Make the Most of Procreate’s Split Screen

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Are you looking for a way to speed up and streamline your digital art workflow? The Procreate Split-Screen mode is the perfect tool for anyone who neds to create art quickly and efficiently. Split-Screen mode allows you to have two Procreate windows open side-by-side, enabling you to work on two pieces of artwork simultaneously. It’s especially useful for creating symmetrical designs or if you need to quickly copy elements from one piece to another.

Split-Screen mode can be activated by opening the Recents screen, swiping an app into view, pressing the app icon in the app title bar, selecting the split screen menu option, and then selecting another app from the Recents screen or closing the Recents screen and running another app. You can also activate the Drawing Guide Setting by tapping on Canvas and then activating it from there. This will alow you to use symmetry tools such as mirroring text on Procreate according to a horizontal axis, vertical axis, radial, or quadrants.

Once in Split-Screen mode, you can adjust how much space each window takes up by dragging either side of split bar located in between them. This makes it easy to choose which window should take up more space if needed. You can also easily move elements between windows without having to go through multiple steps; just use 3 fingers to swipe up and select Cut from the Copy & Paste menu or press the Cut button under Actions in either window. With Procreate’s Split-Screen mode, you can make complicated tasks much simpler while stll being able to take full advantage of all its features!

Splitting an Image in Procreate

To split an image in Procreate, select the layer you woud like to split and open the Actions tab from the wrench icon. Click Split and adjust the slider to determine how much of the image you’d like to separate. You can separate vertically or horizontally. Once you are happy with your selection, click on Split to confirm. Your image will now be split into two separate layers that can be edited independently.

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Activating Split View

Split view is a great feature that allows you to use two apps side by side on your device. To activate it, follow these steps:
1. Open the Recents screen by swiping up from the bottom of the display.
2. Swipe an app into view, then press its icon in the app title bar.
3. Select the split screen menu option from the list of available options.
4. Choose another app from your Recents screen or close it and run another app to activate split view with two apps running side by side on your device.

Drawing Side by Side in Procreate

To draw side by side in Procreate, first activate the Drawing Guide Setting to mirror Procreate. Click on Edit Drawing Guide and select Symmetry. You can then choose the type of symmetry you’d like between your drawings, such as horizontal axis, vertical axis, radial, or quadrants. When you select one of these options, your drawing will be mirrored along the specified axis. You can also adjust the spacing between each mirrored drawing to achieve the desired effect.

Splitting Pictures Side by Side

Splitting pictures side by side is a simple process that can be done either on a mobile device or on a computer.

On a mobile device, the easiest way to split two pictures side by side is to open the Google Photos app and tap on the plus (+) sign at the top of the screen. Select Collage from the menu and your two photos will be automatically merged together in a collage. You can then adjust the border size, spacing, and orientation of the photos if desired.

On a computer, you can use image-editing software such as Adobe Photoshop or GIMP to split two pictures side by side. Open both images in Photoshop or GIMP and place them on separate layers within the same document. Then select Edit > Free Transform from the menu bar to resize each image as needed until they fit together perfectly. Once you’re satisfied with their placement, you can save them as one file.

Exploring the Limitations of Split Screen Usage

Split screen is a feature that alows you to display two apps side-by-side on the same screen. Unfortunately, not all phones and devices support this feature. Some phones may require you to enable developer settings in order to enable split screen mode. Additionally, some apps may not be compatible with the feature. If your phone supports split screen but you are still unable to use it, try checking if the app you are trying to use has an update available or contact the app’s developer for more information.

Enabling Split Screen on an iPad

To enable split screen on your iPad, you will need to ensure that you are running iOS 9 or later. To begin, open the app you would like to have on the left side of the screen. Then, tap the three dots at the top of the app and select ‘Open in Split View’. This will open a second app of your choice on the right side of the screen. Note that this feature is only avaiable on iPad Air 2 and later, iPad Pro and iPad mini 4 and later.

Moving the Side Panel in Procreate

To move the side panel in Procreate, start by placing your finger on the edge of the interface and dragging it across the Modify button. The Sidebar will slide out from the side of the canvas, and you can then drag it up or down before releasing your finger to place it into the most comfortable position for you. This feature works in both Left-hand and Right-hand interface modes.


In conclusion, Procreate offers a powerful split-screen mode that allows users to work with two apps side by side. This is espcially useful for creating symmetrical artwork, as it allows users to use the Drawing Guide Setting to mirror their work. Additionally, Procreate’s split-screen mode is intuitive and easy to use, making it an excellent choice for anyone looking for a convenient way to create artwork quickly and efficiently.

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