systems for any potential threats or risks.

Spirion is an essential tool for any organization looking to protect its sensitive information from malicious actors. With its powerful scanning capabilities and comprehensive features, it can help organizations ensure their data remains secure at all times.

How to Secure Your Sensitive Data with Spirion 1

The Uses of Spirion

Spirion is an advanced data protection and privacy management tool used to help organizations protect their customers’ sensitive information. It helps prevent identity theft by locating and protecting files that contain PII (personally identifiable information) or DCL3 (Class A Protected) data, such as Social Security numbers, bank or credit card numbers, driver’s license numbers, etc. The software scans for three kinds of files on computers, servers, mobile devices, and cloud storage systems. It can also detect unauthorized access attempts and alert administrators so they can take action to protect sensitive data. With Spirion, organizations can be sure that their customer’s private information is secure and protected from potential identity theft.

The Meaning of Spirion

Spirion is an application used to protect sensitive data on computers. It helps USU employees detect and secure any potentially sensitive information stored on their workstations. Spirion scans for any personal or confidential data that may be vulnerable to external threats and then takes action to prevent its unauthorized access. With a comprehensive detection and protection platform, Spirion ensures that USU systems are kept safe from any malicious intent or data leakage.

The Benefits of Using Spirion Endpoint Watcher

Spirion Endpoint Watcher is a monitoring and alerting solution designed to help organizations detect, monitor, and respond to unauthorized or abnormal activity surrounding sensitive data stored on endpoints. Endpoint Watcher monitors file and folder activity in real time, helping organizations identify suspicious behavior related to accessing, modifying, deleting, or copying sensitive data. It also provides detailed audit trails of all data access activities as well as full visibility into who is accessing the data, when it is being accessed, and from where it is being accessed. With Endpoint Watcher, organizations can quickly detect and respond to any potential data breaches that may have occurred.



Spirion is a leading security software provider that specializes in data protection and identity theft prevention. With its proprietary technology, Spirion provides users with reliable solutions for safeguarding sensitive information and preventing data leakage. With a team of 115 experienced professionals and a dedication to providing the best services possible, Spirion has established itself as one of the top security software providers in the industry. This comprehensive approach to data protection ensures users are protected from malicious actors and their confidential information remains safe.

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