What Does Maru Love in Stardew Valley?

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Maru is one of the most beloved characters in Stardew Valley. She is a quiet girl who lives with her parents in the mountains. She is known for her intelligence and her kind heart. Players who choose to pursue a relationship with Maru will find themselves on a heartwarming journey that is sure to bring joy to their time in the Valley.

One of the things that players should know about Maru is what she loves. Like all characters in Stardew Valley, Maru has specific gifts that she enjoys receiving. Some of her favorite gifts include Battery Packs, Cauliflower, Cheese, Diamonds, Gold Bars, Iridium Bars, Miner’s Treats, and Pepper Poppers. However, there are a few universally-loved gifts that players can give to almost any character, and Maru is no exception. These gifts include Magic Rock Candy, Pearls, Prismatic Shards, the Golden Pumpkin, and Rabbit’s Feet.

Players who want to build a relationship with Maru should also know a bit about her background. Maru is the daughter of Robin and Demetrius, who both work in the Valley. Robin is a carpenter who can help players upgrade their homes and build new structures, while Demetrius is a scientist who studies the local flora and fauna. Maru inherited her mother’s love of building and tinkering, and she spends much of her time working on gadgets and other inventions.

One of the interesting things about Maru is that she works at the local clinic alongside Harvey, another eligible bachelor in the game. Players who choose to pursue a relationship with Maru will find themselves in competition with Harvey, who has a crush on Maru. This dynamic adds an interesting layer to the relationship, as players must work to win Maru’s heart while fending off Harvey’s advances.

Maru is a wonderful character to get to know in Stardew Valley. Her intelligence, creativity, and kind heart make her a joy to be around, and her love of gadgets and inventions adds a unique element to the game. Whether players are looking for a romantic partner or simply a good friend, Maru is sure to be a valuable addition to their life in the Valley.

Maru’s Love in Stardew Valley

Maru in Stardew Valley loves a variety of items that can be given as gifts to increase her affection towards the player character. Some of the most universally-loved gifts in the game that Maru also enjoys include Magic Rock Candy, pearls, Prismatic Shards, the Golden Pumpkin, and rabbit’s feet. Additionally, Maru has some specific preferences for gifts that reflect her interests and hobbies. As a scientist and inventor, Maru appreciates receiving items such as battery packs, copper bars, and iridium sprinklers. She also enjoys receiving items related to technology and gadgets, such as drones, battery packs, and circuit boards. In addition, Maru has a particular affinity for gems and minerals, making items like diamonds, emeralds, and rubies good choices for gifts. players can increase their relationship with Maru by giving her thoughtful gifts that reflect her personality and interests.

what does maru love in stardew valley

Maru’s Favorite Gifts in Stardew Valley

Maru’s favorite gifts in Stardew Valley are Battery Pack, Cauliflower, Cheese, Diamond, Gold Bar, Iridium Bar, Miner’s Treat, and Pepper Poppers. It is important to note that these are her favorite gifts, which means that giving her any of these items will increase her affection toward the player. However, it is also important to keep in mind that she dislikes certain items such as Hops, Joja Cola, and Salmonberry. Therefore, it is advisable to avoid giving her these items as it will decrease her affection towards the player.

Is Marrying Maru in Stardew Valley the Right Choice?

Maru is considered one of the most intelligent marriage candidates in Stardew Valley. She is a quiet girl who lives with her parents in the mountains. Choosing her as your spouse can provide you with several benefits in the game.

Here are some reasons why you might want to consider marrying Maru:

1. She is intelligent – Maru is a skilled mechanic and scientist, which can be helpful in progressing through the game. She can also help you upgrade your tools and create useful items.

2. She has a heartwarming route – Maru’s romantic journey is heartwarming and can provide an enjoyable experience for players looking for a more emotional storyline.

3. She is a good choice for players interested in a family – Maru comes from a family-oriented background and can provide a supportive and loving environment for raising a family in-game.

4. She is a hard worker – Maru is a dedicated individual who is willing to put in the effort to achieve her goals. This can be beneficial in the game when it comes to farming and other tasks.

Ultimately, the decision to marry Maru in Stardew Valley is up to personal preference. However, considering her intelligence, heartwarming route, family-oriented background, and hardworking nature, she can be a great choice for players looking for a supportive and loving spouse in-game.

Does Harvey Have Feelings for Maru?

Based on the information provided in the game Stardew Valley, it can be inferred that Harvey has a fondness for Maru. Harvey and Maru work together at the clinic and can often be seen interacting with each other. Additionally, during the Luau event in the game, Harvey stands next to Maru and expresses his admiration for her. Therefore, it can be concluded that Harvey likes Maru.


Maru is a beloved character in Stardew Valley with a kind and intelligent personality. As a marriage candidate, she offers a heartwarming journey for players to experience. Her favorite gifts include Battery Packs, Cauliflower, Cheese, Diamonds, Gold Bars, Iridium Bars, Miner’s Treats, and Pepper Poppers. Additionally, she shares a working relationship with Harvey at the clinic and may have a crush on him. Maru is a wonderful addition to the diverse cast of characters in Stardew Valley.

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