Move Aside Google Glass, MetaPro with Real Augmented Reality Glass is Here for $3000

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Move Aside Google Glass, MetaPro with Real Augmented Reality Glass is Here for $3000 1

If Google Glass disappointed you  after you spent $1500 on it, here is something that you would definitely find more appealing at, well, double the prize!

And this time, it is not just a glass with a small smartphone screen at one end of it, but an augmented reality glass! The 3D glass start up company, Meta, has unveiled its first product, metaPro which costs $3000 .

These glasses  are designed in aviator model, and is mostly expected to be picked up by “rich” techies (come on, who else can afford it!), from The CEO of Meta Meron Gribertz says that as time passes by the price is set to fall.

Move Aside Google Glass, MetaPro with Real Augmented Reality Glass is Here for $3000 3

Gribertz says that at present it is as expensive as the first Mac-book Air was, but the price will come down as soon as the volume increases. Gribertz’s company has doubled its employees to 40, while reducing its product weight to about half of what it was when compared to its prototype Meta 1.

The new one also comes with features about four times the screen of the bulky Meta 1. Gribertz assertively says that his company is not shy about its product being a high end device.

You may be curious as to what all the new gadget would do for you. As of now, it can create a virtual image of your smartphone or tablet in a 720p translucent screen, and this is just about the same as the hind end display that is provided to military fighter pilots.

This is possible only after you connect your physical device to a computer after installing a metaPort app. Through this app, a wireless hologram of your gadget reaches metaPro. This also requires some level of psychological adjustments according to Gribertz.

Move Aside Google Glass, MetaPro with Real Augmented Reality Glass is Here for $3000 5

Once the metaPro conjures up the image of your smartphone, you are free to do whatever you would do with your real smartphone! The only difference is that it’s not a burden anymore and is just floating in the air.

Gribertz is of the opinion that this is not about any kind of new geek fashion, it is about shifting a paradigm in which all the devices we carry around are still with us without bearing the weight of it.

Though the concept of Augmented Reality has been on for some time now, the recent advancement in technology and the size reductions of components have made it possible to become a reality.

Despite the models sounding similar, all Google Glass can actually do is to allow its users to access web, email and phone through its light frame, but metaPro, according to Gribertz allows users to rise up to another level interactivity, with all kinds of gadgets, be it smartphone or laptops together.

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