How To Go Back On Your iPhone Calculator

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Are you trying to figure out how to go back on your iPhone Calculator? If so, you’ve come to the right place! In this blog post, we’ll cover the basics of using a Calculator iPhone and provide step-by-step instructions for going back on it.

Using an iPhone Calculator is simple and convenient. To make a calculation, just enter numbers and operators into the calculator. You can also press buttons to perform more advanced calculations such as square roots and trigonometric functions. When you need to go back on your calculator, simply press and hold the app icon until an option for “Copy Last Result” appears. This will open the last calculation you made so that you can edit any errors you may have made.

Another great feature of an iPhone Calculator is its memory function. The m+ button lets you store numbers in memory while the Mr/mc button allows you to recall them when needed. Additionally, if you want to view your past calculations, simply swipe down at the top of the calculator screen. This will display a list of all your previous equations and results which can be useful for double-checking your work or finding patterns in data sets.

Lastly, if you’ve entered something incorrectly into your Calculator iPhone and need to erase it quickly, there is no backspace key available. However, shaking your phone from side to side will cause all recently entered digits or numbers to be cleared from the screen!

We hope this blog post has helped explain how to use and go back on a Calculator iPhone! For more tips and tricks related to iPhones, check out our other posts!

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Does the iPhone Calculator Have a Back Button?

No, the iPhone’s Calculator App does not have a dedicated backspace key or back button. However, if you enter a number by mistake, you can erase it by swiping your finger to the left or right across the number. This will delete the last digit entered and allow you to start from scratch with the correct number.

Viewing Calculator History

In order to view your past calculations and results, you can use the Calculator History feature. To access this feature, simply swipe down from the top of the calculator. This will open a list of your past equations and results so you can easily scroll through them. You may also partially drag down your history to view it simultaneously with the calculator buttons. This will allow you to quickly review any past equations or results for reference.

Recalling Memory on an iPhone Calculator

To recall the number you have stored in memory on your iPhone calculator, simply press the MR/MC button. This will display the number that has been stored in the memory. If you want to use this number in a calculation, simply tap it to make it appear on the screen and then continue with your calculations as normal.

Lack of Backspace on iPhone Calculator

The reason why there isn’t a backspace button on your iPhone calculator is that Apple designed it to be a more streamlined, minimalistic experience. The focus of the iPhone calculator is to make calculations quickly and easily, without having to worry about deleting mistakes. Apple instead opted for a hidden swipe option that allows you to delete the last number entered with a simple swipe gesture. While this may not be immediately obvious, it does provide an efficient way of correcting mistakes without sacrificing the minimalistic design of the app.


In conclusion, the iPhone Calculator is an extremely useful and versatile tool for doing basic calculations. It has a convenient copy last result feature that allows you to easily review your past calculations. The calculator also has an m+ and m– feature which can be used to store numbers in memory. The iPhone Calculator is a great way to quickly and accurately perform mathematical operations on the go.

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