Best Texting Apps: Pinger vs. TextNow vs. TextFree

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Texting is popular because it is fast, convenient, and discreet. Texting is faster than calling because you don’t have to wait for someoe to answer the phone. It’s also more convenient than calling because you can send a text message any time, day or night. And finally, texting is more discreet than calling because people are less likely to hear you talking on the phone in a public place.

Pinger is a telecommunications provider that offers free texting, calling, and voicemail services. Pinger is available on Android and provides users with a free, local phone number they can use to text or place calls to any phone number. Pinger also offers a premium service that allows users to make international calls.

What Is Pinger Text?

Pinger text is a mobile application that allows you to send and receive free messages as well as make and receive phone calls.

How Do I Get A Pinger Number?

A Pinger number is a local phone number that you can use to receive calls and texts from other Pinger users. To get a Pinger number, you’ll need to allow the app access to your location. When you enter the app after you update location permissions, a list of local phone numbers will appear. Pick a number from the list, and tap ‘Choose this Number’.


How Do You Use A Pinger?

A Pinger is a small, handheld device that emits an ultrasonic sound. It is used to find and measure the distance to objects. The Pinger sends out a sound signal and then measures the time it takes for the sound to return. This information is used to calculate the distance between the Pinger and the object.

Who Owns Pinger App?

Pinger, Inc. is a telecommunications provider that offers free texting, calling, and voicemail services. The company was founded in 2006 by Greg Woock and Joe Sipher and is headquartered in San Jose, California.

Are TextFree And Pinger The Same?

TextFree and Pinger are not the same app. They are two separate apps that have the same function, which is to allow users to send and receive text messages for free.

Does Textfree Show Your Real Number?

Textfree does not show your real number. Instead, it provides you with a real US number which you can use to communicate with anyone even if they do not have the application.

What Carrier Does TextFree Use?

TextFree is a mobile app that allows users to send and receive text messages without using their cell phone minutes. It is available for both the Android and iOS operating systems. TextFree is not a carrier, but instead uses the cellular networks of major carriers such as AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile.


Can Police Track Textfree?

The answer to this question depends on the messaging app in question. TextNow and similar apps that require a phone number for registration can be easily tracked by police, as they have access to phone records. However, apps like Kik, Blendr and Whisper that do not require a phone number can be more difficult for police to track, as there is no associated phone number to track.

How Can I Find Someone’s TextFree Number?

There is no one definitive way to find someone’s TextFree number. However, you may be able to obtain it by contacting their customer service team. Alternatively, if the user has included their number in their public profile or provided it to someone else, it might be possible to find it that way.

Is TextNow And TextFree The Same Thing?

TextNow and TextFree are not the same thing. TextNow is a phone app that allows you to text, call, and video call. TextFree is a phone app that only allows you to text.

Does TextNow Work In Canada?

Yes, TextNow does work in Canada. Our free app with a local phone number and unlimited calling and texting is available in Canada (and a lot of other countries!) when connected to WiFi. But to deliver wireless service, we need to work with with a company who owns and operates a wireless network.

Is Pinger Available On Android?

Yes, Pinger is available on Android. It is a free app that provides users with a free, local phone number they can use to text or place calls to any phone number.

How Can You Tell If Someone Is On TextNow?

TextNow is a communication platform that allows users to send and receive text messages, make voice calls, and share photos and videos. It also provides a way for users to hide their phone number when making calls or sending messages. When you are using TextNow, your phone number will not be displayed to the person you are communicating with. Instead, they will see a TextNow number. If you want to know who owns a TextNow number, you can use the Anonymous TextNow Number Lookup tool on the TextNow website.

Does TextNow Show Your Name?

TextNow does not show your name. You can set a phone number to show up on caller ID, but you cannot set the name of the person calling.

Does Textme Show Up On Phone Bill?

The Text Me app does not show up on your phone bill. This is because the app uses Wi-Fi or cellular data to send and receive messages, calls, and phone numbers.


The Pinger Text app is a free texting and calling app that is available on the Android operating system. It provides users with a local phone number that they can use to text or place calls to any phone number in the United States.

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