How To Add Applecare To Your Macbook

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AppleCare is an extended warranty program offered by Apple Inc. that prvides additional support and protection for your Macbook, iPhone, iPad, or iPod. AppleCare is designed to give you peace of mind and keep your device in top condition for as long as possible.

If you are looking to add AppleCare coverage to your Macbook, here’s what you need to know. First, you will need to purchase the AppleCare Protection Plan withn 60 days of purchasing your Macbook. Once you have purchased the plan, you can register for coverage online or over the phone with an Apple Support technician.

Once registered, AppleCare covers a range of issues such as manufacturing defects, battery failure, software issues and accidental damage from handling (including liquid damage). The plan also includes access to technical support from Apple-certified technicians via chat or phone, and free software updates when available.

If you have decided to add AppleCare coverage to your Macbook after the 60 day period has expired, you stil may be able to do so depending on country or region. To check if there is any available coverage for your particular model of Macbook, contact an Apple Support technician by phone or chat. If eligible for coverage, follow the prompts provided by the representative to complete the purchase process.

AppleCare is a great way to ensure that your Macbook has the best protection available and remains in perfect working order for many years down the line. With an extra layer of security agaist unexpected problems and access to dedicated technical support from experienced professionals at any time – it’s an investment worth making!

how to add applecare to macbook

Getting AppleCare for Mac

If you’re looking to get AppleCare for your Mac, thre are a few simple steps to follow. First, open the Settings app and tap General. Next, tap About, then tap the name of your AppleCare plan – if you don’t see an AppleCare plan here, tap Limited Warranty or Coverage Expired for more information. Once you have confirmed that your Mac is eligible for AppleCare coverage, you can purchase an AppleCare Protection Plan for your device. You can do this directly from the manufacturer or through an authorized reseller. Once you have purchased and registered your AppleCare Protection Plan, it will be active and ready to offer protection against unexpected repair costs and other technical support needs.

Activating AppleCare After Purchase

To activate AppleCare afer purchase, you will need to head to the Apple website and follow the instructions.

First, go to the AppleCare add website and choose iPhone. Then, enter your serial number or sign in with your Apple ID. You will then be prompted to purchase AppleCare within one year of buying your iPhone. To complete the process, you will need to do a remote diagnostic. Once you’ve completed all the steps, you will have successfully activated your AppleCare coverage for your iPhone.

Why Is AppleCare Not Available For My Mac?

AppleCare+ is only available for certain Mac models within 60 days of purchase. Additionally, if you purchased your Mac from a third-party vendor, the warranty or AppleCare+ may not be transferable. To check your eligibility for AppleCare+, please visit the official Apple website and enter your Mac’s serial number.
If you purchased your Mac more than 60 days ago and are unable to get AppleCare+, you may still be able to get coverage through an Apple Authorized Service Provider. Alternatively, you can purchase third-party extended warranties that provide similar coverage to AppleCare+.

Can I Purchase AppleCare for Macbook After 60 Days?

Unfortunately, no. AppleCare+ coverage must be purchased within 60 days of the original hardware purchase date. If you are otside the 60-day window, you will not be able to add AppleCare+ coverage for your Macbook. However, you may still be eligible for complimentary telephone support for 90 days from your original purchase date.

how to add applecare to macbook

Can AppleCare Be Added After Purchase?

Yes, you can add AppleCare after your original coverage ends. To do that, you’ll need to purchase the new coverage within 30 days after your original coverage ends. You can find out if you’re eligible to purchase the new coverage by ging to and following the onscreen instructions. The new coverage will automatically renew each year until you decide to cancel it.

Cost of AppleCare+

AppleCare+ offers two levels of protection to ensure your Apple device is covered for up to two years. The first level, called Standard AppleCare+, provides one-time coverage for $199 or a monthly fee of $9.99. With this plan, you’ll get 24/7 technical support from Apple experts, access to hardware repairs and software support, and coverage for up to two incidents of accidental damage with a service fee.

The second level is called AppleCare+ with Theft and Loss Protection, which includes all the benefits of Standard AppleCare+, but also adds coverage for theft and loss. This plan costs $269 upfront or a monthly fee of $13.49. With this plan, you’ll get the same benefits as Standard AppleCare+, plus theft and loss protection for your device in case it’s ever stolen or lost.

For customers who purchase an Apple device within 30 days of its launch date, there’s also a special discounted rate available on Standard AppleCare+. This plan costs just $179 upfront or a monthly fee of $8.99 per month.

No matter which plan you choose, AppleCare+ is an affordable way to protect your investment in an Apple device for up to two years after the original purchase date.

Can I Purchase AppleCare for an Existing Product?

Yes, you can buy AppleCare for an existing product. AppleCare+ is an insurance plan that provides recourse for damaged devices and can be added up to 60 days after the original purchase. There are three easy ways to add coverage: online, in-store, or by calling Apple Support.

To add coverage online, visit the Apple website and choose the appropriate AppleCare+ option. You’ll then need to proide your product serial number and proof of purchase to complete your order.

To add coverage in store, take your device to an authorised service provider or Apple retail store with your original receipt and serial number.

Finally, you can also call Apple Support at 1-800-275-2273 (U.S.) or 1-800-263-3394 (Canada) to purchase AppleCare+ over the phone. You’ll need to provide your serial number and other information about the device dring the call.

Does AppleCare Require Registration?

Yes, in most cases AppleCare is automatically registered if you purchase the AppleCare Protection Plan at the same time as your Apple hardware from select Apple resellers. This means that you do not need to register it separately. When you purchase an AppleCare Protection Plan, you will receive a proof of coverage document confirming your coverage and outlining the terms and conditions of your agreement. It will also serve as a reminder of when the coverage ends.

Is AppleCare Connected to Apple ID?

Yes, AppleCare is linked to your Apple ID. This means that if you make monthly payments for your AppleCare plan, the plan canot be transferred to a new owner. Depending on the country or region you live in, you may have the option to pay monthly for your AppleCare plan.


In conclusion, AppleCare is a great way to protect your Apple device and get the most out of it. It provides additional coverage and technical support beyond the standard limited warranty. With AppleCare, you can extend your coverage up to two years from the date of purchase and get access to 24/7 phone support, in-person repair service, software support, and more. To purchase an AppleCare plan, you need to do so within 60 days of buying your device. If you’re not sure if your device is eligible for additional coverage, check with Apple Support or contact the third-party vendor from whih you purchased your device.

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