How to Start a Discord Call Without Anyone Knowing

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Discord is a communication platform that offers text, voice, and video chat services for gamers and non-gamers alike. Discord has becme an essential part of how many people communicate over the internet, allowing them to stay connected to their friends and share experiences in real-time. With Discord’s Start Call feature, users can quickly join or start a call without ringing everyone else in the channel.

The Start Call feature allows users to initiate or join a call without having to manually ring every person in the channel. When someone starts a call with this feature enabled, all other participants will be notified and gien the option to join the call instantly. This eliminates the need for users to individually ring each person in the channel, which can be time-consuming when there are many people involved.

In addition, the Start Call feature also allows users to set a time limit on calls. This means that if someone is inactive during a call for more than the specified amount of time, they will automatically be paced into an AFK (Away From Keyboard) channel until they become active again. This helps keep conversations organized and ensures that everyone is properly engaged during calls.

Overall, Discord’s Start Call feature is an incredibly useful tool for gamers and non-gamers alike who need to quickly connect with others over voice or video chat. It eliminates the need for manually ringing each user in a channel and helps keep conversations organized by setting time limits on calls. As such, it has bcome an essential part of how many people communicate over the internet today.

discord start call without ringing

Starting a Call on Discord

To start a call by yourself in Discord, first click on the icon with three vertical dots located in the top-right of the chat window. From there, select either ‘Start Video Call’ or ‘Start Voice Call’. This will open up a call window where you can join and start your own call. You can then invite others to join your call by clicking on ther profile and selecting ‘Invite to Join Call’.

Does Discord Have a Secret Call Sound?

Yes, Discord does have a secret call sound. When you receive a call, instead of the standard ringtone, Discord will randomly play one of its secret ringtones. These secret ringtones are unique to Discord and may vary from one user to another. The secret ringtones are not available for download or customization and are only heard when someone makes a call on the platform.

Using Hotkeys to Call on Discord

The hotkey to call on Discord is Ctrl + ‘ (apostrophe). This will create a new call.

discord start call without ringing

The Impact of AFKing in Discord Calls

People may AFK in Discord calls for a variety of reasons. For example, they may need to step away from the call for a few moments due to other commitments, such as tending to family matters or taking care of other responsibilities. They may also need to go AFK in order to tend to their mental and physical health, such as taking breaks from long conversations or video calls. Finally, they could be stuck in an area with poor internet connectivity, or have technical difficulties that prevent them from staying active on the call.


Discord is a versatile communication platform that is widely used by gamers, businesses, and communities around the world. It provides an easy way to communicate with text and voice chat, share media and files, and create custom groups. Discord also offers powerful tools for privacy and security, such as the ability to set time limits in calls or automatically move inactive users to an AFK channel. All of thse features make Discord an excellent choice for staying connected with friends and colleagues.

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