How to Set Screen Time Limits on Safari

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Screen Time is a feature built into iOS 12 and macOS Mojave that allows users to limit how much time they spend on their devices. Screen Time can be used to set time limits for specific apps, or to restrict access to certain websites. It can also be used to track the amount of time spent on each app or website.

To set up Screen Time on your device, go to Settings > Screen Time. On Mac computers, go to System Preferences > Screen Time. Once Screen Time is set up, you can use it to limit the amount of time you spend on your device. To do this, go to Settings > Screen Time and tap App Limits. Here, you can set a daily limit for specific apps or categories of apps. Once the limit is reached, the app will be blocked for the rest of the day.

You can also use Screen Time to restrict access to certain websites. To do this, go to Settings > Screen Time and tap Website Limits. Here, you can add websites to an approved or blocked list.

Can You Limit Safari With Screen Time?

Yes, you can limit Safari with Screen Time. Screen Time is a feature of iOS 12 that allows you to limit how much time your child spends on their iPhone or iPad. You can use Screen Time to limit Safari to a certain number of hours per day, or even to disable Safari altogether.


Does Apple Screen Time Block Safari?

Apple Screen Time does not block Safari. However, if you have a limit set for the “All apps” category or if you have a downtime period activated, Safari will be blocked when you try to load a web page.

How Do I Set A Time Limit On Safari?

To set a time limit on Safari, you’ll need to visit the Screen Time panel in the Settings app and then click App Limits. Follow by clicking the ‘+’-shaped icon, scroll down to the bottom of the screen, and then expand the Websites option. Finally, click the green-colored ‘+’ icon to add the website that you want to impose time limits on.

How Do I Turn Off Safari Time Limit?

To disable Safari time limit on your iPhone or iPad, follow these steps:

1. Go to Settings > Screen Time.

2. Tap App Limit > Edit List.

3. Deselect the current selection and instead, pick the app that you want to be limited individually (in our example, Safari).

4. Tap Done.

How to Set Screen Time Limits on Safari 2

Does Downtime Block Safari?

Down Time is a feature that helps to manage device usage and keep your child safe online. Safari is set to ‘Always Allowed’ by default, however all websites are restricted during Down Time. As a workaround, you could manually add websites under ‘Prevent web content’, as shown here: Use parental controls on your child’s iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Can I Restrict Safari On IPhone?

Yes, you can restrict Safari on iPhone. Under the “Restrictions” option in Settings, you can choose to enable “Content Filtering.” This will limit access to adult content in Safari and other apps on your device. You can also add specific websites to an approved or blocked list, or you can limit access to only approved websites.

How Do I Set App Limits In Safari?

To set app limits in Safari, you first need to click on the graph that shows your usage today. This will then show you a list of your most used apps. Scroll down until you find Safari, and then click on it. From there, you will be able to set a time limit for how much time you want to spend on the app each day.

Can I Delete Safari?

Yes, you can delete Safari from your iPhone or iPad. However, deleting the icon doesn’t mean you delete the app or its data, like browsing data, logins, etc.

Why Can’t I Get Safari On My IPhone?

There could be a few reasons why Safari isn’t available on someone’s iPhone. One possibility is that the phone is not set up to allow Safari to be used. Another reason might be that Safari has been deleted from the phone. To determine whether or not Safari is available on an iPhone, users can check the Settings>General>Restrictions menu. If Safari is not allowed, then it will need to be turned on in order to be used. If Safari has been deleted, it can be restored by Resetting the Home Screen Layout in the Settings>General>Reset menu.

How Can I Limit Browsing Time?

There are a few ways to limit browsing time. One way is to use a software like “Freedom” or “Self Control” which block certain websites for a set period of time. Another way is to set a timer and only allow yourself to browse for a certain amount of time. Finally, you can also uninstall certain websites from your computer so that you’re not able to access them at all.

How Do I Set A Time Limit?

You can set a time limit for an app on your child’s device by opening the Family Link app and selecting your child. On the “App activity” card, tap Set limits. Next to the desired app, tap Set limit. You can then set a daily time limit for the app.

How Do I Restrict Website Time On IPhone?

There are a few ways to restrict website time on an iPhone. You can use the Screen Time feature in Settings, which will allow you to set time limits for specific websites. Alternatively, you can use a parental control app like Covenant Eyes, which will allow you to block specific websites or categories of websites.

How Do I Make My Screen Time Not Count?

You can exclude an app from Screen Time by following these steps:

1. Start by getting to the Screen Time panel in the Settings app.

2. Next, tap Always Allowed to get to the exclusions screen.

3. Then, it’s simply a matter of tapping the green-colored plus-shaped icon next to each app that you want to exclude.

How Do I Turn Off Time Limit On Mac?

If you want to turn off time limit on your Mac, you have to go to the Screen Time preferences and then click on the “Options” button. After that, you’ll have to select the “Turn Off” option in the upper-right corner.

How Do I Reset Safari?

In Safari, choose ‘Preferences…’ from the menu. Click the ‘Privacy’ button at the top of the new window that appears. Then click the ‘Remove All Website Data’ button. Safari will ask you if you are sure you want to remove all data stored by websites on your computer. Click ‘Remove All.’


Screen Time is a great way to limit your time on Safari, or any other app for that matter. It’s simple to set up and use, and it can really help you cut down on your screen time. If you’re looking for a way to limit your browsing time, Screen Time is a great option.

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