How to Charge Your New iPhone for the First Time?

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If you’ve recently gotten your hands on the new iPhone, you may be wondering what the best way is to get your phone up and running. The first step is to make sure your phone is properly charged.

Charging your new iPhone for the first time is an important part of setting it up, and doing it right can help ensure optimal performance. To properly charge a new iPhone, always use the included wall charger – not a USB port – and make sure to charge your device for at least three hours before using it for the first time.

This initial charge is especially important for Lithium-Ion batteries, which are used in all current iPhones. Because these batteries don’t have a “memory effect” like older Nickel-Cadmium batteries did, there’s no need to discharge them before charging them or worry about overcharging them. For this reason, you can use your phone out of the box without having to charge it first. That said, it’s still best practice to fully charge your phone before you start using it so that you get the maximum life out of its battery.

You can connect your iPhone to either an Apple USB power adapter or a Qi-certified charger with a compatible power adapter (sold separately). When charging, make sure that you place the phone face up on either a MagSafe Charger or MagSafe Duo Charger for optimal performance and safety.

Finally, if you want to ensure that your device always stays charged up and ready to go, consider enabling Optimized Charging in Settings > Battery > Battery Health > Optimized Charging (iOS 13) or Settings > Battery > Low Power Mode (earlier versions). This will help extend the life of your battery by learning from when you usually charge and only fully charging right before then. You can also enable automatic backups so that your device will back up overnight while it charges every night.

Following these steps will help ensure that your new iPhone stays charged and is ready for use whenever you need it!

Charging an iPhone Before First Use

Yes, you should charge your iPhone before first use. It is important to give your new phone a full charge before using it, as this will ensure that you get the best performance out of your device. Plug in the charger cable that came with your iPhone and plug it into a power outlet. Allow the phone to charge until the battery is full, which can take several hours depending on how depleted it was when you unboxed it. Once the battery has reached capacity, unplug the charger and start enjoying your new device!

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Charging an iPhone for the First Time

To charge your new iPhone for the first time, you will need to use the charging cable that came with your device and an Apple USB power adapter (sold separately). First, connect the charging cable to your iPhone and then plug it into a power outlet. Alternatively, you can also place your iPhone on a MagSafe Charger or MagSafe Duo Charger (connected to an Apple 20W USB-C power adapter or another compatible power adapter) or on a Qi-certified charger. Once connected, wait until the battery icon in the top right corner of your screen appears. Your device is now charging!

Charging iPhone 13 Before First Use

Yes, you should charge your iPhone 13 before first use. The lithium-ion batteries that power modern iPhones need to be charged in order to reach their full capacity and optimal performance. Connect your iPhone 13 to a power source using the included lightning cable, and then allow it to charge for a few hours before using it. Doing this will ensure that your battery is at its peak performance when you start using your new phone.


In conclusion, it is important to charge a new iPhone for at least 3 hours before using it for the first time. This is because Lithium-Ion batteries have no memory effect and need an initial charge to ensure maximum performance. Using the included wall charger and not a computer’s USB port will help ensure that the phone has enough power to last. Following these steps can help ensure the best possible experience with your new iPhone.

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