OLPC XO-3 Tablet to Debut in CES 2012

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OLPC XO-3 Tablet to Debut in CES 2012 1
XO-3 tablet

One Laptop Per Child program is an ambitious program that was founded by Nicholas Negroponte some years ago. And the program’s XO-3 tablet will be shown during the CES 2012, which will be staged in Las Vegas.

The images given out by the committee are of the old versions and those might not be the one shown in CES. The above said tablet will feature an 8- inch screen with a traditional LCD display.

The display can be upgraded to Pixel Qi display to get power saving options. There are speculations that they will show up a different device than a previously displayed model.

The OLPC XO-3 will offer qualities like waterproofing, durability, and thickness of about quarter of an inch. The tablet is designed to work on Android Platform.

OLPC XO-3 Tablet to Debut in CES 2012 3

There is still unresolved speculation about the availability of the device. Recently, India had released a cheap tablet named Aakash, as a part of implementing the use of technology among students in high school and universities.

Aakash has grabbed huge success short after its inception. The OLPC devices will be a little expensive in comparison with India’s Aakash, due to quality difference.

But both will not come anywhere near the contemporary tabs like Apple iPad. Negroponte said that he will collect feedbacks from users in India and other countries.

If it comes to be a success, it would be the most significant thing he has ever done to the world, according to him. We are keeping all the news about Negroponte and his project in the hot box.

And we are expecting to see him in the middle of CES 2012. So Guys, keep in touch with us!

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