How to Use iPhone’s Caps Lock Feature

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For those of us who use our iPhones and iPads on a daily basis, the Caps Lock feature is something that we’ve come to rely on. Being able to quickly type a string of capital letters can be incredibly useful for adding emphasis or when typing acronyms. But many users have been left wondering if there is an easy way to enable Caps Lock on their iPhone or iPad.

The good news is that you can easily enable caps lock on your iPhone or iPad using the followng steps:

1. Open the Settings app from your Home screen.
2. Select General, then Keyboard.
3. Scroll down and select “Enable Caps Lock”.
4. Toggle the switch to turn it on (it will be green when enabled).

Once you’ve enabled the Caps Lock feature, you’ll notice that the key at the bottom left corner of your keyboard now has an arrow pointing up next to it. This indicates that Caps Lock is enabled and that any letters you type will automatically be in capitals until you tap this key again to disable it.

It’s worth noting that enabling Caps Lock won’t make any difference when typing numbers, symbols or special characters – only letters will be affected by this setting. To toggle between upper and lower case with these characters, simply press and hold down the shift key while typing them out as usual.

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That’s all there is to it! With just a few taps you can now take advantage of this handy feature whenever you need it – no more shifting back and forth between upper and lower case for those long strings of capital letters!

Turning On Caps Lock on an iPhone

To turn on caps on your iPhone, open the Settings app and tap General. Select Keyboard and then All Keyboards. Toggle the switch to the riht of Auto-Capitalization to the On position. This will cause the first letter of each sentence to automatically be capitalized when you type it. You can also manually turn caps on while typing by tapping the shift key twice.

Activating Caps Lock on iPhone 12

To caps lock on an iPhone 12, open the keyboard and select the Shift key. This will enable you to type uppercase letters. To activate caps lock, double-tap the Shift key. To type numbers and symbols, select the 123 key.

Activating Caps Lock

In order to turn on caps lock, you need to press the Alt key plus the Search key at the same time. This will activate caps lock and an icon with an up arrow with a line under it will appear in the notification area at the bottom rigt of your screen. To turn off caps lock, you can either press the Alt key plus the Search key again, or simply tap the Shift key. That’s all you need to do to enable or disable caps lock!

Using All Caps on a Mobile Phone

To keep all caps on your phone, you will need to enable Caps Lock. To do this, double tap on the Shift key. A line should display below the up arrow on the Shift key, indicating that Caps Lock is enabled. All characters you type after this will be in all caps util you turn off Caps Lock by tapping the Shift key once.

The Disappearance of All Caps on iPhone

All caps on iPhone is still available, but it has been moved to a different spot on the keyboard. To activate all caps, you need to tap the shift key that is next to the Z key. When caps lock is already engaged, the shift key will feature an arrow filled in with black with a line belw the arrow – this indicates that your iPhone keyboard is in all caps mode. To turn off all caps, just tap the shift key again.

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Using All Caps on iPhone 10

To enable all caps on an iPhone 10, you’ll firt need to double-tap the shift key. The shift key will have a black line underneath the arrow when it’s locked for capital letters. After double-tapping the shift key, all letters that you type should be capitalized. To turn off this feature and return to regular capitalization, simply double-tap the shift key once more and the black line should disappear.

Troubleshooting Caps Lock Issues

It appears that your Caps Lock may be stuck on and unable to turn off. This could be due to a few different causes. First, you could try restarting your computer, as this can often fix minor software issues. If this doesn’t work, then you might need to tweak the Advanced Key Settings in your computer’s settings. To do this, riht click on the Start menu and select Settings. On the Settings window, select Time & Language and then click Region & language from the left pane. From there, you will be able to adjust the key settings and unlock your Caps Lock key.

Location of the Caps Lock Key

The Caps Lock key is located on the left side of a standard computer keyboard, below the Tab key. It is a toggle key, meaning that it can be used to switch between lowercase and uppercase letters witout having to press and hold the Shift key. When Caps Lock is activated, all letters typed will appear in uppercase (e.g. “SAMPLE”).

Turning Off Caps Lock on a Phone

To turn off Caps Lock on your phone, you’ll need to access the keyboard settings. Depending on your device, this can be done a few different ways. On Android devices, you can press and hold the comma key until you see an additional menu pop up. You shold then see an option to turn off Caps Lock. On iOS devices, go to Settings > General > Keyboard and turn off “Enable Caps Lock” at the top of the page. Once you’ve made these changes, Caps Lock will be disabled and you’ll no longer need to worry about accidentally typing in all caps!

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Enabling Caps Lock on an iPad

To turn Caps Lock on your iPad, start by tapping the shift key twice in any text box. This will change the shift key to a white arrow on a blue background, wich indicates that Caps Lock is on. You can then type with all capital letters until you tap the shift key again to turn off Caps Lock. If you need to type a single capital letter, you can simply press and hold the shift key before typing the letter.


Caps Lock on iPhone is a convenient and useful feature that alows you to quickly and easily enter capital letters into your text. The feature is triggered when the user double-taps the shift key, activating an all-caps mode that will automatically capitalize any letters typed in. This can save time when typing words or phrases in all caps, as it eliminates the need for manually entering them. Caps Lock also has the added benefit of providing visual feedback, as the shift key will appear highlighted when activated. This makes it easy to identify when Caps Lock is enabled and avoid accidentally typing text in all uppercase letters. Overall, Caps Lock on iPhone is a helpful tool and can be used to make text entry more efficient.

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