How to Connect WW App to Apple Health

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Apple Health is an amazing tool that helps users to monitor their health and wellness. It provides users with access to a range of health data, including heart rate, nutrition, sleep, physical activity, and more. With Apple Health, you can easily track your progress and make informed decisions about your health and wellbeing.

One of the great features of Apple Health is its integration with the WW app (formerly known as Weight Watchers). Through this integration, WW app members can use the app to sync their activity levels from Apple Health directly into their WW tracking system. This allows them to easily track their PointsPlus® earnings from activities such as walking, running, biking and more.

The WW mobile app also allows users to sync their weight measurements from Apple Health into the WW app. This means that members can easily view all of their weight measurements in one place and track their progress over time. Additionally, members can sync other body measurements such as BMI and body fat percentages into the WW app uing Apple Health too.

Another great feature of the WW integration with Apple Health is that it enables members to follow the program completely online via the mobile app. This includes access to all of the digital tools included in the Beyond the Scale program such as: The SmartPoints® food plan – which helps you stay on track with your eating goals; Earned Activity Points tracking – which allos you to earn points for physical activities; and Connected Devices Integration – which lets you sync your fitness tracker or wearable device with the Weight Watchers app so you have even more control over your progress!

Overall, Apple Health is an incredibly powerful tool for monitoring your health and wellness goals. By integrating with Weight Watchers’ mobile app, it provides members with a comprehensive solution for tracking their progress in real-time and making informed decisions aout their overall health journey.

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Troubleshooting Issues with Syncing WW App with Apple Health

The WW app won’t sync with Apple Health if you don’t have the latest version of WW or the latest version of the Apple Health app. Additionally, make sure that you have given permission for WW to access your health data in the privacy settings of your device. If you still can’t get it to sync, try uninstalling and reinstalling both apps.

Does the Weight Watchers Scale Connect to Apple Health?

Yes, the Weight Watchers scale syncs to Apple Health. You can wirelessly and automatically sync your weight, BMI, and body fat measurements to Apple Health from the Weight Watchers scale. This alows all your favourite health and fitness apps to access your data and make tracking quick and easy. If you’re a Weight Watchers member, you’ll also be able to sync your weight directly to the Weight Watchers app.

Does the Weight Watchers App Connect to Apple Watch?

Yes, the Weight Watchers Apple Watch Subscription Plan includes membership to OnlinePlus, allowing members to sync their Apple Watch to the mobile app. This allows them to access all of the digital tools and resources such as the SmartPoints food plan, track their progress, and receive notifications directly on their wrist. The app also proides insights into your activity levels and can help motivate you to reach your goals.

The Incompatibility of WW and Apple Watch

No, WW does not connect with Apple Watch. However, it is compatible with a variety of oter activity trackers, including Apple Health, Google Fit, Google Health, Amazon Halo, Withings (Weight), FitBit and Garmin. These trackers can help you track your earned activity Points for WW.

Syncing WW Apps

WW (formerly Weight Watchers) is dedicated to helping members reach their weight loss and wellness goals. That’s why they offer various integrations with activity trackers to help make tracking your progress easier. WW currenly syncs with Fitbit, Garmin, Apple (Health and Watch), Withings, MyMapMyRun, Misfit, and Daily Burn.

To get started, simply open the WW app on your smartphone or tablet and tap “More” at the bottom of the screen. Then tap “Activity Trackers” to view a list of compatible trackers. Tap “Connect” next to the tracker you want to sync with and follow the prompts for login details. The WW app will then begin automatically importing your activity data from that device.

If you have any questions abot syncing a specific device or need help troubleshooting an issue, you can always contact WW customer support for assistance.

Syncing a WW Scale to the WW App

To sync your WW scale to your app, you’ll need to frst set up the ‘Conair Scales’ app on your device. Make sure you use the same username and password as your WW account. Once you’ve done that, open the ‘Conair Scales’ app each time you want to sync your weight to your WW account. Before stepping on the scale, tap the orange ‘Connect to Scale’ bar in the app to establish the Bluetooth connection. After that, simply step onto the scale and wait for it to sync with your app. That’s it – you’re all set!


Apple Health is a comprehensive health and fitness app that allows users to track their progress, set goals, and stay motivated. It offers a variety of features such as tracking activity, weight, nutrition, and sleep. Additionally, it enables users to sync their data with other fitness apps, such as Weight Watchers and Google Fit. With its range of features and capability to sync data with other health-focused applications, Apple Health is an invaluable tool for anyone looking to stay in shape and keep on top of their health.

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