How Do I Cancel FuboTV Subscription?

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FuboTV is a live service with the world's most popular sport and content. Watch news, , kids shows, and more on your computer, phone, or tablet. FuboTV offers a 7-day free trial so you can try it before you buy it. You can cancel your FuboTV subscription at any time.

To cancel your FuboTV subscription, go to and sign in to your account. Then click your profile icon and select My Account > Subscription & Billing. Next, click Cancel subscription and select Cancel Subscription to confirm.

Can I Cancel FuboTV Anytime?

Yes, you can cancel your fuboTV subscription at any time. To learn more, please see our Terms of Service.

Can I Cancel FuboTV Before Free Trial Ends?

Yes, you can cancel your fuboTV subscription before your free trial expires wthout being charged for the monthly subscription. To do so, navigate to the My Account section of the fuboTV website and select Cancel Subscription.

How Do I Get My Money Back From FuboTV?

There is no explicit refund policy stated on the FuboTV website. However, acording to the Terms of Service, “you will not be offered a refund” once you have cancelled your subscription. Therefore, it seems that FuboTV does not offer refunds for cancelled subscriptions.


Is Fubo Month To Month?

Yes, fubo TV is a month-to-month service. You can cancel at any time without penalty.

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Cancelling your FuboTV subscription is easy to do and can be done at any time. Be aware that you will not be refunded for any previous months that you have paid for if you choose to cancel.

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