Unlock the Magic of Mac’s Emoji Touch Bar

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Are you looking for a way to add some fun and personality to your Mac? With the Mac Emoji Touch Bar, you can do just that! The Mac Emoji Touch Bar allows you to easily access your favorite emojis, right from the convenience of your MacBook Pro’s touch bar.

The Mac Emoji Touch Bar is an easy-to-use feature that makes adding emojis to emails, text messages, and other documents a breeze. To get started, all you need to do is head into System Preferences and select Keyboard. Then choose Input Sources and check the Show Input menu in the menu bar. You should then see the emoji shortcut icon at the top right on your taskbar.

Once enabled, using the Mac Emoji Touch Bar is super simple. Just position your cursor in a text field where you’d like to add an emoji and press Command + Control + Space. This will bring up a list of all available emojis for you to choose from. Click on any one of them and it will be added directly to your text!

The Mac Emoji Touch Bar also supports hundreds of different emojis, so you’ll never run out of options when expressing yourself. This makes it perfect for creative projects or simply adding a bit more personality to everyday conversations with friends and family. And if you ever need some inspiration while choosing an emoji, just click on the preview image at the top of the list to get some ideas!

If you’re looking for an easy way to spice up your online conversations while using a MacBook Pro with a touch bar, then make sure to try out the Mac Emoji Touch Bar today!

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Using Emojis on a Mac Touch Bar

To access the Emoji keyboard on your Mac’s Touch Bar, you’ll first need to open System Preferences. Then, simply select Keyboard from the System Preferences menu and then choose the ‘Customize Touch Bar’ option. From here, you can scroll down to the ‘Emoji & Symbols’ section and drag it up to the Touch Bar. Once you’ve done this and clicked ‘Done’, the Emoji icon should appear on your Mac’s Touch Bar. You can now easily access the emoji keyboard with just one tap!

Troubleshooting Issues with the Emoji Keyboard on Mac Touch Bar

It’s possible that your Mac Touch Bar’s emoji key isn’t showing up due to a few reasons. Firstly, make sure that you’ve enabled the “Show Emoji & Symbols” option under System Preferences > Keyboard > Keyboard Tab. If this is already enabled, it might be a good idea to restart your Mac as this often resolves the issue. Additionally, if you are running an older version of macOS, it would be a good idea to update your system to the latest version as this is known to resolve similar issues. To update, go to System Preferences > Software Update.

Using Emojis on a Mac

To get emojis on Mac, you need to press the Command (?) and Control (Ctrl) keys together, followed by the Space bar. This will open a window with all available emojis. You can select one of them and click to add it to your text.

Activating the Emoji Keyboard

If you’re an Android user with a device running the latest version of KitKat, you can easily access the built-in emoji keyboard by pressing and holding the enter or search key. In some apps, you will get an emoji smiley icon in the lower right corner to indicate that the keyboard has been activated. To use the emoji keyboard, simply click on the icon and select from a variety of fun and colorful emojis!

Adding Emojis to the Menu Bar

You can add emojis to your menu bar by following these steps:
1. Go to the Apple menu (?) and select System Preferences.
2. Click on Keyboard, then select “Show Keyboard and emoji viewers in the menu bar”.
3. Once this option is checked, you will see a new icon of a smiley face next to the language flag in the menu bar. You can click on this icon to open the emoji viewer.
4. You can search for different emojis by typing in keywords or simply browsing through all of the available emojis. When you find an emoji that you want to use, just click on it and it will be added to your text or comment box.

Activating Emojis on Mac

Activating emojis on Mac is easy! To open the Emoji picker, simply press the Control + Command + Spacebar keys on your keyboard at the same time. A small window overlay will appear with a wide variety of emojis available to choose from. From there, you can insert any emoji of your choice directly into a document or text field. Additionally, you can also type in search terms like “smile” or “cat” to find more specific kinds of emojis. Have fun!


In conclusion, Mac’s emoji touch bar is a great way to add a bit of fun to your typing. With the touch of a button, you can easily access all kinds of emojis from smileys to animals and beyond. The shortcut icon appears at the top right on your taskbar, so it’s always within reach when you need it. Plus, with the latest macOS version installed on your computer, you can easily keep up with the newest emojis available. Whether it’s for work or just for fun, adding an emoji to your text has never been easier with Mac’s emoji touch bar.

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