How To Update 3rd Party Cookies On Mac

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Are you having trouble understanding 3rd party cookies and how to update them on Mac? Don’t worry, you are not the only one. In this blog post, we will discuss 3rd party cookies and how to update them on Mac.

First of all, let’s start by defining what a 3rd party cookie is. A 3rd party cookie is a small piece of data stored in your browser that can be used to track your activity across websites. It allows companies to track your browsing habits and use this information for marketing purposes. This can be intrusive and can make it difficult to control what type of data you share with third parties.

Now that we have established what a third-party cookie is, let’s look at how to update them on Mac. Updating third-party cookies on Mac is relatively easy and should only take a few minutes of your time. To begin, open Safari and click on the “Privacy” tab in the top panel. Next, navigate to “Cookies and Website Data” and un-tick the option “Block all cookies”. This will allow 3rd party cookies on Safari.

Once you have enabled 3rd party cookies in Safari, you may also want to update your Chrome settings as well. To do this, tap the three vertical dots on the top right corner in Chrome and select Settings. Find the advanced section and go to Site Settings where you can select Cookies from the list of options. Inside the site settings, tick the “Allow 3rd party cookies” checkbox before closing and reloading the browser window.

We hope that this blog post has helped shed some light on 3rd party cookies and how to update them on Mac computers! By following these simple steps, you can ensure that your data remains safe while browsing online.

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Updating Cookies on a Mac

Updating cookies on a Mac is easy and straightforward. First, open the Safari browser, which is Apple’s default browser. Then, click on the “Safari” menu at the top of the screen and select “Preferences”. In the window that opens up, click on the “Privacy” tab. This will bring up your cookie settings. Here you can choose what cookies you would like to enable or disable. Once you’ve made your selection, make sure to click ‘Save’ before restarting Safari for your changes to take effect.

Managing Third-Party Cookies on a Mac

To manage third-party cookies on a Mac, open the Safari browser and click on the Safari menu in the top left corner. From the menu, select Preferences and then click on the Privacy tab. In the Cookies and Website Data section, you can choose to block all cookies or choose from options like Block only third-party cookies or Allow all cookies. Depending on your preferences for managing third-party cookies, you can select one of these options. Additionally, you can also specify which websites are allowed to store cookies by clicking Manage Website Data. Here, you can remove specific cookie entries or delete all website data stored by Safari.

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Safari’s Restrictions on Third-Party Cookies

Safari does allow third-party cookies, however, Apple implemented measures to protect users from potential privacy issues associated with the use of these cookies. By default, Safari blocks third-party cookies in an effort to prevent websites from tracking your browsing activity without your explicit consent. This means that if you visit a website, it won’t be able to access data stored in third-party cookies from other websites. However, you can choose to enable third-party cookies by gong into your browser settings and disabling the “Block All Cookies” and “Prevent Cross-Site Tracking” options.

The Impact of Mac’s Blocking of Third-Party Cookies

Your Mac is blocking 3rd party cookies for your safety. Cookies store information about sites you visit, and since 3rd party cookies come from different websites than the one you’re visiting, it’s important to be sure that those cookies aren’t being used to track your activity or access sensitive data. By blocking 3rd party cookies, your Mac is ensuring that any data stored in those cookies can’t be used maliciously.

Accessing Cookies Settings on Mac

Cookies settings on Mac can be found in the Safari app. To access them, open Safari and select Safari > Settings, then click Privacy. Under Privacy, you will find the Manage Website Data option. Here you can view all the websites that have stored cookies and website data on your Mac, and you can remove some or all of it.


In conclusion, third-party cookies are a type of cookie stored on a user’s device by websites other than the website the user is currently visiting. They are commonly used for advertising, analytics, and tracking purposes. Although they can provide benefits to users and websites, they can also pose a privacy risk to users. It is important to understand how these cookies work and what the implications may be before allowing them on your device. If you decide to allow them, make sure to take the proper steps to ensure that your data remains secure and private.

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