How To Replace the Battery In Your Mac Mouse

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If you’re a Mac user, then you know how important it is to have an efficient mouse. But as with any electronic device, sometimes your Mac mouse needs to be serviced or replaced. One of the most common issues is having to replace the battery in your Mac mouse. Don’t worry though, replacing the battery is a relatively simple process.

Whether you’re using a Magic Mouse 1 or 2, replacing the battery is essentially the same. First, turn your mouse over so that the bottom side is facing up. Then look for a black tab and press it down to release the back cover and reveal the AA batteries inside. Once you have accessed the battery compartment, remove the old batteries and insert new ones (ensuring that they are correctly positioned). Then close up the back cover and that’s it – your new batteries are installed!

It’s important to remember that if you use rechargeable batteries in your Mac mouse, you will need to make sure they are charged properly before use. If not, it can lead to issues with the accuracy and performance of your mouse. To check if your rechargeable batteries are fully charged, open up the Control Center in macOS Catalina or later and click on Bluetooth. You should also be able to access this information by opening up either of the Keyboard, Mouse, or Trackpad preference panes, where you will find a graphical representation of how much charge each peripheral has left.

Replacing a battery in your Mac mouse may seem daunting at first but once you follow our guide above it should take no more than five minutes! With a few simple steps, you can make sure that your Mac mouse remains working efficiently for longer periods of time – allowing you to stay productive and get more work done!

How To Replace the Battery In Your Mac Mouse 1

The Location of a Mac Mouse Battery

The battery of your Mac mouse can be found by opening the Keyboard, Mouse, or Trackpad preference panes. Here, you will see a graphic and a numeric percentage of the battery life remaining on your mouse. If you are using macOS Catalina or later, you can also check the Bluetooth section in the Control Center to view the battery life of your mouse.

Does the Apple Magic Mouse Contain a Battery?

Yes, the Apple Magic Mouse is powered by two AA-sized batteries. The On/Off switch and battery compartment are both located on the bottom of the mouse. To replace the batteries, simply turn over the mouse and slide open the battery compartment door.

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