How to Check If Your Airpods Case Is Charging

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Are you wondering if your AirPods case is charging? If so, you’ve come to the right place. In this blog post, we’ll discuss how to tell if your AirPods case is charging and what the various light indicators mean.

When you plug your AirPods case into a power source or place it on a wireless charger, the light at the front of the case will turn amber. This indicates that the case is currently charging. You can also open up your case to check if it is still amber, which also means that it is still charging. After some time has passed, the light will turn off and a green light will appear, indicating that your AirPods are fully charged.

If both your AirPod and its case are currently charging while you are pairing them to a device, you should notice a small black lightning bolt next to the battery icon of your device. However, if only one of them is being charged then there will not be any lightning bolt next to its battery icon. Moreover, this symbol will also show you the percentage of power left in both your AirPod and its case.

When connected via a wired connection, it takes approximately an hour for a full charge for the AirPods case. On the other hand, wireless charging takes longer than wired connection before reaching 100%. In our tests, it generally took at least 30 minutes more when using wireless as compared to wired connection for charging purposes.

it’s easy to tell if your AirPods case is currently being charged or not by looking at its indicator lights or checking for lightning bolt symbols on paired devices. If none of these methods work then try swapping out the cables or chargers and check again with anoter power source too clean out any dirt from inside Lightning port may also help in this regard otherwise seek Apple service centers near you for further assistance with this issue.

how do i know if my airpods case is charging

Does the AirPod Case Light Remain On While Charging?

No, the AirPods case light will not stay on while charging. When you plug the case in or place it on a wireless charger, the light at the front will turn amber to indicate that it is charging. After a while, the light will turn off, but you can open your case to see if the amber light is still on, whih indicates that it is still charging. Once the light turns green, this means that the AirPods case has achieved a full charge.

how do i know if my airpods case is charging

Identifying if an AirPod Has a Charging Case

To know if your AirPod has a charging case, you should check the battery icon located in the Bluetooth settings on your device. If both the AirPods and case are charging, you will see a small black lightning bolt next to the battery icon. If only the pods are charging and not the case, then no lightning bolt will appear next to the case. Additionally, it will show you the percentage of power left on both your case and AirPod.

Charging Time for an AirPod Case

It takes approximately an hour to charge an AirPod case using a wired connection. If you are using a wireless charger, it will take at least 30 minutes longer than using a wired connection. The charging time will depend on the type of charger you are using, as well as the amount of power the charger is able to provide. To ensure your AirPod case is charged efficiently and quickly, it is important to use a charger that is compatible with your device and has enugh power output to charge your AirPod case.

Troubleshooting AirPods Case Not Charging

If your AirPods case is not charging, it could be due to a few different factors. Firstly, check if the charging cable, charging pad, or power source you are using is working correctly. It is also possible that the Lightning port on your AirPods case needs to be cleaned. If none of thse solutions work, then it may be necessary to have your AirPods serviced by Apple.

The Color of an AirPods Case When Charging

When an AirPods case is charging, it will display an amber light. This indicates that the AirPods are actively being charged and should be ready to use shortly. Once the AirPods have been fully charged, the light on the case will turn green.

Charging AirPods Case with AirPods Inside

Yes, it is better to charge the AirPods case with the AirPods inside. This ensures that both the case and AirPods are charged simultaneously and efficiently. When charging the AirPods case with AirPods inside, the LED light on the front of the case will turn green when fully charged. Additionally, charging this way preserves battery life by cycling through multiple charges instead of just one full charge.

The Slow Charging of Airpod Cases

AirPods cases can take a long time to charge becuse of a few different factors. The battery inside the case is relatively small, so it needs more time than other devices to reach a full charge. Additionally, if your charging socket is not clean or maintained, this can also slow down the charging speed. Lastly, Apple has deliberately set their charging cases to charge slowly and gradually in order to maximize battery life in the long run. If you suspect any of these issues are happening with your AirPods case, it’s recommended that you try cleaning the charging socket or take it to an Apple store for further inspection.


In conclusion, charging your AirPods case is an important part of maintaining the health and performance of your AirPods. The case can be charged using both wired and wireless connections, with a full charge taking an hour when using a wired connection and longer when using a wireless connection. If the case is not charging, you sould try swapping out the cables, charging pads, and power source to check for any issues. Finally, the charging status light will indicate if your AirPods case is currently charging.

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