Do Any Apple Watches Track Sleep?

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Apple Watches have become increasingly popular in recent years due to their impressive range of features and functionalities. However, one question that many users have is whether or not Apple Watches can track sleep.

The answer is yes, but it depends on the model and version you have. Apple Watches Series 3 or later come with a built-in Sleep app that allows you to track your sleep patterns and monitor your sleep quality. However, you will need to ensure that your watch is running watchOS 7 or later to have access to this feature.

To update your watch to watchOS 7, you will need to have a Series 3 or later Apple Watch and an iPhone 6s or later running iOS 14 or higher. Once you have met these requirements, you can update your watch by opening the Watch app on your iPhone and going to General > Software Update.

Once your watch is running watchOS 7 or later, you can start using the Sleep app to track your sleep. The app is designed to be set-and-forget, meaning that you can start it once and it will automatically track your sleep each night without any further input from you.

The Sleep app is designed to track various aspects of your sleep, including the amount of time you spend asleep, the quality of your sleep, and your heart rate while you sleep. It also provides you with a sleep schedule, which can help you to establish a regular sleep routine and improve your overall sleep .

It is worth noting that while the Sleep app is a great tool for tracking your sleep, it is not perfect. Some users have reported that the app can be inaccurate at times, particularly when it comes to tracking sleep stages. However, overall, it is a useful tool that can help you to gain a better understanding of your sleep patterns and make positive changes to your sleep habits.

Apple Watches can track sleep, but it depends on the model and software version you have. If you have a Series 3 or later Apple Watch running watchOS 7 or later, you can use the Sleep app to track your sleep patterns and monitor your sleep quality. While the app is not perfect, it is a useful tool that can help you to improve your overall sleep health.

Sleep Tracking on Apple Watches

Sleep tracking is available on all Apple Watch models, but it is recommended to use an Apple Watch Series 2 or higher for the best experience. SleepWatch, a third-party app, can be used to track sleep on any Apple Watch Series. It is important to note that while sleep tracking is available, it is not a built-in feature and requires the use of a third-party app.

do any apple watches track sleep

Does the Apple Watch Series 3 Track Sleep?

Apple Watch Series 3 does not have built-in sleep-tracking features. However, there are third-party available on the App Store that offer sleep-tracking capabilities for Apple Watch Series 3. These apps can track sleep duration, and quality, and even provide insights into sleep patterns. Additionally, some third-party sleep tracking accessories can be used in conjunction with the Apple Watch Series 3 to provide more advanced sleep trackings features such as heart rate variability tracking and detailed sleep stage analysis. It's important to note that Apple has not yet released any official sleep-tracking features for any Apple Watch model, including the Series 3.

Do Apple Watches Track Sleep Automatically?

Apple Watches Series 3 or later can automatically track sleep in the Sleep app. This feature is easy to start and does not require any manual intervention each night. However, it is important to note that for a long time, Apple's sleep-tracking data was not very accurate or detailed. The Sleep app has since been updated to provide more comprehensive sleep tracking including metrics like sleep duration, heart rate, and movement. Some of the key features of automatic sleep tracking on Apple Watches include:

– The Sleep app can be set to automatically start tracking sleep at bedtime and stop in the morning when the user wakes up.
– The app uses data from the watch's sensors to track sleep stages, including deep sleep, light sleep, and REM sleep.
– Users can set sleep goals and track their progress over time.
– The app provides a sleep schedule feature that helps users establish a consistent bedtime and wake-up time.
– Users can view their sleep data in the Health app on their iPhone, where they can also find tips for improving their sleep habits.

Apple Watches offer a convenient and easy way to track sleep automatically, and the Sleep app has become more robust in recent years.

Do Apple Watches Have Sleep Tracking Capabilities?

Not all Apple Watches have the Sleep app. To access the Sleep app, you must have an Apple Watch running watchOS 7. This means that only Series 3-6 and SE models can have access to the Sleep app. Additionally, your iPhone must be running iOS 14 or higher to download watchOS 7. If you meet these requirements, you can check if your Apple Watch has the Sleep app by looking for it on the home screen. If it is not there, you may need to download it from the App Store.


Apple Watches have come a long way in terms of features and capabilities since their initial release. While they may not have included built-in sleep-tracking features in the past, newer models such as the Apple Watch Series 3 and later now offer a Sleep app that can track your sleep automatically each night. However, for more comprehensive sleep-tracking features, third-party apps such as SleepWatch can be used on any Apple Watch model. Apple Watches offer a wide range of health and tracking features, making them a valuable tool for anyone looking to monitor and improve their physical well-being.

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