Fix Macbook Pro Not Turning Off When Lid Closed

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Are you haing trouble getting your MacBook Pro to turn off when you close the lid? You’re not alone. Many users have encountered this problem and it can be incredibly frustrating. Fortunately, there are some simple steps you can take to help get your Mac back on track.

First, check the System Preferences > Energy Saver and make sure “Put the computer to sleep when it is inactive for” is set correctly. This sould be set to a reasonable amount of time (usually no more than an hour) so that your MacBook Pro will go to sleep when it is left idle for too long.

If this setting seems correct, try restarting your Mac and then see if it goes to sleep as expected when the lid is closed. If not, try resetting the System Management Controller (SMC). This may require a trip to an Apple Store or authorized repair center if you’re not comfortable doing it yourself.

If none of these solutions work, there may be something wrong with the hardware itself or with one of the components inside your MacBook Pro. In this case, you should contact Apple support or take it in for service at an Apple Store or authorized repair center.

Hopefully one of thee solutions helps get your MacBook Pro back up and running as expected! If not, don’t hesitate to reach out for help from Apple support or from a certified repair center near you.

Making a Mac Sleep When the Lid Is Closed

To make your Mac sleep when the lid is closed, first open the Apple menu and select ‘System Preferences’. In the window that appears, click ‘Energy Saver’ located in the thrd row of icons. You’ll see two tabs at the top of this window: ‘Battery’ and ‘Power Adapter’. Make sure you’re on the ‘Power Adapter’ tab and check the box next to ‘Put hard disks to sleep when possible’. Then, check the box next to ‘Close lid puts display(s) and computer to sleep’. Click ‘OK’ to save your changes. From now on, whenever you close your Mac’s lid it will automatically go into sleep mode.

macbook pro not turning off when lid closed

Does Closing the Lid of a MacBook Pro Cause It to Shut Down?

No, a MacBook Pro does not shut down when you close the lid. Instead, it enters a low-power mode called sleep. This helps to conserve battery life whle preserving your work session and network connection when you are done with the laptop. When you open the lid again, your MacBook Pro will wake up and return to your last used state.

Troubleshooting Mac Sleep Mode Issues

There could be severl reasons why your Mac won’t go into sleep mode. First, you should check to see if your display sleep settings are set correctly in System Preferences. You should also make sure that no applications are keeping your Mac awake by checking Activity Monitor for any processes that may be preventing sleep. Additionally, Spotlight may be indexing your files and this can take several hours to complete. Finally, if you have connected any USB or Thunderbolt storage devices to your Mac, they could be malfunctioning and preventing it from sleeping; try disconnecting them and seeing if the issue is resolved.

Changing Close Lid Settings on a Mac

To change the close lid settings on a Mac, go to your System Preferences by clicking the Apple icon in the top-left corner of your screen. Then, click Battery and select the Power Adapter from the left sidebar. Lastly, move the slider under Turn display off ater to Never. This will ensure that your MacBook stays powered on when you close the lid.

Should I Shut Down My Mac or Close the Lid?

It is generally recommended to shut down your Mac if you won’t be using it for an extended period of time, such as overnight or longer. This helps to ensure that your device will remain secure, as there are no active processes running when the computer is off. Additionally, shutting down will help to conserve your battery life and may provide better performance when you turn it back on. If you’re only going away for a brief period of time, then closing the lid and allowing your Mac to sleep is the best option. Doing so will alow your device to quickly wake up from its slumber when you open the lid again.

macbook pro not turning off when lid closed

Does Locking a Mac Put It To Sleep?

Yes, locking your Mac will put it to sleep. When you lock your Mac, it will go into a low-power mode, which is known as ‘sleep mode’. In this state, the computer’s display will turn off and the system will require a password or passcode to be entered in order to be used again. This ensures that your computer is secure even if you leave it unattended for a short period of time. Additionally, some Macs may also offer the option to unlock with TouchID on a MacBook Pro with Touch Bar or with an Apple Watch.

Troubleshooting Mac Screen Not Turning Off

There could be a few reasons why your Mac screen is not turning off. First, you should check to make sure the “Turn Display Off After” setting in the Energy Saver settings of System Preferences is not set to Never. If it is set to Never, then your Mac will never turn off the display automatically.

Another possible reason could be due to an application that is preventing the display from going into sleep mode. For example, if you have a video or music app running in the background and it’s playing audio or video continuously, then this can prevent your Mac from entering sleep mode. To fix this, try closing any apps you have running and see if that helps.

Finally, if you’re uing an external monitor with your Mac, make sure that it’s connected properly and that it supports power saving features like turning off when idle. If there are any issues with the connection or compatibility between your monitor and your Mac, then this could also cause issues with the display not turning off.

macbook pro not turning off when lid closed

Troubleshooting Mac Lid Lock Issues

There could be several reasons why your Mac is not locking when you close the lid. First, make sure that you have selected the “Put hard disks to sleep when possible” option in the Energy Saver preferences. If this option is unchecked, your Mac will stay awake even when the lid is closed. Additionally, check that the “Prevent computer from sleeping automatically when the display is off” option is unchecked in the Energy Saver preferences, as this will also keep your Mac from locking. Finally, make sure that there are no applications running in the background that might prevent your Mac from going to sleep. If all of thse settings are correct and you are still experiencing issues with not locking, it could be due to a hardware issue and you may need to contact an Apple Authorized Service Provider for further assistance.


In conclusion, the MacBook Pro is an excellent choice for anyone who needs a powerful and versatile laptop. It offers a sleek design, reliable performance, and intuitive user interface that make it easy to use and navigate. With its long-lasting battery life and excellent hardware specifications, the MacBook Pro is perfect for students, professionals, or anyone who needs a reliable laptop. The MacBook Pro is an excellent choice for those looking for a reliable and powerful laptop with plenty of features.

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