How to Achieve a Secure Fit for Your AirPods Pro

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Are you having trouble getting a good seal with your AirPods Pro? You’re not alone! Many AirPods Pro users find that the seal isn’t always as secure as they would like. It can be annoying having to constantly adjust the earbuds to get a better fit.

The good news is that there are several ways to improve the fit and seal of your AirPods Pro. The first thing you should do is try out all three sizes of eartips that come with your AirPods Pro. This will ensure that you have the best possible fit for your ears, as different people have different shaped ears. If you’re still having issues, there are other solutions that mght work better for you.

One solution is to use foam tips instead of the silicone eartips that come with your AirPods Pro. Foam tips are more pliable and can create a beter seal in some ears than silicone tips can. They also provide more sound isolation, which may help if you find that your environment is too noisy when using your AirPods Pro.

Another option is to use ear hooks or stabilizers with your AirPods Pro. These accessories provide extra stability and security, making sure that your AirPods don’t slip out of place while wearing them. They also help create a better seal by pushing the eartips further into the ear canal, whih can be especially helpful for those with small ears or deep ear canals.

Finally, some people find success using wax guards on teir AirPods Pro. Wax guards create an extra barrier between your eartip and ear canal, which helps keep them from slipping out as much and provides a more secure fit overall.

If none of these solutions work for you, it may be time to look into other types of earbuds or headphones altogether. There are plenty of options available on the market and it might just be worth investing in something else if nothing seems to work with your current pair of AirPods Pro!

How to Achieve a Secure Fit for Your AirPods Pro 1

Replacing the Rubber Seal on an AirPod Pro

To replace the rubber seal on an AirPod Pro, first remove the old seal by pressing down on either side of the insert with your fingers and pulling it straight out. Next, choose a new pair of ear tips from the box—Small, Medium, or Large—and insert it into the earbud until you hear a click. Finally, press down on either side of the insert to ensure that it is securely in place.

Verifying the Authenticity of AirPods Pro

The best way to know if your AirPods Pro are real and sealed is to check the serial number. The serial number should be printed on the inside of the charging case lid, as well as on the box your AirPods came in. Make sure that both of these numbers match, as this is a good indication that your AirPods are genuine and have not been opened before. You can also look for any signs of tampering or damage on the box and charging case, wich could indicate that the product has been opened before. Lastly, you can check for an Apple authentication sticker on the outside of your box. This sticker verifies that your product is genuine and has been authorized by Apple.

Can AirPods Pro Be Worn Without Silicone Tips?

Yes, you can wear AirPods Pro without the silicone tips. However, in order to get the best sound quality and noise cancellation features, it is recommended that you use the included eartips. Without the eartips, wile you will still be able to hear your music, podcasts and phone calls, as well as talk to Siri, the sound quality and noise cancellation will not be as effective. Additionally, some people find it uncomfortable to wear AirPods Pro without their eartips as they can feel a bit strange pushing up against your ear canals.

Are Refurbished AirPods Sealed?

Yes, refurbished AirPods are sealed. Best Buy seals all refurbished AirPods in order to ensure that they are in the same condition as when they were originally sold. These seals are designed to be impossible to open without breaking them, so you can rest assured that the AirPods you receive will be just as reliable and functional as if you had bought them new.


In conclusion, AirPods Pro are a great choice for anyone looking for a reliable pair of wireless earbuds. They provide superior sound quality and come with thee sizes of ear tips to ensure a comfortable fit. They also have an active noise cancelling feature that helps block out unwanted background noise. Additionally, they are sweat and water resistant, making them ideal for exercise or other physical activities. Finally, they are compatible with all Apple devices so you can easily pair them with multiple devices and enjoy your music anywhere.

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