How To Stop Youtube App From Automatically Opening On iPhone

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Are you tired of having the YouTube app open every time you click a link that supports the app? If so, this blog post will show you how to stop the YouTube app from automatically opening links on your iPhone.

First, open up your Settings and scroll down until you find “YouTube” in the list of apps. Tap on it, and then tap on “Link Handling”. Here, you’ll be able to disable all link handling for the YouTube app. This will prevent it from automatically opening links when clicked on.

Another way to stop links from opening in the YouTube app is to disable Safari’s “Universal Links” feature. Universal Links allow apps that support them to open automatically when a link is clicked. To disable Universal Links, go into your iPhone settings and navigate to Safari > Advanced > Universal Links. Disable this toggle, and any links that support YouTube will now open in Safari instead of the YouTube app.

If you don’t want any links to open in the YouTube app at all, you can also disable its access to cellular data or Wi-Fi altogether. This can be done by going into Settings > Cellular or Settings > Wi-Fi (depending on which connection type you are using), and scrolling down until you find “YouTube” in the list of apps with access. Tap on it and select “Off” to completely cut off its internet access.

By following these steps, you can easily prevent links with supported content from automatically opening in the YouTube app when clicked on your iPhone.

how to stop youtube app from opening iphone

Opening YouTube in a Browser Instead of an App

Opening YouTube in the browser instead of the app is easy and straightforward. First, you need to stop the YouTube Android app from automatically opening any supported links. To do this, go to your device’s Settings > Apps & notifications > App info, then select YouTube and tap on “Open by default”. Here you can select “Open supported links” to disable it and make sure it doesn’t open them automatically anymore.

Once this is done, simply copy-paste your desired YouTube link into a browser such as Chrome or Firefox, then hit enter to open the video in that specific browser instead of the app.

In conclusion, if you want to open YouTube videos in a browser instead of the Android app, you need to disable the app from automatically opening supported links via the “Open by default” option in settings, then copy-paste and open the URL in your preferred web browser instead.

Why Is YouTube Opening Automatically?

Your YouTube may be opening automatically because you have set it as your homepage or the On Startup setting in your browser. Depending on your browser, this setting can be found in either the General or the On Startup section of Settings. If you have set YouTube as your homepage, then it will open each time you open your browser. If you have set YouTube as an On Startup page, then it will open every time you open a new tab. To change these settings, simply remove YouTube from these options and replace it with a different page or no page at all.

how to stop youtube app from opening iphone

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