The Crops Guide to Outlanders: Grow Your Way to Success

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In the town-building strategy game Outlanders, one of the key elements to ensuring the survival and prosperity of your villagers is the cultivation of food crops. Among the various options available, tomatoes and eggplants stand out as the best choices for early levels, as they offer high yields and relatively quick growth times. In this article, we will delve into the benefits of these crops and provide some tips on how to optimize your food production.

Tomatoes, with their vibrant red color and juicy texture, are not only a delicious addition to any meal but also a fantastic crop to grow in Outlanders. It takes approximately 7 “days” for tomatoes to fully grow, so keep this in mind when planning your farming schedule. With two workers assigned to the task, you can fully seed a field in just 4 “days,” making it an efficient option for maximizing your crop yield.

When planting tomatoes, opt for full fields with only one or two blocked out squares. This will help you make the most of the available space and ensure that every inch of your field is utilized for cultivation. Remember, the more tomatoes you grow, the more food you will have available to feed your villagers and sustain their needs.

Eggplants, on the other hand, are another excellent choice for early-level food production in Outlanders. Similar to tomatoes, eggplants also take around 7 “days” to reach maturity. By allocating two workers to tend to the eggplant fields, you can expedite the seeding process and optimize your crop production.

When planning your eggplant fields, consider using the same strategy as with tomatoes – aim for full fields with minimal blocked out squares. This method will allow you to grow a substantial amount of eggplants, ensuring a steady food supply for your villagers.

By focusing on tomatoes and eggplants as your primary food crops in Outlanders, you can establish a solid foundation for your village’s food production. Remember to assign enough workers to the fields, as this will significantly impact the speed at which your crops grow and the overall yield you can achieve.

As your village progresses and expands, you may want to experiment with other crops and diversify your food production. However, in the early stages of the game, tomatoes and eggplants offer a winning combination of high yields and relatively quick growth times.

Maximizing food production in Outlanders relies on making strategic choices when it comes to which crops to grow. Tomatoes and eggplants are excellent options for early levels due to their high yields and relatively quick growth times. By implementing the tips provided in this article, you can ensure a bountiful harvest and keep your villagers well-fed and happy.

What Crop is Best in Outlanders?

In Outlanders, the best crop to grow and maximize food production is the Tomato. Tomatoes provide a high yield and are relatively easy to cultivate. They grow quickly and can be harvested multiple times before needing to be replanted.

Another excellent food crop choice in Outlanders is the Eggplant. Like Tomatoes, Eggplants also offer a high yield and are relatively low maintenance. They grow well in various climates and can provide a steady supply of food for your villagers.

Here are some reasons why Tomatoes and Eggplants are considered the best food crops in Outlanders:

1. High yield: Both Tomatoes and Eggplants produce a significant amount of food per planted square. This means that you can feed more villagers with a smaller area of land.

2. Fast growth: Tomatoes and Eggplants have relatively short growth cycles. They can be harvested within a few days to a couple of weeks, allowing for a quick turnaround and a continuous food supply.

3. Multiple harvests: These crops can be harvested multiple times before needing to be replanted. This feature ensures a steady and consistent food production, which is crucial for sustaining your village population.

4. Versatility: Tomatoes and Eggplants can be used in a variety of dishes and recipes, making them versatile food options. This flexibility ensures that your villagers have a diverse and nutritious diet.

5. Low maintenance: Both crops require minimal attention and care, making them ideal for beginners or players who may not have much time to invest in farming activities. This low-maintenance aspect allows you to focus on other aspects of your village’s development.

In summary, Tomatoes and Eggplants are the best crops to grow in Outlanders due to their high yield, fast growth, multiple harvests, versatility, and low maintenance requirements. By starting your villagers off with these crops, you can ensure a bountiful and sustainable food supply for your growing village population.

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How Long Do Tomatoes Take to Grow in Outlanders?

Tomatoes generally take approximately 7 days to grow in the Outlanders game. However, it’s important to note that this growth time can vary depending on various factors such as the presence of workers and any potential obstructions in the field.

In the case of Outlanders, if you have two workers assigned to the tomato field, it will take around 4 days to fully seed the field. This means that all the tomato squares will be planted and ready to grow.

It’s worth mentioning that this estimate assumes that the field is not blocked or obstructed in any way. If there are any blocked squares in the field, it may take longer for the tomatoes to grow as the workers will need to navigate around those obstacles.

What Type Of Game is Outlanders?

Outlanders is a captivating town-building strategy game that offers players a unique and immersive experience. In this game, players are in charge of managing and developing a town, populated by hard-working and charming individuals who are seeking a simpler life. The game provides a wide range of tools and buildings for players to utilize in order to guide their townspeople towards their respective goals.

The primary objective of Outlanders is to create a successful and thriving community. Players have the freedom to choose the direction in which they want to take their town, whether it be focused on self-sufficiency and survival or on the creation of extraordinary and magnificent structures. The game provides an extensive catalog of tools and buildings, allowing players to unleash their creativity and design a town that fits their vision.

To ensure the survival and growth of their town, players must carefully manage resources, assign tasks to their townspeople, and make strategic decisions. The charming and hard-working townspeople have their own unique skills and abilities, which players can utilize to optimize productivity and efficiency.

Outlanders offers a visually appealing and engaging gameplay experience. The graphics and animations are well-crafted, creating a vibrant and lively world for players to explore. The game also features a dynamic day-night cycle, adding a touch of realism and immersion.

Outlanders is a town-building strategy game that combines creativity, resource management, and strategic decision-making. Players have the opportunity to shape their town according to their own vision, guiding their townspeople towards their goals. With its extensive catalog of tools and buildings, charming characters, and captivating gameplay, Outlanders provides an enjoyable and rewarding gaming experience for strategy enthusiasts.


The crop guide for the Outlanders game emphasizes the importance of starting off with tomatoes and eggplants as the primary food crops at the early levels. These crops have been proven to yield the most food and are essential for the survival and growth of your village.

It is recommended to allocate your initial workers to cultivate these crops efficiently. With two workers, it takes approximately 4 “days” to fully seed the field, considering the use of full fields with only a few blocked out squares.

Keep in mind that tomatoes take around 7 “days” to grow, so proper planning and timing are crucial. By prioritizing the cultivation of these crops, you can ensure a steady food supply for your villagers and prevent any shortages or hunger.

As you progress in the game, you may explore other crop options and strategies, but starting with tomatoes and eggplants is a reliable and effective approach. Remember to manage your resources wisely and consider factors like crop growth time, worker allocation, and field optimization to maximize your food production and ensure the well-being of your village.

The crop guide for Outlanders game provides valuable insights and recommendations for players looking to establish a thriving and self-sufficient community. By following these guidelines, you can lay a solid foundation for your village’s success and embark on a rewarding town-building journey.

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