How to Check If Your Mac Has Retina Display?

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The Apple Retina display technology has been a revolutionary advancement in personal computing and visual experience. The Retina display delivers an incredibly sharp and vibrant image, with up to 5 times the resolution of standard displays. While the Retina display is a great feature, you may be wondering if your Mac has it or not.

To help you make this determination, we've put together a guide to determine if your Mac is equipped with a Retina display. All MacBooks and MacBook Pros at the official Apple Store now come with retina displays, so you can be sure that if your computer was purchased from Apple it will have the Retina feature.

For older models, here are some of the most common retina-enabled Macs: 13.3-inch MacBook Air (2018 or later), 13.6-inch MacBook Air (2022), MacBook (2015 or later), 13-inch MacBook Pro (late 2012 or later), 14-inch MacBook Pro (2021), 15-inch MacBook Pro (2012 or later, except for mid-2012) and 16-inch MacBook Pro (2019 and 2021).

To check for sure if your Mac is retina enabled, go to Apple logo > About this Mac > Overview. Click on Displays in the panel which comes up and look for ‘Retina Display' in the title below the computer graphic. If you do see this text then congratulations – your Mac is retina enabled!

We hope this guide has helped clarify whether or not your Mac has a retina display. If it does have one then enjoy all the beautiful visuals that come with it!

How to Check If Your Mac Has Retina Display? 1

Identifying a Retina MacBook

You can find out if your MacBook is Retina by clicking on the Apple logo in the top left corner of your screen, selecting ‘About This Mac' from the drop-down menu, and then clicking on ‘Overview'. On the Overview page, you should be able to see a line that reads ‘MacBook Pro (Retina)' which confirms that your Macbook is a Retina model. The Retina display offers a higher resolution and pixel density than regular displays, making text, images, and videos appear sharper and more vibrant.

Identifying a Retina Display iMac

To determine if your iMac is a Retina display, you can open System Preferences on your computer by clicking the Apple menu in the top-left corner of your screen. Then, select “Displays” from the list of options. If the title below the computer graphic says “Retina Display,” then you have a Retina display iMac!

Macs With Retina Display

Retina display is an Apple technology that increases the pixel resolution and sharpness of a display. Macs that are equipped with Retina display offer a sharper, more vibrant viewing experience. The following Macs have Retina display: 13.3-inch MacBook Air (2018 or later), 13.6-inch MacBook Air (2022), MacBook (2015 or later), 13-inch MacBook Pro (late 2012 or later), 14-inch MacBook Pro (2021), 15-inch MacBook Pro (2012 or later, except for mid-2012) and 16-inch MacBook Pro (2019 and 2021). All these models are equipped with Retina displays that deliver sharper images and more vivid colors than ever before.

Are All MacBooks Retina Display?

No, not all MacBooks are equipped with a Retina display. The Apple Store currently offers the MacBook Air as the only model without a Retina display. However, some resellers may still carry older models of the MacBook and MacBook Pro that do not come with a Retina display. The non-Retina models have lower specs than the Retina versions, including lower-resolution displays and less powerful processors.

Introduction of MacBook with Retina Display

Apple released the first MacBook Pro with Retina Display in 2012. This groundbreaking laptop featured a high-resolution Retina display, the first of its kind on a Mac. It also marked a major shift in design, as the long-time slot-loading drive was removed and replaced with an all-SSD architecture. This revolutionary MacBook Pro was an instant hit and set a new standard of excellence for portable computing.

Difference Between Retina Display and Normal Display

Retina display is a term used to describe a type of display produced by Apple that has a higher pixel density than a normal display. This means that images appear sharper and clearer since the individual pixels are too small to be distinguished at a normal viewing distance. Retina displays also have better colors and contrast than standard displays, making them ideal for viewing photos or videos. The higher resolution also allows for more detail in text and graphics, making it easier to read and understand information. Additionally, Retina displays consume less power than their standard counterparts, resulting in improved battery life on mobile devices.

The Retina Display of the M1

No, the Apple M1 chip does not feature a Retina display. The 13″ MacBook Air that it is featured in has a 2560×1600 resolution display, which is slightly less than the 2880×1800 resolution of a Retina display. That said, the M1 chip does help to provide better graphics performance than comparable Intel processors, as well as improved power efficiency and battery life.

The Meaning of Retina in MacBooks

The retina in MacBook refers to the display technology used in Apple's high-resolution laptop displays. The Retina Display has a higher pixel density than traditional displays, resulting in sharper images and text. The Retina Display has over four times as many pixels compared to a standard display, making it more vibrant and detailed while also reducing glare and improving viewing angles. The higher resolution allows users to work with sharper images and text, which can improve productivity when working with documents or spreadsheets. Additionally, the Retina Display uses IPS LCD or OLED technology, which results in better color accuracy and wider viewing angles.

The Benefits of Retina Apple Mac

Retina Apple Mac is a type of display technology used by Apple in its Mac computers and external displays. It features an incredibly high resolution, with more pixels per inch than standard displays. This results in sharper images and smoother text, allowing you to see the finest details with greater clarity. Retina displays also have wider color gamuts, meaning they can display a wider range of colors than standard displays. Finally, Retina displays have improved brightness and contrast, making them ideal for watching and editing photos.

Does the MacBook Air Have a Retina Display?

Yes, the new MacBook Air features a beautiful 13-inch Liquid Retina display. This advanced display technology offers stunning image clarity with 4 million pixels, 500 nits of brightness, and support for 1 billion colors. The display also features True Tone to dynamically adjust the colors based on ambient lighting, so images look natural and vibrant in any type of lighting. Combined with wide viewing angles and anti-reflective coating, this is an incredible display that provides sharp detail and vivid colors no matter what you're viewing.


In conclusion, it is likely that your Mac is a Retina display model, as all MacBooks and MacBook Pros at the official Apple Store now come with a retina display. You can confirm this by clicking on the Apple logo > About this Mac > Overview. If the third line down reads “MacBook Pro (Retina)”, then you have a Retina display model. If not, then you may have a non-retina model such as the 13-inch MacBook Air.

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