How To Pair Joy-Cons to Your Nintendo Switch

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Are you having trouble pairing your Joy-Cons to your Nintendo Switch? Don’t worry, it’s actually quite a simple process. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to pair your Joy-Cons to the Nintendo Switch.

First, make sure that the Joy-Cons are detached from the side of the device. Then press and hold the SYNC button on the controller you want to pair for a few seconds until the LED lights start flashing.

Next, select “Controllers” on the HOME Menu and then select “Change Grip/Order”. The message “Paired” should appear on the screen once you have successfully paired your controllers.

If you have more than one controller, try resetting one controller at a time by pressing and releasing the SYNC button and then pressing any other button on the controller to restart it. You can also try resetting all of your controllers at once by pressing and holding down both SL and SR buttons simultaneously for about ten seconds until all four player indicators light up at once.

Finally, if you need additional help with pairing your Joy-Cons to your Nintendo Switch, check out Nintendo’s support website for more detailed instructions or contact their customer service team directly for assistance.

We hope this guide has been helpful in helping you get started with pairing your Joy-Cons with your Nintendo Switch!

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Syncing Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Controllers

To sync your Switch Joy-Con controllers, first select “Controllers” from the HOME Menu. Then select “Change Grip/Order”. After that, hold the SYNC Button on the controller you want to pair. When the controller LED starts flashing, release the button. Finally, a message will appear on the screen that says “Paired”. This means that your controllers have been successfully synced!

Troubleshooting Joycon Connection Issues

It’s possible that your Joy-Con controllers are not connecting because of a few different reasons. First, make sure the Switch console is powered on and that the Joy-Cons are securely attached to the device. It also could be due to interference from other electronic devices. If you have multiple controllers, try resetting one controller at a time by pressing the small, pin-sized Sync button on the top or side and then pressing any other button on the controller to restart it. Finally, make sure your system software is up to date. If all else fails, you may need to contact Nintendo Support for further assistance.

The Function of the Joy-Con Sync Button

The sync button on Joy-Con is a small black button located between the SL and SR buttons. It is used to pair the controllers with the Nintendo Switch console or to connect multiple Joy-Con controllers together for use with multiplayer games. When pressing the sync button, the LED lights on each controller should begin flashing rapidly, indicating that they are in pairing mode.

Troubleshooting Joy-Con Connection Issues on Nintendo Switch

It is possible that the Joy-Con is not properly attached to the console, or that it is not correctly oriented. It is also possible that there is a loose connection somewhere in the Joy-Con or console, or that the Joy-Con has become damaged in some way. To try and resolve this issue, try to detach and reattach the Joy-Con to the console a couple of times. If at all possible, test another Joy-Con with the console to see if the issue can be isolated to one particular controller.

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Connecting a Switch Controller Without the Sync Button

You can connect your Switch controller without the sync button by using a USB-C cable. First, plug the cable into your Switch’s dock. Then, connect the Pro Controller to the USB-C cable while your Switch is inserted in the dock. The controller will automatically pair with the system, allowing you to use it without having to press any buttons. Make sure that both ends of the cable are properly connected and that no devices are connected to either end of the cable before attempting to pair.


In conclusion, pairing your Joy-Con controllers with your Nintendo Switch is a straightforward process. All you need to do is select “Controllers” on the HOME Menu, select “Change Grip/Order”, hold the SYNC Button on the controller you want to pair until it starts flashing, and then press any other button on the controller to restart it. Once the message “Paired” appears on the screen, your Joy-Cons will be connected to your device. With these easy steps, you can now enjoy playing games with your friends!

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