The Monkey Video App: What You Need to Know

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In the world of online dating, apps have become a popular way to consult one’s fortune. One such app is “Monkey,” which connects people on opposite sides of an electronic screen for 15 seconds and then moves onto another match–all without any warning or room for customization in terms if who you’re looking forward too meeting!

The app has been popular in Asia for years and is now starting to gain popularity in North America. It’s easy to see why: the app is free, there’s no need to create a profile, and it only takes a few seconds to start using. However, some have criticized the app for being shallower than other dating apps, as well as for its questionable safety features.

Is The Monkey App Still Available?

Yes, the monkey app is still available on Google Play. However, it seems like the Apple store has taken it down (unless you downloaded it before — there’s a way you can still access it).


What Is Monkey App Now?

Monkey app is now a platform for connecting strangers for webcam-based conversations. Similar to Chatroulette, Monkey now includes a feature that allows users to be randomly matched with someone else in order to chat via webcam. This new feature has raised concerns among parents and educators, as it can potentially be used for inappropriate purposes.

Is Monkey App Free To Use?

Yes, the Monkey app is free to download and use. However, it does contain in-app purchases, which allow you to access additional features and content.

Is Monkey Available On IPhone?

Yes, Monkey is available on iPhone. It requires iOS 10.0 or higher to install.

What Is The Monkey App Called On IPhone?

The Monkey app is an app that allows users to chat with random people on Snapchat. It is very similar to the app Omegle, which connects users to random people also using the same website to chat, giving them only a shared topic to go off of.

What App Replaced The Monkey App?

Ablo is a social media platform that lets you connect with people worldwide and is the best alternative to the Monkey app. You can have fun chatting with people from all over the world without getting worried about the language barrier.


The Monkey app is a free video chat app that has been gaining in popularity, especially among young people. It is easy to use and allows for random matches with people from all over the world. However, some have raised concerns about its safety features. The new webcam-based feature has raised additional concerns among parents and educators.

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