How To Change Your Mac Profile Picture

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When it comes to customizing your Mac device, one of the first things you may want to do is change your Mac profile picture. Your profile picture is a representation of who you are and can be seen when others view your Mac device. As such, it’s important to make sure that your Mac profile picture looks its best! This blog post will proide you with an overview of how you can easily change your Mac profile picture.

First, open up the System Preferences application on your Mac device. You can find this by clicking on the Apple icon in the top left corner of the screen and then selecting System Preferences from the drop-down menu. Once in the System Preferences window, select Users & Groups located at the top of the window.

On this page, you will see a list of all users associated with your Mac device in addition to any guest accounts. To change your profile picture, click on one of these user accounts and then select Change Picture from the user account options on the left side of the window. A new window will open up allowing you to choose from existing photos or upload a new photo for use as your profile picture.

If choosing from existing photos, simply click on any photo that appears in this window and select Choose for that photo to become your new profile picture. If uploading a new photo, click on Select File located at the bottom riht corner of this window and then select a file from your computer or Google Drive account (if applicable). Once selected, click Open at the bottom right corner of this window and then choose Use Photo at the bottom right corner of this window for that photo to become your new profile picture.

Once finished making changes to your profile picture, be sure to click Save Changes located at the bottom right corner of this window before exiting out of System Preferences as any changes made here will not be saved unil clicked!

And there you have it! Changing a Mac Profile Picture is an easy process that takes just minutes but can go a long way towards making sure others know who they are dealing with when viewing or using their Mac device!

Why Is It Not Possible to Change My Mac Profile Picture?

There are a few reasons why you may not be able to change your Mac profile picture. First, make sure that the settings for your User account are unlocked by clicking the Lock icon in the Users & Groups menu. If the settings are stll locked, you may need to enter an administrator password to unlock them. Additionally, if you have recently changed your Apple ID or iCloud account, it may take a few moments for the new profile picture to appear on your Mac. Finally, make sure you have selected an image that meets the file size requirements (less than 1MB). If all else fails, try restarting your Mac and see if that helps.

Changing the Lock Screen Picture on a Mac

To change the picture on your lock screen Mac, open System Preferences and click Users & Groups. Hover over your user icon and click Edit. From there, you can choose a new image or take a photo usng your Mac’s webcam. When you’re done making changes, click Save to apply the new image to your lock screen and login screen.

Changing Profile Picture on Mac Mail

To change your profile picture in Mac Mail, first open the application and select Preferences from the Mail menu at the top of the screen. On the General tab, you’ll find an icon in the left-hand corner that is currently set to your current profile picture. To change it, click on it and select either a photo stored on your Mac or one taken with Photo Booth. You can also adjust the photo to fit your preferences by usng basic photo editing options like rotating, cropping, and adjusting brightness. Once you’re happy with how it looks, select OK and your new profile picture will be saved in Mac Mail.

Location of Mac Profile Picture

Your Mac profile picture is stored in two places: the Library/User Pictures folder and your personal ~/Library/Images/iChat Recent Pictures/ folder. The Library/User Pictures folder is located in the /Library directory on your Mac and it conains a selection of images that are provided by Apple. Your personal profile picture will be stored in the iChat Recent Pictures folder, which is located in the ~/Library/Images directory on your Mac.

Changing the Picture on a Startup Screen

To change the picture on your startup screen, first press the Windows key to launch the Start Screen. Then click on the User Tile on top rght corner of the Start screen. Select “Change Account Picture”. From there you can choose one of the provided background images or use the Browse button and select any image from your computer, Bing, SkyDrive, or even your camera. Once you have chosen an image, click “Change Picture” to apply it as your start screen background.

how to change mac profile picture

Changing the Login Screen on Mac Big Sur

The process for changing the login screen on Mac Big Sur is relatively straightforward. First, make sure that you are the sole user and that File Vault is turned off. Then open System Preferences, then select Users & Groups, and then click on Login Options. From here you can select “Display login window as” and set it to “List of users.” This will allow your login screen to match your desktop background. It’s important to note that if you have a guest account or File Vault enabled, this option will not be available to you.

Changing an Email Account Picture

To change your email account picture, you will need to open Gmail on your computer. In the top right corner, tap your profile picture and select Manage your Google Account. On the Google Account page, tap “Personal info” and under “Profile,” tap your current profile picture. You can then follow the on-screen prompts to choose or take a photo. Once you have selected the desired photo, tap Set Profile Photo to save the changes.

Changing Your iMessage Profile Picture

To change your iMessage profile picture, open Settings and tap Messages in the main list. Select Share Name and Photo. Choose Edit below your existing iMessage profile photo. From here, you can choose one of the options available to set a new iMessage profile picture. You can take a new photo with your device’s camera, choose an image from Photos, or even pick a Memoji or Animoji as your profile image. Once you have chosen a new image, tap Done to save it and make it your iMessage profile picture.

Removing an Apple ID Picture from a Mac

To remove your Apple ID picture from your Mac, you can right-click or control-click the profile picture icon and select Delete. This will remove the Apple ID photo from your Mac, as well as any other profiles associated with it. Note that this will not delete the actual photo itself, but rather just remove it from the system.

how to change mac profile picture

Downloading Profile Pictures from iCloud

To download your profile picture from iCloud, you’ll need to start by opening the Settings app on your device. Tap your name at the top of the Settings menu, then select ‘iCloud’. On your Apple ID page, tap ‘Photos’ and select ‘Download and Keep Originals’. This will start the download process for all photos stored in your iCloud Photo Library. Once this has completed, you can find your profile photo in the ‘All Photos’ album of your Photos app.

Importing Photos to a Mac

When you import photos and videos into Photos on your Mac, they will be copied to the Photos library in the Pictures folder. This is the default location for all photos and videos imported into Photos. However, if you’d prefer, you can store photos and videos ouside of the Photos library, such as in a folder on your Mac or on an external drive. Your photos and videos will still be visible in Photos, even when stored elsewhere.

Changing the Login Screen on Monterey Mac

To change the login screen in Monterey Mac, open the app and enter your Mac password. Once the app loads up, go to the ‘Login’ tab. Under Login, click the ‘Select’ option and choose an image you’d like to set as your login screen. You can either select a pre-existing photo from your library or import an image from your computer. Once you have chosen an image, click on ‘Set as Login Screen’ to apply it to your Mac. Your new login screen will be active immediately.


The Mac Profile Picture is an important personalization feature for any Mac user. It allows users to set a personal image of their choosing as their desktop profile picture, giving them a sense of ownership over their computer. The profile picture also helps add a personal touch to any communication with others when using the Mac, such as iMessage, FaceTime or othr apps. Additionally, it provides a visual representation of the user in a recognizable way to others when using shared services like iCloud or AirDrop. With its easy-to-use interface and many customization options, the Mac Profile Picture is an excellent tool for making your Mac truly yours.

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