Can You Track Your Stolen MacBook Using Its Serial Number?

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Tracking a stolen Macbook can be a daunting task, especially when you don’t have the serial number. A Macbook serial number is an important tool to use if you ever need to track down your device in case it gets lost or stolen.

Fortunately, there are several ways to check your Macbook’s serial number even if you can’t physically access it. First, you should try checking your Macbook settings. On most Macbooks, the serial number can be found by clicking “About This Mac” in the Apple menu. You will then see a window with basic information about your computer including the serial number.

If this does not work or if you are unable to access your settings, then there are other methods of finding the serial number that does not require direct access to the device. On some models of Macbooks, you can locate the serial number on the bottom of the laptop near where the battery is located (this may require removing some screws). Additionally, if you have purchased AppleCare+ for your device then there should be a sticker on either side of the laptop with the relevant information printed on it (including the product serial number).

Finally, if all else fails then it is possible to track your stolen Macbook using its serial number alone. This requires that “Find My Mac” is switched on and active in order for it to work properly. To use this feature go into iCloud and select “All Devices” from the menu bar and enter your device’s serial number. You should then see a map showing where your laptop is currently located or at least was last used.

Tracking down a stolen Macbook can be tricky but with these tips, you should be able to find it much more quickly than if you were searching blindly. Make sure to always keep track of your devices’ serial numbers so that you can easily locate them in case something like this ever happens again!

Identifying a Stolen MacBook by Serial Number

No, you cannot tell if a MacBook is stolen by its serial number alone. There are certain services that claim to be able to do this, but the only reliable way to tell if a MacBook is stolen is if it has been reported as stolen.

In order for you to be able to track a MacBook using its serial number, it must have ‘Find my Mac’ turned on, or another active tracking app installed and running. If the necessary software isn’t installed and running, then the serial number of the laptop will not be enough for you to determine whether or not it is stolen.

If you believe your MacBook may have been stolen, the best course of action would be to contact the police and report it as soon as possible.

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Checking if a MacBook is Stolen

To check if a MacBook is stolen, you can use the Find My app on another Apple device or On the Find My app, select the Devices tab and choose the MacBook you want to check. If it’s not yours, this means that it may have been stolen. You can then contact your local law enforcement for assistance. On, click All Devices and choose the MacBook you want to check. If it isn’t yours, then it may have been stolen and you should contact your local law enforcement for assistance.

macbook serial number check stolen

Tracking a MacBook

Yes, a MacBook can be tracked if you have set up the Find My feature on your Mac. When you use this feature, the location of your Mac will be displayed on a map so you can see where it is. You can also have your Mac play a sound so that you or someone nearby can locate it. Additionally, if the Mac is not listed, there are still ways to protect your account to help you find it.

Can a Macbook Be Tracked After a Factory Reset?

Yes, a Macbook can still be tracked after a factory reset. This is because the MAC address, which is hard coded on the original manufacturer, will remain the same even after a factory reset. The MAC address is a unique identifier that is associated with the device and can be used to identify and track it. Additionally, if the Macbook has been previously registered with an online service such as iCloud or Apple ID, then it may still be linked to that account even after the reset and could potentially be tracked.


In conclusion, it is not possible to track a Macbook using only the serial number. To locate a missing Macbook, it must be running ‘Find My Mac’ or an active tracking app. If Find My is enabled, then the Macbook can be found by logging into the Apple ID associated with it and using the Find My app to view its location on a map. Additionally, if the Macbook is nearby, one can make it play a sound to help them find it.

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